Sending a letter was not that difficult as I utilised the address book in the Viscount’s office.

After sending letters to a total of nine families, including distant relatives, I took a bath to relieve fatigue.

Naturally, Eril tried to follow in to help, but I stopped her.
I didn’t know about other things, but I could handle as much as taking a bath.

After immersing myself in the warm water and taking a nice bath, I looked at my reflection in the slightly blurred mirror.

It’s hard to adjust to this new appearance.

But I soon came to my senses.
If I couldn’t get myself together, I would not be able to take care of myself.

I can’t afford to do that.

I would rightfully get back what’s mine.
Whether it was the title or the Merchant Guild.

Rather than getting back the Guild, I’m claiming it once again.

When I thought of the Guild, I naturally thought of Leone.

The last time I saw him was when he was twenty-one… so he must be twenty-eight by now?

Thinking like that, I felt like I had been away for a long time.

It’s a little unfamiliar.

At first, I couldn’t really take notice of his change wholely because of the pleasure of meeting him again and the plans for the future.

But looking back now, he felt like a different person.

It felt even more strange because I often missed Leone and others while living in Korea.


After realising Leone’s change, I became curious about the changes of others who were once with me as well.

They wouldn’t recognise me, though.

I felt bitter in my mouth.

I desperately needed Leone’s help, so I revealed my identity to him, but I had no intention of doing the same to the rest.

I don’t think they would believe it in the first place.

I told solely Leone that I was not originally from this world.

So I have to hide it.

Because I did not want to cause any unnecessary confusion.

I left the bathroom and dried my hair with a magic tool – it’s like a hair dryer – that was bought with Leone’s money on the way back.
I then changed into a negligee and lay down on the bed.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes.

This fragile body got tired even from a little movement.
Had it been my former body, I would have easily overcome working overtime for three days in a row.

Groaning inwardly, I fell asleep.

Another day passed just like that.


A week has passed since I met Leone.
I had been busy since morning today.

Not just me, Eril was drowned in works as well, since there was only one servant.

The reason for this was simple.
It was because today was the day of the title succession meeting.

Wearing the cleanest dress left behind after all had been taken by the debt collectors, I stood on the balcony and watched the procession of carriages coming from afar.

The day is finally here.

As I watched the carriage getting closer, I felt my heart pounding restlessly.

There were many more important and decisive things than this when operating the Guild, so why was I so nervous?

It is the first big thing I do after entering this body.

And because it was the first step I took to get my place back.

The preparation is perfect.

Thinking of the plan I prepared for today, I smiled happily.

I went down to the lobby on the first floor.

As soon as I reached the lobby, the front door opened and a man walked in.

With his big belly sticking out, he looked around and ran straight to me once he spotted me.

“Oh, Eureia! My dear niece!”

Urgh, it’s dirty.

Even though it wasn’t hot, he was sweating profusely, and he felt like a wild boar.

Ew, no.

I would like to accept it if possible, but it was really unacceptable.

If he were to fall on me, this fragile body might be crushed to death.

I slightly shifted my body to the side to avoid him.
Perhaps he didn’t expect that I was going to get out of the way, so the man stumbled, losing his balance…

Feeling a bit guilty, I smiled broadly at the man who looked at me with puzzled eyes.

“Welcome, Uncle Yellun.”

For this day, I had collected all the information about my relatives by searching through the nobility almanac and all the materials the Viscount had.

The man, half-bald and overweight, was Eureia Craycia’s uncle, Count Yellun.

When I casually greeted him with a bright face, the Count acted grovellingly, he smiled and nodded.

“Oh, Eureia.
I came a bit late.
How have you been?”

How have I been?

With such negligence yet he had the audacity to ask me that?

I held back what I wanted to say, and only smiled profoundly without a word.

Perhaps Count Yellun was able to read the meaning behind it, he wiped the cold sweat with his handkerchief.
He then rambled on with his excuse.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have come to you earlier.
I’ve been busy with my business.
Please be understanding.”

I knew it.

I stared at him coldly, but a gracious smile was still hung on my lips.

“Of course.
Come on in.
I have prepared refreshments so you don’t get bored while you wait.”

“Ye- yes.”

He could not hide his awkwardness at my seemingly innocuous answer, and headed to the meeting room under Eril’s guidance.

As soon as he disappeared, I erased my smile instantly.

Busy because of business?

How laughable.

There is no way that is the case.

There was something I had been digging for over the past week.

Even if, hypothetically, Viscount Craycia was a stupid human being, it still made no sense for him to trust his friend entirely and entrust all of his fortunes to him.

He was also a business man.
Shouldn’t he have had that much intellegence?

Then I stumbled upon the theory that someone might have acted as a bridge in the middle.

A person so close and trusted that Viscount Craycia could not even suspect in the slightest bit.


And my prediction was accurate to the point of being ridiculous.

I looked in the direction where Count Yellun had disappeared to, and greeted the relatives who had just arrived with a smile, hiding the blade behind my back*.

T/n: by ‘hiding the blade behind back’, it basically meant she’s playing innocent for now, but secretly plotting something.


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