Chapter 71 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Come, Tuantuan, let your grandmother see you.”

Tuan Tuan stared with his big eyes, and the little fat hand moving about randomly.
Li Changfeng wrapped Tuan Tuan with the soft cloth, bowed his head and kissed him, and then carried him to the main room with satisfaction.

In the main room, Li Xiao’er was already chatting and laughing with Li Ama, Da Niu sat obediently eating dried jujubes, and when he saw Li Changfeng coming with a baby, he immediately stood up, “Second uncle, this is Tuan Tuan?”

Li Ama also got up in a hurry, came to Li Changfeng, and looked at the fat doll in his arms waving his little hands constantly, “Oh, my good grandson, he is a lucky one! Come, come, hug your grandmother.”

Just when he was about to stretch out his hand to hug Tuantuan, he felt that his hand was a little cold, and he was afraid transferring it to the child, so Li Ama hurriedly rubbed his hand on his arms.
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He didn’t take Tuan Tuan until he felt warm enough.
Li Changfeng looked at this movements, he was slightly moved.

Li Ama hugged Tuan Tuan carefully, and sat on a warm chair with Li Xiao’er and Da Niu, “Look at Tuantuan, he looks just like your second brother!”

Li Xiao’er reached out and gently held Tuantuan’s fat little hand, “Isn’t it true, this is the flesh and blood of the second brother, of course he looks like him.”

After hearing this, Li Ama was particularly happy.
Looking at the fluttering Tuantuan in his arms, he recalled, “You don’t know, your second brother, he looked the most like me when he was a child.”

When Li Xiao’er heard this, he turned his head to look at Li Changfeng with a resolute face, the corners of his mouth twitched, he really couldn’t see it.

Li Changfeng’s eyes were only full of Tuan Tuan, and he didn’t pay much attention to what Li Ama said.

“By the way, look at my memory!” Li Ama has been teasing the child, and has forgotten what he has made for the child, “Changfeng, I have made several small clothes for Tuantuan, you remember to dress the child in it.”

After speaking, he asked Da Niu to take out the bag and handed the small clothes inside to Li Changfeng.
When Li Xiao’er saw it, he said, “They’re so beautiful! Ama, you haven’t made clothes for me for a long time.”

“I will make you many dresses as long as you come home, I will definitely make it for you!” This little son likes the clothes he made, and Li Ama is even more happy, but he did not forget to ask Li Xiao’er to come home.

Li Xiao’er thought for a while, “Ama, I can’t go back now, but Mrs.
Deng’s family said that after the new year, they will take him to live in the next county town, and since everyone is there, there will be no need for me take care of him, and then I’ll be home.”

Although Li Ama was not very satisfied with this response, he was in a good mood today and didn’t care too much, and it didn’t take long for him to start teasing Tuantuan again.

Li Changfeng took the clothes made by Li Ama into the room, and said to Xu Qing, “This is the clothes that Ama made for Tuantuan, and I’ll put them in the cabinet.”

Xu Qing was a little surprised when he heard that Li Ama made it, “Ama made it?” He always felt that although Ama and the Li family had some minor problems, they were not bad people.
Li Ama even made Tuantuan clothes.

“Then you have to entertain him well.
Ama is so busy but still has the heart to make clothes for Tuantuan.
You can’t just let him go back empty handed.” Xu Qing thought about it and felt that if he wanted to live a long and peaceful life, he still had to stabilize Li Ama’s heart, and don’t let him feel dissatisfied.
Even if he didn’t live together with the Li family, he still needed to maintain a good reputation.

Li Changfeng put away the little clothes, “I know, I’ll prepare a nice lunch at noon today, and when Ama goes back, I’ll give him some bacon to bring back.” The most important thing for a farmer is food, and meat is also very valuable.

Speaking of bacon, Xu Qing smacked his mouth a few times.
His taste buds are gone from all the light food he’s been eating!

Li Ama and the others had lunch at Li Changfeng and Xu Qing’s house.
Before leaving, they talked to Xu Qing for a while.
It was pretty much about the little things to watch out for while raising a child.

Seeing that the sky began to turn dark, Li Ama and Da Niu got on Li Changfeng’s donkey cart and went back, while Li Xiao’er stayed by Xu Qing’s side, waiting for Li Changfeng to return before sending him off.
After all, Xu Qing’s body is not yet healthy; he needs someone to take care of him meanwhile.



One month has passed quickly.
It’s not too long, not too short, but Li Changfeng and Xu Qing now have no problem with coaxing and taking care of their children.
Today is the full moon day.
Li Changfeng specially invited a Momo, the most virtuous person in the village, to run TuanTuan’s one month head shaving celebration.

It was a cold day, and the snow was piled up everywhere.
Nobody is working at this time.
It was still a month before the New Year’s Day.
Most of the villagers will not be left behind when it comes to join in the fun, watching the children, and feeling happy.

The Lizheng family, the Wei family, the Wu family, Li Ama, the Zhou family, the Liu family, the Zhang family, the Zeng family, etc., all gathered in Xu Qing’s yard and looked at that one.
“Fill the pot for Tuan Tuan in the main room with the door open!”

Tuan Tuan is not afraid of the crowd.
He happily received all the attention and being touched and squeezed here and there.
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His busy little face is flushed, and he kicks his chubby legs a few times from time to time.
Just in a month, his body has grown whiter and very smooth, Xu Qing’s favorite thing is to nibble on the little guy’s face.

“This kid is really cute.”

“That’s not it, you see his hands are getting fatter!”

“My second son is three years old, and he doesn’t even weigh as much as this little one.”

The villagers who came were in a good mood, looking at Tuan Tuan with his little shaved head, they bowed their heads and talked a few times, but there was no malice.
After all, good children are considered blessed in the peasants’ hearts.

“Dear guests, today is the full moon day of my son Xu Qingfeng.
Everyone, eat and drink well! Please look after my child in the future, thank you all for coming!”

Li Changfeng came out and said a few words on this day of Tuantuan shaving ceremony, and everyone became more lively.

“What are you talking about? That baby didn’t come out of the wild, haha.” Wei Lao Er was the first to speak.

“I think your boy is good.
He would surely know how to fight in the village in the future.
Like when I was a child, I beat the children of my neighbors to the ground!”

“Bah, you have the galls, that’s because it wasn’t me you came after, otherwise!”

The men gathered around, making a fool of each other while the gers kept asking around Xu Qing who was holding the little ball, “What did you eat when you were pregnant?”

Xu Qing smiled, “It’s all normal food,” Is it that hard to believe?

“This child’s fetal hair was really fine.
Do you usually like to eat hairy things?”

Xu Qing smiled, “Everything with meat has hair, our family don’t eat much meat.”

What is this?! What does it mean to eat something with hair? Let me see what you eat that has lots of hair.

“Your child is growing up really well, and he’s almost looking a ball.”

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