e how when its me to wear a **ing school uniform ,when its me to sit my **ing ass in class from morning to evening listening at boring lessons from eldery human beings the so called teachers… i have said tell me Caden and the noise oh my gash the **ing noise from the bell and students too no no no…. amnot doing this amnot ”Viana complained almost breaking down in sobs .

”awwww Viana your soo cute when angry ”Ivy stated leaning towards Vianas seat making her turn to her direction then grabbed her face squeezing her cheeks adorably.

”you want me to slit your throat right ”Viana asked in a murderous tone .

”awww.. ”before Ivy could say something else Viana cut in ”don you dare open your mouth again ok and let go of my cheeks at this instant coz your hurting me ”Viana muttered with a frown.

letting go of Viana face Ivy leaned back at her seat with a satisfied smile .

”anyways Viana don over react like you are going to hell that you are already in ok …there are also fun things to do at school too ”Xivara tried comforting her elder sister after seeing that she had calmed down alittle .

”yeah girl tell her I feel you when you say fun things one of them is drinking tasty sweet delicious nicely scented human blood of all blood groups …so you now get my point ”Ivy added with a small smirk on her face looking at Viana through the front mirror suggestively .

”if you are suggesting to become a reaper at school huh …if thats your plan just know the moment i notice any too much blood consumption which i will surely get am gonna ask mum and dad to get you go on a little vacation with yourself how fun would that be pixie ”Caden said looking at Ivy from the rear mirror earning a smirk and roll of eyes from her .

”a vacation of starvation and darkness is it, you guys are so **ing ruthless how many times am I supposed to tell you that am a vampire …A V.A.M.P.I.R.E and humans are food and just food to me ”Ivy granted through her teeth glaring at Caden murderously .

”awwww look at that face kill me lil sister kill me with that stare of yours ”Caden urged her with a smile .

”Caden one more word and you are to get beauty scratches in your ugly face ”Ivy growled exposing her already enlongated fangs for him to see.

”awww see how cute your baby teeth are ”Caden said making Ivy lose the remaining breath she thought she was having her face turning from the deep red she was already having out of anger to a tomato .

”Caden thats enough stop teasing the girl unless you want her to crush this car to a place nobody will ever find out remaining roasted bodies ”Viana mumbled taking out some tissue to wipe down sweat that was all over her face .

”please don tell me that coldblooded creatures sweat too ”Ivy spoke

”Caden please continue with the teasing since somebody needs to be taught a listen ”

The whole drive was covered with Caden and Ivy quarreling until there finally destination .

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