“They will receive subsidies from the army every three months, until they reach the age of 18.” Lu Zetian put the washed dishes in the cupboard and looked at Qin Shi.
“It is not necessary to save money on food and drink.
The child's health is the most important.”


Qin Shi chuckled and said, “I understand.”


Since he has said so, she will not save money for him.
She got all the money.
The children should eat, drink, and dress well.
She must arrange everything properly.


“How much in a month?” Qin Shi asked.


“Five yuan, plus some food and fuel stamps,” Lu Zetian said after washing the dishes, picking up the rag, and beginning to wipe the stove.
“I saved all their father's pension, and I will give it to them when they grow up.”


Qin Shi nodded, and she certainly wouldn't think about the money.


“My salary is 80 yuan a month, and I send 10 yuan to my home every month.
The remaining half is saved, and the other half is kept for my expenses.” Lu Zetian turned to look at Qin Shi and said, “Is that enough?”


Qin Shi shrugged and said, “That's enough for now.
Next month, we will use the 35 yuan for our monthly expenses, and then we can see if it's enough.”


Lu Zetian raised his eyebrows, looked at Qin Shi, and said nothing.
He continued to wipe the stove with his head down.


Qin Shi looked at him polishing the stove, and the things on the cupboards and tables were all in order.
She wondered whether all soldiers were obsessive-compulsive and clean.


After Lu Zetian cleaned up the kitchen and entered the bedroom with Qin Shi, he hesitated for a moment and asked, “Why don't we change the room later? Your room is too small.”


Qin Shi refused: “No need, I will give you the design drawing after a period of time.”


Lu Zetian was happy.
“So confident?”


Qin Shi smiled, “Just wait.”


Lu Zetian: “We will wait and see.”


In the evening, the children who came back from playing went to wash themselves.
Gu Qinghai took his brother and sister to bed.


Ping Ping and An An fell asleep, but Gu Qinghai didn't feel sleepy for half a while.
He stared at the ceiling with two big eyes in a daze, thinking about what Qin Shi said and the meal she cooked in the evening.


Eventually, he gave a soft hum, rolled over and laid on his side, and closed his eyes.


She wants to let them relax their vigilance by being soft, and he is not deceived!




The next day, before dawn, the wake-up bell rang, and Qin Shi opened her eyes, a little confused.


Qin Shi responded to the noise of Lu Zetian's room next door.
Lu Zetian will return to the army today.


Qin Shi lay still in bed because he didn't need her to cook breakfast.
Lu Zetian would go to the canteen to eat.


However, after Lu Zetian left, Qin Shi did not lie for long.
This body is used to going to bed early and getting up early.
The sleep schedule is regular and healthy, so she must keep it.


After getting up, Qin Shi found that it was still dark outside.
It was only six o'clock when she looked at the time.
After a moment of silence, she went to the kitchen to burn the stove and prepare to boil water.


Qin Shi tidied up the kitchen, moved the cabinets and tables, and changed the location to make the kitchen bigger and brighter.


After half an hour, the children were still not awake.
Qin Shi made a bowl of egg soup herself and then continued to clean the room.


At about eight o'clock, Gu Qinghai came out to the urinal.
After he had packed it and put it away, he smelled the smell of eggs when he was ready to return to the house and immediately stopped.


Qin Shi saw him and shouted at him, “Xiao Hai, breakfast is in the pot.
After you get up and wash up, you can eat yourself.
I will go to the supply and marketing agency with Aunt Zhao next door.”


Gu Qinghai is not used to having more than one person at home, and he is not used to being taken care of, but he still responded to the tangle.


Qin Shi was relieved to see that he did.
Just when Aunt Zhao asked her to go to the supply and marketing cooperative, she told her that Gu Qinghai was very capable and that it was no problem to take care of her brother and sister.


Qin Shi tidied up and went out with the basket.


When the door closed, Gu Qinghai looked forward and ran out of the room and headed for the kitchen.


He opened the steamer on the stove and saw that there were three bowls of steamed eggs with sesame oil and scallions sprinkled inside.
He swallowed his saliva subconsciously.


The Lu family is rich, and Gu Qinghai also knows that he has a subsidy, but Mother Lu is used to saving, and she can't bear to eat eggs at ordinary times.


Last night, eggs were mixed with soup.
This morning, eggs were steamed.
Gu Qinghai looked at the smooth and delicate steamed eggs in the bowl and hummed.


“It's not your money!”


After saying that, Gu Qinghai buckled the lid of the pot, looked down at the stove, and made sure that there were sparks in it, which would not scorch the steamed eggs.
Then he got up and ran to the bedroom.


Gu Qinghai shouted to wake up the twins, but An An didn't sleep enough, so she collapsed her mouth subconsciously.
Gu Qinghai looked at it and immediately said, “Don't cry; get up and eat steamed eggs.”


An An woke up and didn't shrink.
She pulled Gu Qinghai's sleeve and asked, “Did Qin Shi make it?”


Gu Qinghai nodded and helped Ping Ping sit up but put on his clothes.


When An An heard this, she picked up the clothes next to her and put them on her head.
As a result, she couldn't get out of the sleeve because she didn't look.


Gu Qinghai watched her tug at her clothes, fearing that she would tear them into pieces, and quickly helped her find the right collar.


After getting up and washing, the three children can't wait to come to the kitchen.
Gu Qinghai carefully took out the bowl with a cloth and put it in front of the twins.


An An sniffed the smell of sesame oil and sighed, “It smells good!”


Ping Ping pointed at the bowl and exclaimed, “It's so big.”


The bowl was too big for the size of the twins.
Gu Qinghai looked at it and wondered how Qin Shi could not even do this well.


But he didn't think too much at this time.
He picked up the spoon and dug a piece into his mouth.


The delicate and smooth taste made him squint his eyes.
With sesame oil, the tasteless but fragrant eggs taste better.


The three children did not raise their heads when eating, and no one cared to talk.


After a while, the twins couldn't eat more than half of it.
They licked their mouths, touched their tummies, and pushed the bowl to Gu Qinghai.


“Brother, eat it.”


Gu Qinghai was just not full.
He pulled two bowls down in front of him and ate them in large gulps.
The two small eyes looked at him as if they were eating.



After scraping all the eggs in the three bowls, Gu Qinghai put down the spoon and belched.


Ping Ping and An An slid down the stool and prepared to help Gu Qinghai take the bowl, but he waved to stop them.


Isn't she our new mother? Don't you want to take care of us? So what do we do? Gu Qinghai stopped the twins and didn't let them deliver the bowl to the counter as usual.




Gu Qinghai was about to say something, but suddenly An An touched his stomach.


“Big brother's belly is also round!” An An smiled.


Gu Qinghai was stunned, looked at the three bowls of the same size in front of him, and suddenly reacted to something.


Qin Shi didn't count the number of meals the twins had and deliberately did too much, but because there were too many, she did so much.


The twins couldn't finish eating.
Gu Qinghai finished his bowl and ate the rest of them, feeling just full.


The three bowls are the same size, and the number of steamed eggs is the same.
They are impartial.
Qin Shi did a very fair job, which could also make Gu Qinghai satisfied.


Is she intentional? Or is it a coincidence? Am I thinking too much?


Gu Qinghai stood still and was in a very complicated mood.


“Big brother?” Ping Ping looked up and shouted to Gu Qinghai in doubt.
He didn't know what he was doing with his hands.


Gu Qinghai came back and touched Ping Ping's small head.
He asked him to go out with An An without helping.


The twins were just full and happy.
Hearing Gu Qinghai's words, they ran out to play hand in hand.


Gu Qinghai looked at the three bowls on the table, remained silent for a long time, stood up, and took them to wash.


“Maybe it's a coincidence…
Hum, I'd like to see her reaction later…”


At this time, Qin Shi got off the bus with Aunt Zhao and had just arrived at the door of the supply and marketing agency.


Aunt Zhao was very enthusiastic and took Qin Shi to introduce her here carefully.
“There are so many things in the supply and marketing community, and everything is there.”


Qin Shi looked around and found that there were many kinds of things.
There were all kinds of things needed for daily life.
There were even “luxury goods” such as washing machines, televisions, and freezers upstairs.


They also need tickets, and the price is very high.


Qin Shi looked at it and stopped paying attention.
She bought a lot of things with Aunt Zhao on the first floor.
She asked Aunt Zhao what vegetables to plant at this time and wanted to buy some seeds.


When Aunt Zhao saw that she had a plan in her heart, she was just as happy as she was.
Aunt Zhao talked with her carefully.
Qin Shi listened carefully and decided to choose cabbage, spinach, scallion, garlic, leek, and radish.
These good varieties are also seasonal.


After shopping, Qin Shi walked back.
When she saw the milkman, her eyes lit up.
She hurried to ask him.
After finding out that one piece a day was not expensive, she directly ordered six months for the three children.


Children drinking milk is good for their health, and they can occasionally use it for dessert.


Aunt Zhao saw Qin Shi's quick payment, and her eyes flashed with joy.
She was willing to spend money for the children.


After shopping, Qin Shi and Aunt Zhao got on the bus with a lot of things and sat on the bus.


An hour later, Qin Shi got off the bus.


She and Aunt Zhao did not take two steps, but met several young women soldiers in uniform.


They smiled and greeted Aunt Zhao, then looked curiously at Qin Shi and waited for Aunt Zhao to introduce them.


Aunt Zhao glanced at one of them, then at Qin Shi.
After coughing, she said, “This is Chief Lu Zetian's wife, Qin Shi.”


When the women soldiers heard this, they looked at the most beautiful one.


Qin Shi thumped her heart and looked at the female soldier.


The female soldier rolled her eyes at the other female soldiers and said, “What are you doing? I peacefully divorced the chief, Okay?”


Qin Shi's heart is right.


“Hello, my name is Mo Ling, the ex-wife of Chief Lu.” Mo Ling extended her hand to Qin Shi grandly.


Qin Shi smiled and shook hands with her.


They said nothing more after greeting each other and leaving separately.


On the bus, several female soldiers began to discuss Qin Shi.


“Is this the new wife of Chief Lu?”


“Didn't they say she was a country girl? Her temperament is not very giving.”


“She is young and not bad.
Why should she be a stepmother?”


“There are a lot of subsidies for the three children, not to mention the salary of the head of the regiment; there are many people rushing to be the stepmother.”


One of the female soldiers looked at Mo Ling and sighed: “I really don't know what luck Chief Lu has.
Both wives are so beautiful.”


Mo Ling snorted, and her eyes looked a little disdainful.
“Isn't that right? What kind of luck?”


The author has something to say:


Mo Ling is also a heroine, but not the one Qin Shi transmigrated to (dog head).


rain lilies:
Xiao (little)  – prefix used to denote endearment or used for little children. 


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