Chapter 69 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xie Ama couldn’t help laughing again, “Your mother left early, so it makes sense you don’t understand these common things.
This pregnancy powder can only be used for rubbing the abdominal line after a ger gave birth.
As for other wounds, don’t think about it, by the way, what about the fruit powder I asked you to buy for your child? I see that his small mouth is moving so much, I’m afraid he’s hungry.”

Many things Xu Qing and Li Changfeng prepared for their children were under the instructions of Xie Ama.
Otherwise they would be in a mess as a couple who didn’t understand anything.

“It’s on the floor under the closet, yes, that’s right there.
Thank you, Xie Ama.” If it wasn’t for his help, he and the child wouldn’t know how long they would be tossing about.

“What kind of polite words, I am very happy to help!” Xie Ama hoped for Brother Xie to give them old couple a little fat grandchild like this for so many years, but there was nothing so far.
Now that Xu Qing gave birth to a child, he was very happy.
It’s more interesting than anything to tease the children, “I’m going to prepare the fruit powder, you be careful, don’t move around.”

Xu Qing responded, lying on the bed and feeling the faint pain in his abdomen.
This world is amazing.
When a ger gives birth to a child, there was a horizontal pregnancy line in the lower abdomen.
From there, the child will come out, just like a modern C-section.
The weird thing is that this line opens automatically, and after applying the pregnancy powder, it heals very quickly.

However, Xu Qing also felt that gers are originally the same as a man structurally, except for the cinnabar mole between the eyebrows, everything else was exactly the same.
There is no organ like a woman’s to give birth, and there is no abdominal line, giving birth would have been a very terrible process.
The child needs to come out of a hole regardless.
At this thought, Xu Qing felt his chrysanthemum hurt! That kid weighs eight pounds! Even if the chrysanthemum is for childbirth, there’s no way this fat kid will be able to come out.

Thinking like this, Xu Qing fell asleep not long after.
It was already dawn, and he had tossed all night, no matter how good his physical strength was, he could no longer hang on.

When Xu Qing woke up, it was already night.
He had slept for a full day.
He heard the voices of Li Changfeng and Xie Ama talking from the hall.
Xu Qing sat up and thought of his stomach again.
What! No more pain! Although the soreness is still there, but the stomach does not hurt! When he opened his clothes to look, he saw that the abdominal line was closed, and it was no different from the usual belly, except that there was a red horizontal line in the original position.

“Awake?! That’s good! Changfeng has stewed a chicken, and I’ll bring it in for you!” As soon as Xie Ama entered the door, he saw Xu Qing looking down at his stomach, “It’s healed, you just need to be careful, don’t insert too much strength, it’ll be all good then!”

“This is, really, really amazing.”

Xu Qing still felt that this was too awesome, and then he looked around, he wasn’t in his and Li Changfeng’s bedroom.
He was in the room reserved for the child, and it seemed that Li Changfeng brought him over.

Xu Qing pulled the pillow up and put it down, lying on it, “Chang Feng! Chang Feng!”


Li Changfeng was feeding the fat dumpling with fruit powder paste, and when he heard Xu Qing’s call, he hurriedly responded, just as the child was full, Li Changfeng put the small spoon and bowl aside, and carried the child into the room, “wife.”

Xu Qing watched the tall man in front of him carefully hugging a small pink child, “Come here, I want to see him.”

Li Changfeng sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Xu Qing and the child tenderly, “This is our child.” Xu Qing glanced at Li Changfeng, “if he’s not ours and whose is he?”

Li Changfeng hurriedly smiled: “he’s ours, he’s all ours! Wife, give the child a name.”

Li Changfeng is the recruited husband.
The child’s surname and first name are theoretically left for Xu Qing to decide, “You are the child’s father, you choose.” Xu Qing is also embarrassed to say that his sense of naming is too low, he is afraid that In the future, if the child is not happy with the name, he will blame him.

Li Changfeng did not refuse, he had already thought about it, “Then call it Xu Qingfeng! Xu Qinfeng! Look at the pun! How wonderful!”

Xu Qing: “………………you’re worse than me.”

However, “Why doesn’t the child have your surname?” Only then did Xu Qing notice that the child’s surname followed him.

“You forgot, I’m married to my wife! Doesn’t it make the child take after your surname?” Li Changfeng smiled indifferently.
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To him, the child’s surname didn’t matter, as long as it was his and Xu Qing’s child, he would be very satisfied.

Xu Qing tugged at Li Changfeng’s big ears, “Then, how about the first child with my surname, and the second with yours?”

The second child! ! Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up, and he nodded hurriedly, “The third is your surname, and the fourth is mine! From now on, the odd number will follow your surname, and the even number will follow my surname.”

Xu Qing’s face darkened after hearing this.
He finally got emotional for a while, but it was ruined by the person in front of him!

In the end, the two settled on the name of the child as Xu Qingfeng.
In order to make it easier to call, Xu Qing gave the child a nickname, Tuantuan, because the child was too chubby like a dumpling.

“Come on, eat some chicken soup.” Xie Ama entered the room with a bowl of chicken soup and handed it to Xu Qing.
Xu Qing took the bowl, lowered his head and tasted it, then raised his head and said to Xie Ama: ” Fortunately we had you.
Thank you, Xie Ama.”

“What’s the hard work, I’m just glad to be of help!” The more Xie Ama looked at the child, the more he liked him.
When Xu Qing was still sleeping, Li Changfeng, a carefree man with the child, Xie Ama was really worried.
So, After waiting for Xu Qing to finish eating and saying a few more words, he was satisfied and went back with Uncle Xie who was waiting outside.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the Xie couple left the courtyard, Li Changfeng chased after them, and put a red packet in Xie Ama’s hand, which contained the happy money for Xu Qing’s delivery, “Xie Ama, please don’t refuse, this is auspicious money! You have delivered a big fat boy for me.
This is to give you some joy, may your wishes come true!”

“What you said is so beautiful, but I still can’t accept it.
I just hope that Xiao Yu will also give birth to a fat baby soon with the blessing of Tuantuan!” What Xie Ama wanted the most was the matter of Brother Xie giving birth to a child! After finally accepting the happy money, he happily followed Uncle Xie back.
He felt that Tuantuan was lucky, and maybe his son might be able to conceive soon.

“Did you give the red packet?” Xu Qing looked at the child sleeping beside him and asked Li Changfeng who came back.

Is he asleep?”

“Not yet, but it’s normal for a small child to sleep a lot according to Xie Ama.”

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