“It smells good!”


An An, who was playing with Ping Ping's fingers, immediately looked up and looked for the source of the fragrance.
She looked at Qin Shi while cooking and hesitated as she walked into the room with her legs.


Qin Shi heard the voice but did not look back.
Instead, she put the chopped tomato pieces into the oil pan and began to stir.


The sound of tomatoes sizzling, oil and juice splashing all over, and the sour smell floating out, attracted An An to move forward.


Qin Shi took a spoon, dug up a little salt, and threw it in.
While stir-frying, she looked back.
When she found it was An An, she smiled and said, “Are you hungry?”


An An nodded.
Seeing that Qin Shi didn't drive herself away, she stood on the edge of the kitchen table and looked into the pot on tiptoe: “What are you doing?”


Qin Shi: “Tomato and egg mixed with soup.”


“What is that?” An An stared slightly.


“Haven't you eaten it?” Qin Shi was a little surprised.
She remembered that it was a common soup in the north, right?


“Grandma hasn't done it.” An An was curious and wanted to see what was in the pot.


But she was too short to reach the edge of the stove, even if she raised her hand.
She could not see anything at all.


An An was a little depressed, but the whole person rose up in the air.
She exclaimed, “Ah!”


Qin Shi immediately turned her head and saw Lu Zetian standing beside her with a child in one hand.
On the other side, there is Gu Qinghai, who pretends to look for something but secretly keeps glancing at her.


Qin Shi chuckled, ignored them, and cooked their meal.


When the tomatoes were cooked, Qin Shi poured the water from the thermos and estimated that it was almost enough.
She then covered the pot and waited for the water to boil.


Qin Shi dug half a bowl of flour with a bowl and put it aside for use.
Then she found another small pot, washed it, and put it on another stove to prepare fried steamed bread.


I don't know how long the steamed bun has been stored.
It is very hard, so it only needs to be fried.


Of course, Qin Shi saw that there was not much oil in the oil barrel, so she didn't pour too much.
After all, oil was not cheap this year, and it also needed tickets.


Qin Shi's movements are crisp and agile, very skillful, and even full of beauty.
Lu Zetian and the children looked at her as she was frying steamed buns and mixing the noodles into small lumps.
She was unhurried and methodical, with no blinking eyes.
They were completely attracted.


Gu Qinghai knew for the first time that cooking can also be so beautiful, as if it had an inexplicable attraction, attracting him to continue to look down.


When Qin Shi finished frying the steamed buns, she poured the oil into another bowl, buckled it, and fried the green vegetables with scallions again.
Gu Qinghai listened to the “hiss” sound and then suddenly came back to his senses.


He looked at Lu Zetian, who had Ping Ping and An An in his arms, and agreed to keep his eyes on him.
He stepped back two steps, as if fleeing, and dared not look again.


Qin Shi has magic! I was clearly impatient with the things in the kitchen, but I was attracted to her for so long!




Gu Qinghai hurriedly went to the side to look for chopsticks.
He didn't dare look at the stove again.
He couldn't figure out why.


If Qin Shi knew what he thought, she would laugh.
There must be a reason why there will be so many food and cooking anchors in the future.
There is no magic.
It is a bit of magic to make people feel cured and enjoy themselves.


In less than 20 minutes, Qin Shi prepared the rice and mixed a lot of soup.
She simply served it on the table.


Lu Zetian watched her walk steadily with the big iron pot, quietly put down the two children, and let them wash their hands before eating.


It was said that he would help, but Qin Shi did it herself.


Gu Qinghai stared at the steaming hot soup on the table and thought that Aunt Mo could bring a pot over by scalding, but she was not afraid of scalding.
Did she bring the pot directly?


Gu Qinghai pursed his lips and reached out to touch the temperature of the pot, but Qin Shi stopped him: “Don't touch it.
It's very hot.
Go wash your hands and get ready to eat.”


Gu Qinghai looked at her and said, “Are you not afraid of scalding?” Then he regretted it.


He said it as if he cared about her.


Qin Shi: “My hands are not hot.”


Gu Qinghai: “…”


Forget this.


Gu Qinghai was a little embarrassed.
He stopped talking to Qin Shi and turned to wash his hands.
His steps were a little hasty.


Qin Shi looked at his back and smiled.
The eldest brother was very clever, but his character seemed a little awkward.


After washing his hands with the children, Lu Zetian looked at the thick soup in the bowl and immediately picked up the spoon.


“Red, yellow, green, white,” An An pointed at the bowl with a spoon, smiling and bending her eyes, “Colorful! What a beautiful soup!”


Lu Zetian: “Well, eat quickly.”


An An scooped up a spoonful and carefully blew it before it was delivered to her mouth.


After taking a mouthful, An An immediately opened her eyes and said, “Delicious!”


Ping Ping also nodded: “Good!”


Gu Qinghai didn't speak, but he also didn't look up and just ate.


The soup is very light, with a little sourness in the proper salty taste, which is the taste of tomato.


The noodles are chewy, and the vegetables are soft and not rotten.


After another sip of soup, the shapeless noodles turned into fine pieces of noodles and were mixed with egg shreds in the mouth.
They are soft, hard, and slippery, and have a very rich taste.


Lu Zetian took a mouthful from his bowl, then sighed with satisfaction: “This is good.”


I feel warm and comfortable after eating.


Add another piece of fried golden crisp steamed bun and eat it together with fresh fried vegetables.
It's delicious.


Lu Zetian drank two large bowls of mixed soup in a row and ate half a plate of fried steamed buns before stopping.
He looked at the children who had eaten more than usual and again exclaimed that Qin Shi's cooking skills were really good.


Fried steamed buns and fried green vegetables are common and can't be more common, but she can make them so delicious.


“Hiccup~” gave a gentle burp.


An An looked at the last piece of fried bun on the plate, wanted to put it in, but couldn't eat it anymore, and wrote “uncomfortable” on her face.


Gu Qinghai took a look at it and took the fried steamed bun slice away decisively, dipped it in the juice of fried green vegetables, and ate a few more mouthfuls.



An An watched Gu Qinghai finish eating, then turned around and asked Qin Shi expectantly, “Can we do this again tomorrow?”


Qin Shi looked at her with a smile and said, “Tomorrow I will make you more delicious food.”


The three children's eyes lit up instantly, and they looked at Qin Shi with great expectation.


“What is it?” An An grabbed the table excitedly.
“Is it more delicious than today?”


“You have tasted my craft, and everything is delicious.” Qin Shi looked at them with a smile and said, “I will clean up my room tomorrow afternoon.
If you help me, I can make sweet potatoes and apples in the evening to reward you.”


Curious baby An An: “What is that?”


Little sweet Ping Ping: “Sweet?”


Gu Qinghai, who saw through everything, said, “You want to instruct us to work.”


“I'm not asking you to help me.” Qin Shi smiled and said, “The number of people is great.
I will finish cleaning earlier if you help me.
In order to thank you for your help, I will make delicious food for you.”


“It doesn't matter if you don't help.
I can clean it up slowly by myself, but it may take too long.
So we can only eat a little at night.”


Gu Qinghai snorted, “You are using temptation and a threat!”


Qin Shi looked at him with a smile and asked intentionally, “Are you fooled?”


“You can't command…”


Before Gu Qinghai finished speaking, the two little ones raised their hands and shouted.


“I am fooled!”


“I want to eat sweet potatoes and apples!”


Gu Qinghai looked at the two little ones and cursed in his heart: two little fools! Is it so exciting to be played around!


Qin Shi: “Okay, let's work together tomorrow.”


“Good!” An An waved her small hand and could not wait.


Ping Ping also chuckled.


Seeing that they are excited and happy because of everything, that they are lively and active, and that they are obviously shy and quiet and have an introverted personality, Qin Shi said that their twins are not quite bad.


“Xiao Hai, take your brother and sister to play.” Qin Shi let the three cubs go and helped Lu Zetian clean up the dishes.


After thinking for a while, Gu Qinghai, who was ready to fight with Qin Shi, choked when he saw that Qin Shi didn't continue.


He “hummed,” wiped Ping Ping and An An's mouths, and pulled them out of the door.


Qin Shi smiled when she saw them go.


Lu Zetian glanced at Qin Shi and said, “Do you like to tease him so much?”


“Hmm~” Qin Shi put a pile of bowls into the sink, thinking that children are just for fun.


Lu Zetian chuckled and gave Qin Shi a detailed introduction to the three children while washing the dishes.


The three of them are soldiers' orphans.
Gu Qinghai has no one to take care of him.
Lu Zetian took over the initiative, while the twins were secretly put in his door.


Finally, they found out who it was but couldn't send it back.


They are the children of a former monitor of Lu Zetian.
The monitor's wife gave birth to a child and was ready to return to her hometown to give the child to his family.


But the monitor's home mountain was struck by mud-rock flow, and many in the village died and more than half were injured.
The parents are on the list of victims.


The monitor's wife is still young—less than 30 years old.
She doesn't want or can't live alone with two children, so she secretly puts the children at Lu Zetian's door.


After the army found her, she gave her child's allowance and the monitor's pension to Lu Zetian.
She would rather die than have children.


Lu Zetian was married at that time.
Of course, Mo Ling can't compromise.
They are not short of money.
Why raise other people's children? Let the troops find other people.


The army looked for someone else, but within a few days of taking it back, they found out that their wife was pregnant and then returned the child.


Lu Zetian just came back from the task.
Seeing that no one wanted the two children, he was repulsed.
When his heart softened, he took them back.


Mo Ling had a big fight with him, and then she divorced him soon after.


Hearing this, Qin Shi took a deep look at Lu Zetian and wondered if it was her.
She will also divorce him.


When he got married, he took care of his job.
When he came back half a year later, he was still busy at home.
After a period of time, he picked up two more babies.
Who can afford it?


Lu Zetian inexplicably understood Qin Shi's eyes, coughed, and then explained: “Can't you look after the child without care?”


Qin Shi wanted to roll her eyes and said, “How can it be? The army won't starve them.
If no one in the family yard wants it, they can find someone in the nearby county.
I don't believe we can't find a good family.”


Lu Zetian also knew that, but he was a ghost at that time.
He did not know how he even adopted Ping Ping and An An.


Now that he's thinking about it, he doesn't know why he was so impulsive at that time.
It's strange.


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