Chapter 77: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

The day of Li Xiao’er’s wedding, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng naturally received an invitation.
Before dawn, the couple set off with Tuantuan on their donkey cart.

When the family of three approached the Li’s house, the sky began to light up slightly.
Looking at the slowly getting brighter surroundings, Xu Qing smiled and said to Li Changfeng: “The weather is good today.
How do you feel that our little brother is getting married on such a fine day?”

“It is good.”

Li Changfeng looked at the sky and said in a deep voice.
Xu Qing snickered in his heart, this man, he tossed and turned last night and didn’t fall asleep.
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For fear of affecting Xu Qing and the child, he just didn’t dare to make a sound.
Until this morning, when he felt it was getting late, and then he got up lightly.

Li Changfeng couldn’t tell what he was feeling at the moment.
Li Xiao’er was the youngest and the only ger among the four siblings.
Li Changfeng couldn’t help but treat him better when he was at home.
It can be said that he behaved more like a father to Li Xiao’er, and today, another man was about to marry his little brother and he was really reluctant in his heart.

“You are still so entangled with your brother’s marriage.
If we have a little ger in the future, when he gets married, are you gonna cry?!” Xu Qing teased Li Changfeng by seizing the opportunity, which he usually doesn’t get on ordinary days.

“If it’s our ger son, not anybody who wants to marry will be able to marry him!” Li Changfeng frowned, not at all hesitant, and talked about the situation when his own ger son gets married.
Xu Qing’s laugh was almost broken; the shadow of the child they are speaking of is no where near yet, this is really bizarre.

Li Changfeng looked at the courtyard gate of Li’s house not far away.
A red cloth hung on the door, and the courtyard door was open.
It seems everyone in the family was up.

Xu Qing got out of the cart with the child in his arms, and after Li Changfeng tied the donkey cart, the two entered the courtyard together.

Li Ama and eldest Li’s wife have just come out of Li Xiao’er’s room.
They have already prepared everything for the bride.

“Second son, you are finally willing to come back, you are really really fighting with your family!”

Li Ama asked Eldest Li’s wife to go to the kitchen to help Wang Li.
When he saw Li Changfeng and Xu Qing, he laughed and scolded.
Today is his little son’s big day.
He is in a good mood.
In this entire village, the only ger who is married to someone from the town is his son.
Not one hand in the village can count this blessing.


Li Changfeng and Xu Qing called out, “Oh, my good grandson! Hurry up and give grandma a hug.
it’s been a long time since I saw you.
My good grandson is very fortunate!”

Li Ama took Tuan Tuan from Xu Qing’s hand, and spouted nonstop with his mouth.
Xu Qing got goosebumps when he heard it.

“Who’s here?”

Old Man Li heard the sound in the main room and walked out.
He saw Li Ama holding the dumpling Tuantuan and standing opposite Li Changfeng and Xu Qing.
Old Man Li looked a little awkward and a little unhappy.
He just said a few words to Li Changfeng that day, but this good son really didn’t come home for New Year’s greetings.


Xu Qing saw that Li Changfeng didn’t speak when he saw Old Man Li, so he had to speak first.

“Well, you brought Tuantuan too,” Old Man Li didn’t get angry with Xu Qing.
Hearing Xu Qing greeted him, Old Man Li’s expression softened slightly and began to tease Tuantuan.
Xu Qing felt that it was a bit unnecessary for him and Li Changfeng to stand here.

“We’ll go in and see Xiao’er, you take care of Tuantuan.”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng said a few words in a low voice, then Xu Qing walked to Li Xiao’er’s room, knocked on the door, and only opened the door after hearing the response from inside.

“Second brother-in-law.
You are here.”

Neatly combed bun, slender body, and red clothes supporting fair skin, Li Xiao’er’s whole person is soft and charming.
Luo Jiao (T/N: the adulterous ger who was ousted from the village) also had that kind of charm, but that person was shrouded with a flirtatious air.
When this kind of attitude is placed on a man’s appearance, it always made Xu Qing felt the other party looked like a sissy, but Li Xiao’er’s body is a combination of innocence and charm, which makes people not able to take their eyes off.

“Xiao’er, you are so handsome.”

Hearing Xu Qing’s praise, Li Xiao’er was a little embarrassed, but he was also very happy, “Come and sit down.”

Xu Qing walked over, took out a money pouch from his arms, and stuffed it into Li Xiao’er’s hand, “you are married to someone from the town, and you’ll be far from home.
Your second brother and I know that the family doesn’t have much in their hands right now.
So, we want to give you some money for you to look after yourself.
If there is an urgent matter, you won’t have to worry too much.
Also, your second brother and I wish you a long, happy, and prosperous life.”

Just as Li Xiao’er wanted to return the money pouch that Xu Qing had stuffed in his hand, he met Xu Qing’s clear and irrefutable eyes.

“This is what your second brother and I want for you.”

Li Xiao’er’s heart was warm; the weight of the pouch in his hand was not light, which showed how good Xu Qing and Li Changfeng were to him.

“Then, I won’t be polite,” Li Xiaoge put the pouch away, and was about to chat with Xu Qing when there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

As soon as Li Xiao’er heard the familiar voice, he smiled at Xu Qing and went to open the door.

Xu Qing only saw a handsome man in ancient costume with a clear lotus-like temperament coming in slowly beside Li Xiao’er.
Unlike Xie Yu’s temperament, this man had a faint arrogance on his body, which made Xu Qing a little uneasy.

“Second brother-in-law, this is who I’ve always been talking about, my good friend, Chen Hong!” Li Xiao’er happily introduced Chen Hong to Xu Qing, and then said to Chen Hong: “this is my second brother-in-law.”

Xu Qing smiled at Chen Hong; he didn’t know what to say.
He felt that this person was a little strange.
Don’t think that he didn’t see the flash of disappointment in the other party’s eyes.



Chen Hong didn’t expect Li Changfeng to find such a person.
He originally thought that even if the ugly ger was not so ugly anymore, how handsome could he become.
Looking at the person in front of him, he was really disappointed.

After the two of them said hello and there was no more words, the scene was a little awkward.
Just when Li Xiao’er was about to speak to adjust the atmosphere, Li Changfeng’s voice came from outside the door, “wife, the child is looking for you.”

“Coming!” Son, you are really my savior! Xu Qing almost cheered out the door, it was really suffocating in there, and he couldn’t really say why, but it was just uncomfortable!

“You two know each other?”

After Xu Qing left, Li Xiao’er asked Chen Hong, and Chen Hong shook his head, “How can I know him, why do you say that.”

Li Xia’er hurriedly shook his head, “It’s nothing, just asking casually.” That’s also because the scene of the two of you meeting was too weird, no wonder he thought more.

Eldest Li and Li Laosan also came back from shopping in the town, and the villagers who came to help also arrived at the Li’s house and it was very lively.

Not long after, with the sound of firecrackers outside the door, Wang Lei, who was dressed in the red groom’s attire, came riding an ox cart.

(T/N: Wang Lei is Li Xiao’er hubby.
Wang Li is Li Laosan’s wifey, in case you guys got confused coz I was lol).

Seeing this, the villagers started to whisper, “my dear, it’s an ox cart again.
Wasn’t it also an ox cart when the second child of the Li family married out last year? Now the Li family youngest too is getting married by riding an ox cart.
It seems that this Li family is really good!”

Wang Lei bowed to the old man Li and Li Ama, “Father-in-law, Ama, I, Wang Lei, will treat Li Rui well and never let him down!” Li Rui was Li Xiao’er’s official name.

Accepting the envious gazes of the surrounding villagers, the elders of the Li family got Wang Lei up quite proudly, and then Wang Lei began to pay homage to eldest Li and the others.
When it was Li Changfeng’s turn, Wang Lei was shocked to see this familiar face.

Isn’t this the same person who often came to the store to buy candy in bulk? He is actually the second brother of his wife!

Wang Lei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
When he was doing business with Li Changfeng, he didn’t do anything that made Li Changfeng dissatisfied, right?

“Take good care of him, otherwise,” Li Changfeng didn’t say anything, Wang Lei nodded frequently, “Second brother, I promise, I swear!”


The old brother Li Changfeng nodded and asked Wang Lei to move on to Li Laosan.
He barely passed the test.

Xu Qing didn’t know what to say about Li Changfeng.
The man was obviously very satisfied with Wang Lei but pretended to be “I will reluctantly agree to my brother marrying you”, which was really silly and funny.

After Wang Lei greeted the entire Li family, he knocked on the door of Li Xiao’er’s room.
After a while, Eldest Li’s wife and Wang Li came out with Li Xiao’er, who followed Wang Lei to the ox cart to go to the groom’s house in town for the rest of the wedding ceremony.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing didn’t go to Wang’s house to have a wedding drink.
They brought Tuantuan, who was not conducive to long distance travel. Read only on ho lo lo novels dot com. After a simple lunch in the Li’s house, they took the child and left.

On the way, Xu Qing suddenly remembered, “Did you say goodbye to Ama and tell them we were leaving?”


Xu Qing has a black line on his head, brother, you are acting so righteous, “Isn’t this not good?”

Li Changfeng laughed, “I know them, the more you give them color, the brighter they will be, so the best way is to ignore them a bit.”

Xu Qing hugged Tuantuan tighter and listened to Li Changfeng’s serious nonsense.
He actually felt that what the other party said was very reasonable, what kind of poison was this.

When they got home, Li Changfeng went to the kitchen to cook a meal.
After he ate again, he felt satisfied, “I’ll go down to the field in a while.
If you’re bored alone, I’ll ask Xie Ama to come accompany you.”

“What are you talking about? Xie Ama went to Lin’s house to take care of Brother Xie.
Also, don’t forget that there is Tuantuan.
Don’t always say that I am alone.”

Li Changfeng only then remembered that Xie Ama was worried about Xie Yu because it was hard for him to conceive in the first place.
If Xie Yu accidentally hurt the child because he was inexperienced, it would be very bad.

“I’ll bring Tuantuan on my back.
It’s sunny today.
It’s not a problem to take him with me.
It’s not good to always stay at home,” Xu Qing thought he should also do the work in this field together with Li Changfeng.

“What if someone comes to buy something at the shop?” Li Changfeng didn’t want Xu Qing to follow him to the field.
His wife was so thin, his arms were not as thick as his thighs, er, no, they were not even as thick as his wrists!

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