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Chapter 1 : Pinky Promise

• R E A D •

This book will contain mild language along with body transitioning, man x man relationships , cheating, heartbreak, and friendship betrayal.

• E D I T I N G •

Ill be adding more stuff to this book it seems too rushed and not how I wanted it to go so there will be changes. Editing will be heavy on this back along with my other books also Dorris is the omega and Elias is the alpha. Kendra name had changed it was once Nia and now its Kendra who will be the only trans for now.


A friend is helping me edit the chapters and did been great so far Im glad I can be free for once doing a book by myself and not feel rushed. Im glad to be back updating too

• C O P Y R I G H T •

Im not good at writing copyrights so this is my best shot

©RoyaleGates I own the storyline and characters no photos credits to the original owners I don want my books anywhere else expect for wattpad, Inkitt, and Webnovel thats it if anyone posted my books anywhere else pls let me know Im not that active and idk any other reading sights. I do not give permission to anyone to repost my books even if you give credits still don want it reposted

• S O I C A L S •

Instagram: rureilla

Inkitt: rueilla

Tellonym: Royale Gates

First Pinterest: royale_gates

Second Pinterest account: royalegates

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