of temporary workers in the machinery factory, wouldn't the dead old woman have given her the bride price? Maybe the betrothal gift is part of it!

The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, the more she washed clothes, and the more calculating she became.

Qin Shi walked to the village with a satchel on her back.
Seeing that the donkey cart had already been taken, she quickly trotted two steps to squeeze in, took out two cents, and handed it to Uncle Li, who was pulling the cart.


Uncle Li took it with a smile and asked Qin Shi, “Are you feeling better? My grandson said yesterday that you haven't gone to school yet, talking about you.

People in this society now have a special love and admiration for those with high education, not to mention that there are few high school students in the village, and Qin Shi has also been admitted to college.

Even though the original body looks very lonely and taciturn, the villagers are very friendly to the original body.

“Yes,” Qin Shi explained with a smile, “I just got better but still needed to go to the town to have a look? I'll go back to school when I'm ready.”

Lu Cai asked someone to spy on her.
She came here secretly.
Nobody else knows about it.
Qin Shi naturally didn't want others to know about it, so she casually made an excuse.

“Alas, the barefoot doctor in the village can only see a minor illness, and you still have to go to the town.”

“Second girl, come and sit down.”

Hearing this, the aunts on the donkey cart enthusiastically pulled Qin Shi aside and asked her to sit in the best seat—the last and innermost seat.

Qin Shi responded generously and thanked them with a smile.
All the aunts laughed and praised her in different ways.

Qin Shi could not bear their enthusiasm, so she had to take a breath, pretend to be in poor spirits, and close her eyes to rest.

When the aunts looked at it, their chatter was a little lower.

Before long, the donkey cart was crowded with people, and Qin Shi was huddled in the corner, and her body was about to fall apart.

Two hours later, before Qin Shi's butt was broken into eight pieces, she finally arrived in the town.

The old aunts broke up, and Uncle Li shouted at them, “Come back at four this afternoon; everyone pay attention to the time! I can't wait for you later!”

“I know, I know!”

When Qin Shi finally came down, she carefully looked at the town in the 1980s and walked slowly into the town.

Don't mention it.
It's not much different from TV.
It's very distinctive.

also very poor.

Qin Shi turned around and found that there were no stores, so she had to go to the supply and marketing cooperatives.
After entering, she found that she could not see anything inside.
The cloth was either gray or dark, and there was not even red.

The salesperson cocked up and rolled her eyes at Qin Shi, saying, “The red cloth is very scarce.
Do you want to buy it or not? If you don't buy it, go away.
Don't affect the people behind you.”

Qin Shi turned around and left.
The salesperson looked at her back and spat disdainfully.
Poor person.

What is the use of being beautiful? Can't even afford a cloth.

Seeing the “arrogant service staff” and “poor goods” characteristic of this era, Qin Shi was too lazy to wander around and turned into a state-owned hotel.

She is hungry.

After entering, the waiter didn't pay any attention to her; he just knocked on the sign at the window and said, “Choose what you want to eat.”

Qin Shi read that today's special “braised pork” and “pork dumplings” were written on it and ordered a dumpling decisively.

Braised pork in brown sauce is four yuan! It's too expensive.
A piece of dumpling is affordable.

“Wait,” the waiter said, and then went on reading.

Qin Shigang was about to find a seat when she heard the only person at the table in the shop screaming in horror.

“Congcong! Congcong, what's wrong with you?”

Qin Shi looked carefully and found that the child beside the woman was flushed and the mouth was open, but nothing came out.
He just grabbed his neck with his hand.

The woman cried out in a hurry and panicked.

Qin Shi, with a solemn expression, ran to pick up the child, let him lie face down on his forearm, put the other hand on his back, and beat the back between his two shoulder blades forcefully and regularly.

After a few taps, the child vomited half of the dumplings stuck in his throat, and he cried out with a wow.

Qin Shi put him on the ground and gently opened his mouth.
She was relieved to see that there was really nothing in his throat.

The child's mother recovered, pulled him over, beat him hard, and kicked him.

“What are you doing? Can you choke yourself to death after eating? Ah! You scared me to death!”

The child was still scared, but now he was scolded and beaten, and he cried bitterly.

Qin Shi saw that he had been kicked to the ground.
She could not bear to see it.
How could she beat the child like this? She lifted the child up, gently patted his back, silently comforted him, and then turned to look at the child's mother.

“What do you do? Can you make your child choke to death? Huh? Are you a mother?”

“If you don't look at the child in advance, you will only scream at the incident, and then you will only hit the child.
It's true that the parents don't need to be certified for work.
Who can do it?”

Qin Shi's expression was cold, and the woman was stunned.

The waiter who had been reading the book laughed and said, “Isn't it?”

“It's none of your business!” The woman was so ashamed that she suddenly picked up the bowl on the table and drank all the soup.
Then she pulled the crying child out of the state-run restaurant.

Qin Shi looked at her back and looked at the empty bowl again, but she didn't react for a moment.

Seeing an aunt at the door, she came close to Qin Shi with sparkling eyes and smiled and praised her: “You are so powerful!”

Then, before Qin Shi answered, she asked again, “What do you do? For the most part, is there any object?”

Qin Shi: “…?”


The author said:

Qin Shi (dumbfounded): With no regard to age, is Aunt so enthusiastic about this matter?

rain lilies:
I will post until chapter 3 today, where the two leads meet each other for the first time.

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