at the door.
Qin Shi narrowed her eyes slightly and looked carefully at the man who was walking against the light.

He walks with his chest straight and his head straight.
He is tall, stands straight, and is handsome.
He is a soldier at first sight.

It looks good.
Its facial features are very beautiful, but it's a little dark.
However, it's very manly and safe to look at.

“This is my second son, Lu Zetian,” Mother Lu rushed to Lu Zetian to settle and shouted, “Come on, come on!”

Not knowing what happened, Lu Zetian went to their table and sat down.
First, he nodded politely to Qin Shi and then looked at his mother and said, “Mom.”

Didn't you say you were going to eat? Why haven't you ordered it for so long?

Mother Lu: “This is Qin Shi.
Go shopping with her and have dinner later.”

Lu Zetian didn't understand what happened at first, but when he looked at his mother's smile and eyes, he suddenly reacted.

Lu Zetian frowned slightly in his heart.
He didn't expect his mother to make such a mistake.
But the girl is sitting here, and he can't refuse.
He can only answer and think about going out and explaining to Qin Shi.

“Take good care of others.” Mother Lu smiled as she watched them walk out of the state-run hotel and couldn't open her eyes because she was smiling when looking at their backs.

This talented woman looks good!

The waiter, who had seen enough excitement, finally said, “Are you still eating?”

“Eat! Of course! Give me a portion of stewed meat dumplings!”

Mother Lu answered loudly.

Qin Shi and Lu Zetian, walking one after another in the street, finally spoke in a place with few people.



The two people spoke at the same time and paused together.

Qin Shi and Lu Zetian are not shy people.
At this time, when they encounter such an embarrassing blind date, neither of them has much reaction.

Qin Shi has been honed in modern times, and Lu Zetian is completely due to his character.

“You can tell me first.” Qin Shi smiled at Lu Zetian.

Lu Zetian was also polite and said directly, “My mother should have told you all about me, right?”

Qin Shi nodded.

“I am looking for another half because the child needs to be taken care of.
I am not looking for a wife, but for a nanny.” Lu Zetian looked at Qin Shi with a serious expression and said, “I do not know what my mother told you, but if you do not want to, I do not want to drag you down.
I will deal with it properly.
You do not have to worry.”

It was his mother's rudeness.
Lu Zetian did not know how his mother found her blind date on the street.
Obviously, before he came back, he refused to let her help him find his other half.

Qin Shi nodded slightly at the words, “I understand.”

Hence, as Lu Zetian can say this, Qin Shi knows that his three views are still very positive, so it is not bad to marry him.

Anyhow, it's better to find a reliable, good-looking, and sanguine stepmother.

Lu Zetian's serious expression relaxed when he heard Qin Shi say this, but he just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Qin Shi speak again.

“I will.”

Lu Zetian looked at Qin Shi with some surprise.

Qin Shi turned her head to look at him and told him her family situation and Lu Cai's affairs without any concealment.

“You need someone to take care of your children, and I need you to take me out of here.”

“I will seriously support and educate the three children to grow up and take care of their food, drink, and life.
If I need to play the loving husband and wife, I will have no problem.”

“But you only need to pay for all the expenses of the family and some…of my salary.
Of course, I will give you the account book to ensure that the account is clear and not fake.”

Lu Zetian: “…?”

Qin Shi looked at Lu Zetian, who was a little stunned, and showed her trademark business smile.
“To introduce myself again, my name is Qin Shi, and I am 24 years old.
I was admitted to the English Department at C University.
I have excellent cooking skills and more special childcare skills.”

“I will do whatever the babysitter will do, and I will do what the babysitter will not do.
You can find me to solve your worries.”

“We can get married by agreement.
These can all be written into the contract.
The details can be discussed slowly.”

Qin Shi tilted her head slightly and looked at Lu Zetian with a smile.
“Can you think about it?”



Lu Zetian was silent.

The regimental leader, who is steady and calm on the battlefield, is in such a complex mood that he doesn't know what expression to make.

He met Qin Shi for the first time—a bold, rational, and brave woman.

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