The next day, as soon as sunrise, I got ready to go out.

In fact, there was nothing for preparation.
And there was nothing I could do about it.

All I could do was change into my casual clothes and tie my hair up neatly.

“How much is our total debt?”

When asked as I walked through the lobby, Eril answered with a reminder of debt in her hand.

“A total of 100 cairns, 4992 diamonds…”

100 cairns 4992 diamonds.

It was an amount that could not be easily obtained by the commoners nor the aristocrats.

Even if the interest rates were excluded, the Viscount still could not have had such brilliance.

I’ll have to look into the law first.

With that in mind, I left the mansion.
As I walked down the street, I suddenly stopped.

Eril looked at me, puzzled.

“Miss, what’s wrong?”

I came out confidently, but come to think of it… 

I had no money.

I looked at Eril with a slightly embarrassed face.
Eril tilted her head.

I asked her with an apologetic heart.

“Eril, do you have any money?”

“Yes …?”

Eril hesitated and took three cents out of her pocket.


Craycia Viscounty was on the outskirts of the capital, so a carriage was essential to get to the central town.

Riding the cheapest carriage, I caught a glimpse of the capital city that was very different from how I remembered.

Some are the same, and some have changed.

As I learned from Eril, it had been seven years since I was killed by the men in white.

Nine years had passed for the timeline in Korea, but it seemed that only seven years had passed here, time seemed to flow differently on Earth and here.

Well, that wasn’t important.

Contrary to the thought that I would not be able to remember well because it had been 7 years – 9 years for me – since I last came here, the memories of the past became clear again when I took the capital city into my view.

After a while, the carriage stopped.

After paying for the carriage, Eril ran to me.

“Miss, what place are you planning to visit at the central square?”

Leaving behind Eril’s question, I looked around once and moved without hesitation.

Next to me, Eril was constantly babbling.

“Miss, if you go this way, you will only find a ‘commercial complex’.
You are not planning on going there, are you?”

“That would be correct.”

My casual answer made Eril’s jaw drop.

Meanwhile, passing the alley, tall buildings began to appear one by one.

It was a view reminiscent of a Korean commercial district.

The most incongruous place in this world.

The place I created.

As we got closer, Eril’s complexion became paler.

The voice that dissuaded me also seemed hastier.

“Miss, are you here to buy something? Commercial complexes are reserved for high-ranking aristocrats.
If you need anything, please go to the market…”

“I’m not going to buy anything.”

“Of course! That must be a given!”

Eventually, Eril shouted.

Meanwhile, I stood tall in front of a building.

The tallest building among the tall ones.
Eril’s face turned completely white.

“M-mi-miss, are you really going in here?”

“That’s right.”

Eril shouted in shock at my calm reply.

“This is Cheshire Merchant Guild!”

Cheshire Merchant Guild.

T/n: from this point on, instead of Cheshire Merchant Guild, I would leave it as Cheshire Guild, Cheshire Merchant, Cheshire Group, or just Cheshire for short.

I smiled at the name I hadn’t heard in a long time.

Unaware of it, Eril gave a redundant explanation of the Cheshire Guild to somehow prevent me from entering the place.

“Miss, the Cheshire is really no good.
What kind of place is the Cheshire Guild? It’s Cliff Empire’s leading large-scale organisation! It is a difficult place for even aristocrats to access, let alone… !”

Eril didn’t continue, but I knew what she was trying to say.

She must have wanted to say ‘the Cheshire Merchant is not the place for the likes of us to visit’.

It wasn’t meant to belittle me though.
She just meant well. 

Indeed, it was really hard to get into Cheshire.
Much more, I, the young lady of a fallen Viscounty, was trying to enter a place that even the Viscount himself would not be able to access.

But I’m not going to buy anything.

As I went closer to the door, the glass door slid open to both sides.


Eril, who was forced to follow me, mouth agape.

“Oh, did you see that, Miss? I didn’t even touch it, but the door opened automatically! Is it magic?”


I answered curtly and lifted my head up to see a purple jewel embedded above the door.

As expected.

It was a mana stone.

Manastone was a stone flowing with magic, and was first discovered about 13 years ago.
So, it was discovered three years before I came to this world.

However, compared to its efficacy, the manastone was not used very actively.

It was because of the wizards.

At a time when even the concept of magical power was not well-known, whenever there was a need for help, the ‘wizards’ took over the work and got paid for it.

‘Wizards’ was a term used to refer to those who could wield natural magic.

However, through mana stones, even those who could not use magic could produce a similar effect, and the wizards who were wary of it spread the rumour that the magic stone was a ‘devil stone’.

People who were ignorant of magical power believed only the wizard’s words and kept away from magic stones.
And it was the Cheshire Merchant that produced and commercialised tools with those mana stones.

The Cheshire Organisation collected money by monopolising the market of mana-stone tools, or the so-called magic tools.
In that circumstances, the position of wizards weakened, and magic tools became more and more common.

This automatic door was one of them.
However, this automatic door was not made by me.

It was just a concept I planned at that time.
It was postponed because the technical skills of the workshop were a little limited.

I think I know who made it.

It looked bigger than I thought though.

I smiled and went inside.

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