Chapter 73 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Jul 15 2022


Xie Yu listened and was moved in his heart.
When he arrived back in town, he hurriedly went to a clinic to check.
Sure enough, he had a child with Lin Fangliang.

Lin Fangliang was also informed by the kind person who saw Xie Yu at this time, so he quickly arrived and found Xie Yu who had just left the clinic.
The two are back on good terms, plus Xie Yu is pregnant, it can be said to be a double happiness.
The old Xie couple also couldn’t stop smiling.

Xie Yu’s pregnancy had no problem, so Lin Fangliang hurriedly prescribed a few doses of tonics that were right for his condition and stewed something for Xie Yu to eat together.

“I didn’t expect it.
It’s been three months, but we still didn’t know.
Am I even a competent person?” Xie Yu said to Xu Qing, rubbing his stomach.

“What’s the matter, you were busy taking care of old doctor Lin.
Thinking about other things, your body’s reaction is just slower, you see you have lost weight these days, so even though it’s three months, you didn’t notice anything.” Gers are no different than women when it comes to pregnancy.
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They will react almost the same when they are pregnant, such as vomiting fiercely, and irritability.

“That’s not it, let me tell you, this old doctor Lin might just know that you were pregnant, and that’s why he left with a smile,” Xie Ama came over with the chicken stewed for Xie Yu and added a sentence.

Xu Qing and Xie Yu looked at each other, “That makes sense, Brother Xiaoyu, this is really possible.” But even if that’s the case, why didn’t the old doctor say it to make everyone happy? Xu Qing was a little puzzled.

Xie Ama smiled, “I think it’s the old doctor Lin who feels that his time has come.
He probably just wanted Fang Liang and Xiaoyu to encounter a happy event after his death and no longer sad.
So, he deliberately didn’t tell you that you were pregnant!”

Xie Yu just remembered that when he was taking care of the old doctor Lin, he seemed to have heard him say many times to let himself pay attention to his body, don’t do things that could harm the body, and such.
At that time he thought the old doctor Lin just didn’t want his old illness to flare up again Well, it seems that he was just too careless.

“Alright, stop talking about this.
Come and eat this medicinal chicken.” Seeing Xie Yu’s thoughtful expression, Xie Ama brought the ready-to-eat chicken stew to Xie Yu for fear that he would think of something unpleasant.

“Thank you.”

Xie Yu took the bowl and said softly, Tuan Tuan in Xu Qing’s arms looked at the steaming bowl in Xie Yu’s hand, and his mouth began to drool, causing everyone to laugh.

Li Changfeng and Lin Fangliang were sitting outside, drinking tea and eating peanuts, and chatting excitedly, “Changfeng, what do you think my child should be named?!”

Lin Fangliang’s face flushed with excitement, looking straight at Li Changfeng.
Li Changfeng thought for a while, and replied uncertainly, “Lin Fangyu?”

Lin Fangliang’s head suddenly calmed down, “Why do you pick this name?”

Li Changfeng said with a smile: “When I named Tuantuan, I added my name and my wife’s name together, so that when he grows up, I can tell him the meaning behind his name, Xu Qingfeng, that it’s because his mother and I love each other so much, he as our child, of course he has to have to have a combination of our two names!”

When Lin Fangliang heard this, he thought it was very interesting, “My name is Lin Fangliang, and my wife’s name is Xie Yu, then if our child is a ger, um, let’s call him Lin Xiaoyu, if it’s a boy, he’ll be called Lin Dayu.
Changfeng, what do you think!”

After hearing this, Li Changfeng’s face was complicated.
The level of this person’s naming skills was not as good as his! Just then, Uncle Xie came back, “What are you two talking about? I heard your voices from all the way.”

“Father-in-law, we are discussing what the name of my child should be in the future.
You can also give some advice.
The more the options to choose, the better it is.” Lin Fangliang explained to his father-in-law and took a cup and poured hot tea for him.

“What’s so difficult about this, back then, we gave Xiaoyu his name because it was raining on the day he was born, so we chose to name him Xie Yu.
It’s simple, and it sounds nice!” This is what Uncle Xie is most proud of.
At that time, Xu Qing’s father also praised Uncle Xie because of Xie Yu’s name.

He said that although he had never read a book, the name he gave was really good, which made Uncle Xie’s proud tail stick up for several months.
Every time he met someone, he would tell them that his child’s name was chosen by himself, which caused the villagers to hide when they saw him for a while.

“By the way, when it comes to this, have you already come up with a name?” Uncle Xie asked after putting a few peanuts in his mouth.

Li Changfeng held back his laughter, and picked up the teacup to cover his face, “if the child is a ger, the name will be Lin Xiaoyu; if it’s a boy, Lin Dayu.” Lin Fangliang nodded after hearing this, and looked at Uncle Xie rather proudly.

“Light rain? Heavy rain? What kind of name are these?! Will there be light snow, heavy snow in the future too?” Uncle Xie laughed, as expected.

(T/N: Yu = Rain.)

“That’s not it? Fang Liang’s heart is very big, how can just one be enough.
He has to have at least four children!” Li Changfeng broke the seriousness, and they all laughed together.

Lin Fangliang wasn’t angry either.
If Xiaoyu would give him four children, life would be too beautiful, so why be angry?

“What are you guys talking about? I can hear your laughter from the back room,” Xie Ama came out with an empty bowl, looked at the three and asked.

“It’s nothing, just chatting casually.
Xiaoyu finished eating? You rest, I’ll wash the bowl!” Lin Fangliang took the bowl from Xie Ama’s hand, and went straight to the kitchen without waiting for Xie Ama to say anything.
The people watching laughed again.

Xu Qing and Xie Yu in the room couldn’t help smiling when they heard the laughter outside the room.
Xie Yu thought that it’s very good he’s pregnant now.
Fang Liang hasn’t been so happy for a long time.
He finally knows how important a child is to the family.

Xie Yu looked at Tuantuan contentedly, and suddenly thought of something and said: “Looking at it this way, my child will be about a year younger than Tuantuan.
You say, if they grew up together, wouldn’t they be childhood sweethearts? Aye, how about this, we can settle their marriage agreement.
What do you think?”

Xu Qing was stunned when he heard it, and looked at Tuan Tuan who was sleeping in his arms.
The child was still so young, but already has a marriage agreement? Xu Qing couldn’t understand and accept it.
He didn’t want his children to be overly managed by him.
Maybe it was because he had lived in modern days.
Xu Qing still had modern ideals to educate his children.
But he can’t refuse directly.
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After all, what Brother Xie said is not wrong in this era, it is a very popular way of marriage arrangement, so Xu Qing said with a smile: “Don’t worry too much, the child has not even been born yet, and you don’t even know if he is a ger or a boy.”

Seeing Xie Yu’s thinking, Xu Qing continued: “what if the child is a boy, how can they become a couple?” Of course, if the two can become a couple, then it only shows that his child and Xie Yu’s child are gay.

“That’s true too.
I’m too anxious.
Let’s talk about it after the baby is born.
Anyway, I’m not in a hurry.” Xie Yu responded with a smile while watching Tuantuan.

After returning home from Lin’s house, after a simple wash, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went to bed with their child.
Although they were not tired today, it was too cold and they didn’t want to sit outside.

Seeing that the New Year’s Day is getting closer and closer, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng are full of expectations.
This is the first year of their family.
Li Changfeng had already prepared what should be prepared, and he is waiting for the arrival of the New Year.

Just the day before the Chinese New Year, Li Xiao’er suddenly came, wearing a red robe given to him by Xu Qing, holding an oil-paper umbrella, he stepped into Xu’s family yard in the snow.

“Second brother?”

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