Lu Zetian did not look at Qin Shi but looked down at the two packages in her hand.


“When I was in town, I went to the home of my demobilized comrade-in-arms and asked him for two tickets…
His wife worked in a supply and marketing agency.”


Qin Shi was really surprised.
“Is that what your mother told you?”


Lu Zetian's Adam's apple rolled up and down, and his thin lip slightly opened: “No…
my little sister always asks me for this ticket, saying it's good for her monthly period.”


Qin Shi stared at Lu Zetian.
Lu Zetian raised his eyes and stared at her.
Their eyes collided for a moment, and he immediately moved away.


Lu Zetian urged Qin Shi: “Come in quickly, buy it; let's go to the railway station and wait; don't be late.”


After that, they advanced to the supply and marketing cooperatives with the package rate.


Qin Shi looked at his hasty steps and laughed with a “poof.”


People in this era are really innocent.
When it comes to such things as menstruation, even a man like Chief Lu will be shy.


Qin Shi laughed a few times and took hurried steps to catch up with Lu Zetian.
“Thank you, Chief Lu.
This is very important.
Thank you very much.”


Lu Zetian put the package in the corner and looked up at her.


In any case, Qin Shi is his wife in name, and taking care of her is what he should do.


Qin Shi smiled and nodded.
“Well, I won't talk.”


Lu Zetian, who had regained his normal light expression, took out a pile of money and tickets from his pocket and handed them to Qin Shi: “I have these with me.
You should watch what you want and buy it first.”


Qin Shi took the money and roughly counted it.
It was more than 250 yuan.
The tickets were also various.


Lu Zetian: “Go and buy it.
I'll look at our luggage here.”


Qin Shi looked up at him.
She was half joking and half serious: “Are you not afraid of my spending? What if I spend all of this at once?”


Lu Zetian: “I believe in you.”


Qin Shi raised her eyebrows and said nothing, but asked, “Do you need anything?”


Lu Zetian shook his head.
“The army has sent everything.
I don't need it.”


Qin Shi stopped asking him when he looked like this.
She asked him to wait here and go shopping by herself.


The business of the supply and marketing cooperative is ordinary, and there are few people.
The salesperson stared at Qin Shi and Lu Zetian as soon as they entered the door.
Lu Zetian was handsome in military uniform, and Qin Shi was beautiful, but she had washed-up white clothes, which made the salesperson feel sorry.


Especially after Lu Zetian handed Qin Shi a handful of money, her eyes became more complicated.


Qin Shi went to the counter and asked for a lot of things.
The salesperson didn't look at Qin Shi but at Lu Zetian, thinking that the man was cheap for nothing.


Qin Shi sighed when she saw that she did not take the goods for herself but looked elsewhere.
She was really a salesperson in this era.
She was so tough and did what she wanted.


“Comrade, please help me get the goods,” Qin Shi repeated.


The salesperson looked back, with “What are you urging for?” directly on her face.


“I don't have what you want here.
Go to the foreign exchange store on the third floor.”


Qin Shi: “…”


Qin Shi took a breath and said, “No, you didn't say it earlier.”


The salesperson stared and shouted, “What's your attitude?”


Qin Shi sneered, “What's your attitude? The chairman said that you want to serve the people.
Don't you want to serve the people?”


The salesperson was worried: “Where do I have it? Don't buckle my hat!”


Qin Shi ignored her, turned around, and walked upstairs.
In a few years, after the reform and opening up, the supply and marketing cooperatives will also be impacted and closed down.
When it comes to layoffs and unemployment, see if she can be so arrogant.


Only the salesperson was left to explain to her colleagues in a flurry, “I don't have any; this person is talking nonsense…”


Qin Shi went to the third floor, and the attitude of the salesperson on the third floor was much better than that on the first floor.


“Two sanitary napkin tickets can buy ten pieces for ten to twenty yuan.
How many do you want?”


Qin Shi was surprised.
I didn't think it was so expensive! Ten to twenty yuan is enough for a family of three or four to spend for a month.


Qin Shi hesitated for a while, gritted her teeth, and asked for five pieces.
She can use them first, then make the monthly belt again when she gets to the place, and then buy the sanitary napkin when she gets rich.


I can't afford it now.


“That ticket is enough.” The salesperson received a ticket and then recommended: “We still have some people in the foreign exchange store who don't want tickets.
Do you want to buy them?”


Qin Shi originally wanted to bring some candy to the children, but she went to look around and found that one was more expensive than the other and immediately lost her mind.


After walking around the place where clothes and daily necessities were sold on the second floor, Qin Shi found that a piece of clothing was more than ten yuan, which was ugly.
After that, Qin Shi bought ready-made clothes and pulled a lot of cloth.


Qin Shi doesn't know how to make clothes, but the original body does.
In addition, Qin Shi's foresight makes her clothes better than those she bought.
So she doesn't waste the money.


After buying some messy daily necessities, Qin Shi went down to the first floor.
She thought for a moment and went to the counter to weigh five kilograms of white sugar.


Candy sales have declined, but the company's index market has declined.
It is said that this has led to a sharp increase in the number of people who have bought and sold candy, and the number of people who have sold candy has increased.


This time, the salesperson didn't dare put on a face for Qin Shi.
She honestly said good things and handed them to Qin Shi.


Qin Shi took something and walked to Lu Zetian.
He looked at the things in Qin Shi's hand and was surprised: “Didn't you buy clothes?”


Qin Shi put these things in the luggage: “It's ugly and expensive.
I bought the cloth instead, and I will make it myself when we go back.”


Lu Zetian nodded and thought it would be good.


After loading, they set off for the railway station and waited for the train to come.


The train station here is very simple, and there is no waiting room at all.
Everyone sits on the ground and waits.


Qin Shi went to the toilet and put on the sanitary napkin, feeling that the whole person was relieved.


There was no way.
Although there was menstruation, Qin Shi always felt that the toilet paper would be soaked and seep into her pants, making her uncomfortable.



Now I'm finally well.
I dare to step forward.


Returning to Lu Zetian, Qin Shi took out a new notebook and pen from the satchel she was carrying, recording what she bought today.


Lu Zetian inadvertently glanced at the clear account and didn't know what expression to make.


It turned out that she really wanted to record it carefully.


Lu Zetian was a little confused, but what followed was a sense of relief.
Her honest account was better than her behind-the-scenes account.


After Qin Shi finished writing, she packed the book back and said slightly to Lu Zetian, “I will show it to you once every weekend.
Don't worry.”


Lu Zetian smiled and said, “Well, it's good.”


After waiting for more than an hour, when the train arrived, Lu Zetian and Qin Shi crowded onto the train and found their sleeping carriage.


The sleeper is a hard sleeper, with six positions in one room.
Qin Shi had to shrink a little when she lay down, let alone Lu Zetian.


Lu Zetian sleeps in the lower bunk to guard their luggage and Qin Shi.
Qin Shi sleeps in the upper bunk at night.


There was nothing to do overnight.
Qin Shi woke up the next morning when she heard the sound of footsteps.
She looked at Lu Zetian.
He was holding a thermos cup in his hand.
He should have gone to fetch water.


“What time is it?” Qin Shi rubbed her eyes.


Lu Zetian raised his hand and looked at his wrist.
“5:20 in the morning.”


After that, he handed Qin Shi the cup and said, “Drink some hot water.”


Qin Shi took a few sips and returned the thermos cup to Lu Zetian, leaning against the wall in a daze.


The train is much more comfortable than the bus, but it still shakes.
In addition, Qin Shi can't stand the experience on the bus that day; the whole person is exhausted.


Lu Zetian knew from her appearance that she was not feeling well, so he said, “It is still early.
Do you want to sleep for a while?”


Qin Shi nodded, slid down slowly, and closed her eyes again.


At dawn, Qin Shi couldn't sleep any more.
She got up to wash herself in the toilet, ate something casually to cushion her stomach, sat in the lower bunk, and looked at the bare mountains outside the window, waiting for the train to arrive.


At eleven o'clock at noon, the train finally arrived in X City.
Qin Shi felt a little soft after getting off the train and felt that the world was shaking.




“Chief, I'm here!”


A young man wearing a military uniform waved excitedly to Lu Zetian and ran quickly to take the luggage in his hand.


Lu Zetian nodded at him, then introduced Qin Shi: “This is my guard, Hei Hu.”


With the package in his hand, Hei Hu straightened up his chest and hit his heel: “Hello, sister-in-law! You call me Xiao Hei or Xiao Hu; it's all the same!”


“Then I'll call you Xiao Hu.” Qin Shi smiled at him.
“Your name is so powerful.”


Hei Hu grinned when he heard those words.
“Everyone says so.”


He also felt relieved.
The new sister-in-law looked soft and weak but seemed to be better than the previous one.
It should not be difficult to get along with!


After leaving the railway station, Qin Shi sat on the jeep that Hei Hu used to pick them up, opened the window, and leaned against the side to let the wind blow hard.


This body is way too prone to carsickness.
Only the cold wind can clear her mind a little.


At the same time, in the military family area.


The three children of the Lu family had dinner at Aunt Zhao's house, and they cleverly helped her put the dishes in the kitchen.
Gu Qinghai, the eldest, picked up the broom and helped Aunt Zhao sweep the floor.
Only then did he pull up his younger brother and sister to go home.


“Thanks for Grandma Zhao's hospitality.
I will go back with Ping Ping and An An,” Gu Qinghai said to Aunt Zhao after doing the dishes.


Aunt Zhao looked at the three of them and smiled and said, “Okay, go back.”


“By the way, your father will come back today, as will your new mother.” Aunt Zhao warned: “If she treats you badly behind the back, you can tell me; don't bear it as before!”


Gu Qinghai nodded, “I will remember it; thank you, Grandma Zhao.”


“Hey, good boy, go back quickly.”


Gu Qinghai led the cubs out of the door, and the three cubs walked home with ease.


“Brother, do you think the new mother will bully us?” The second Lu Qingluo looked up at his eldest brother.


“Don't let her bully us!” Lu Qinghe, the younger brother of the twins, said piteously with round eyes, “I don't want to be hungry, naked, and beaten.”


Lu Qingluo opened her eyes wide and put one hand on her waist.
“If she dares to bully us, we will tell him! Don't be afraid, Pingping; I will protect you!”


With that, she waved her small hand and made a boxing appearance.


Gu Qinghai looked at his younger brother and sister, touched their heads, remembered what he had heard recently, and looked serious.
“Don't worry, brother will protect you.”


“When you see her, you must not call her Mom, do you hear me?”


“Hmm!” The two cubs nodded hard.


The author has something to say:


Small theater:


The Lu family's three babies (clenched fists): We must give her a challenge! We must not call her “Mom!” Let her feel embarrassed.
Let her recognize the situation!


Qin Shi:…
is this cutely taking ground?


Many people don't like the male lead and the children, which is actually how it is set up…
The two books merge.
The heroine is an insulator, and people who are close to her will slowly wake up and get out of the plot (children, too; people don't like the children QwQ because they are in the control of the plot at the beginning…
it will be good soon).


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