Chapter 64: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“I can understand that they put their hope on the third Li, but what do you mean they even entrust their lives on him?” Xu Qing didn’t understand.
Pinning their hopes on Li Laosan passing the next stage of imperial exam in order to bring honor to the family is understandable, but does this involve a life or death situation?

When Li Changfeng heard this, he sighed even more, so he carefully told Xu Qing what he had said to butcher Liu and the fact that Li Laosan wanted to use the remaining money at home to pay for the exam, “my father and Ama felt that as long as he passed the exam, they wouldn’t have to be afraid of not being able to eat or buy rice grains.
So, they agreed to not use the money to buy grains but give to Li Laosan.”

Xu Qing didn’t know how to feel about it.
What they were doing was good for their son’s future, but if you have to say it straight, they were just indulging a daydream.
He remembered that Xie Ama had talked to him about the fact that it was not easy for Li Lao San to even became a xiucai, and yet, here he was, still thinking about taking the exam.

“Forget it, we don’t care about this.
You didn’t sleep last night.
Look at your dark circles.” Li Changfeng didn’t want to care about Li family, staring at the dark shadow under Xu Qing’s eyes, he knew that he didn’t sleep well last night.

Xu Qing rubbed his brows, not to mention, last night he was thinking about Li Xiao’er’s situation, and he really didn’t rest much.
“Go to sleep for a while,” Li Changfeng took Xu Qing back to the room and waited for Xu Qing to lie down, and told him to read only on ho lo lo novels dot com.
After that, when he was about to go out, he was pulled by Xu Qing, “You can sleep with me for a while, I can’t sleep alone.”

Li Changfeng lay down beside Xu Qing without saying a word, and fell asleep soon after, but Xu Qing hadn’t slept yet.
Li Changfeng’s eye circles were darker than his.
If Xu Qing hadn’t let Li Changfeng sleep with him, maybe this person would be out busying all day with a tired body that has not slept all night.

The weather was very hot, and the fields were increasingly drier.
Xiaobao slumped lazily on the ground, trying to get some cool air from the ground.
Xu Qing and Li Changfeng slept directly from morning to afternoon, if it wasn’t for Xu Qing’s belly protesting, he didn’t know how long the two of them would sleep!

The chickens at home have grown from small chicks to big fat chickens.
Although the weather is hot, it does not affect them very much.
Xu Qing would give the chickens, the donkey, Xiaobao, and the piglet a little spiritual spring water every day to ensure their well-being.
The chickens had already started laying eggs.
Li Changfeng would make egg custards.
Today, he was about to draw some water in the well, but found that the water level was more than half shallow.

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Li Changfeng’s face was not good, Xu Qing said, “The water level in the well has dropped by more than half.”

“Sooner or later, we knew it would be this way.
Good thing we are well prepared, and not have to be worried.” Seeing that Li Changfeng was still sullen, Xu Qing changed the subject, “Didn’t you set up traps on the mountain? Go and see it tomorrow, maybe we will get something big.”

Only then did Li Changfeng remember the trap, “I’ll go now, it’s not good if it’s late, you wait for me at home.” Then he began to collect the things and wanted to go up the mountain, Xu Qing was stunned, “It’s getting dark today.!”

“It’s alright, go quickly, and come back quickly.” After saying that, he carried a big backpack and left.
Xu Qing had no choice but to tell Li Changfeng to be careful.
After Li Changfeng left, Xu Qing came to the well and checked the changes in the water level.
The situation was not good.
After thinking about it, Xu Qing went out of the courtyard against the strong sun to the dry field outside.
He squatted down carefully and looked at the cracked ground.


Li Changfeng returned in less than an hour from this trip.
There are three pheasants and two rabbits in the basket, which can be considered a huge harvest.
Li Changfeng cleaned them up, smeared with salt, and hanged them dry under the eaves.
Letting the meat bask under the sun for a few days, and it can be stored for a long time.
Xu Qing can’t eat too much game meat now.
This is what Xie Ama said, a ger who is pregnant just can’t eat too much game meat.

After dinner, the two of them were enjoying the shade in the yard.
Xu Qing thought about it and brought it up, “Tomorrow, go and bring your brother over to stay for a few days.” Li Changfeng nodded, “Okay, I think he will be better living with us for now.
He will only get more serious at home, so it is better to come over for a change of scenery.”

“Then you go over tomorrow morning, I’ll prepare the room tonight.
Leave early, otherwise the sun will be too strong.” Xu Qing was wearing a single garment, but still sweating on his forehead.

Li Changfeng took out the handkerchief to wipe off the sweat of Xu Qing, and gently fanned him with his big hand, but how could the wind from this little gesture be so cool? Xu Qing was too hot, and suddenly thought of something that could be used as a fan, Palm Fan!

There are a few trees that are used as fans in the field not far from home.
It is also hot today, the leaves on the trees are dry, perfect; it saved them a step in making the fan.
Xu Qing asked Li Changfeng to pick two relatively intact sunflower leaves and bring them back, and began to instruct Li Changfeng to make a fan.

The first is “pull ears”.
Pull off both sides of the fan blade, this is to balance the two sides of the fan, and it looks smooth and beautiful.
Then “cut the leaves”.
Xu Qing pointed to the corners of the leaves, and Li Changfeng cut off the surrounding branches and leaves.

The next step is to cut the ears, after cutting the ears, take out a hammer and start hammering the handle of the fan leaf.
The width of the handle is called “hammer handle”.In this way, a simple and big fan was made.
Li Changfeng and Xu Qing fanned it one by one.
After a while, the two felt that the heat on their bodies had faded a lot, “It’s really comfortable!” Xu Qing sighed that it would be better if it rained a little today.

Li Changfeng took the palm fan in Xu Qing’s hand and fanned it gently for him.
He saw that Xu Qing fanned himself hard and fast.
He was afraid that if it was too cold and Xu Qing fell ill, it would be troublesome.
“Changfeng, look,” Xu Qing motioned to Li Changfeng to look at the stars in the night sky.

The modern night sky does not have such a beautiful night sky.
Xu Qing looked at the stars in the sky and soon began to feel sleepy.
His body is getting heavier and heavier, and it is not convenient at times.
Li Changfeng was also not at ease.
He wanted to carry him back to the room, but he was afraid of hurting Xu Qing’s belly.

When Xu Qing woke up the next day, Li Changfeng had already left.
He got up and ate the breakfast that Li Changfeng put on the stove.
After cleaning around the house, he sat in the main room and made small clothes for the child.

His greatest sense of achievement these days is that he can now make his own clothes.
The clothes Li Changfeng is wearing today are the ones Xu Qing made not long ago.
When Li Changfeng put it on, Xu Qing really felt the satisfaction that Xie Ama said.

While Xu Qing was making clothes, Xiaobao kept lying at his feet and guarding him.
Even if no one talked to Xu Qing, he didn’t feel like he was alone.
After an hour, Li Changfeng put the donkey cart away and held the pale-faced Li Xiao’er back.

Seeing Brother Li’s pale and sullen expression, Xu Qing said, “This is…?” Li Changfeng shook his head, motioning Xu Qing not to ask more questions in front of Brother Li, even if he couldn’t hear him.

Xu Qing immediately went over to support Li Xiao’er, feeling his body was cold and trembling slightly.
Seeing Xu Qing supporting him, Li Xiao’er smiled at Xu Qing, opened his mouth, and said silently, “thank you.” When he raised his head up, Xu Qing saw the bruise on Li Xiao’er’s neck!

Xu Qing was shocked, and it was not good to ask Li Changfeng at this time, so the two of them helped Li Xiao’er into the room that had been cleaned up and covered him with a quilt.
It was a hot day, but Li Xiao’er was shivering with cold.

After leaving the room, Li Changfeng took out a few packets of medicine and dragged Xu Qing into the kitchen.
This is Li Xiao’er’s medicine.
He hasn’t taken it today, so he was gonna prepare the dose for him.

“Xiao’er, he…”

Xu Qing didn’t finish his sentence, but pointed at his neck.
Li Changfeng lit the fire and pondered: “Last night, he hanged himself secretly, but luckily he was found early, otherwise… I originally was gonna ask father and Ama that I’m picking up my brother, but then this happened, I directly asked Xiao’er’s wishes and brought him back.”

Xu Qing nodded.
He was afraid that Li Xiao’er would not be able to have a clear set of mind.
He didn’t expect his worries to come true.
Fortunately, he was found early, otherwise…, “What kind of medicine is this?”

Li Changfeng put the lid on the pot, and said softly, “It was old doctor Lin who prescribed it for my brother.
After taking all the doses, Xiao’er will go see the doctor again.
You go out, it’s going to be smoky in here.” Xu Qing shook his head and let Li Changfeng continue to burn the fire, open the lid of the pot, and look inside, dropping some spiritual spring water into the medicine, and then covered the lid.

“Then I’m going out.
Xiao’er must not have eaten.
I’ll go to the warehouse to get some supplements to stew the pheasant for him.” After speaking, he left the kitchen.
Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s back and warned: “Slow down, I’ll come help you with it later.”

Li Xiao’er laid on the bed, smelling the fresh scent of the new quilt, stretched out his hand from the quilt, and gently stroked his still aching neck, almost, he could have almost leave this painful world.

Xu Qing also secretly dripped spring water in the stewed pheasant at noon.
He drank the bone soup and asked Li Xiao’er to eat more pheasant, “I’m pregnant, Xie Ama said I can’t eat game meat, you eat more, look at you, you are thin.” After speaking, Li Xiao’er smiled at him, and Xu Qing finally realized that Li Xiao’er couldn’t hear what he said at all.

Li Changfeng patted Xu Qing on the shoulder lightly, put the bowl of chicken soup he scooped for Li Xiao’er in front of him, and motioned Li Xiao’er to eat.

Li Xiao’er looked at the chicken soup in front of him.
Seeing Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s soft and caring eyes, tears flowed unconsciously.
When this happened, Ama and father didn’t even hit the third brother, so when the second brother went back, he beat the third brother fiercely, and the others were still pulling along.
He just couldn’t hear it, but he knew the reason.

Anyway, he is going to get married one day.
The difference between deaf and non-deaf is the difference between a good marriage and a bad marriage.
Their family didn’t buy food with money, but placed all the bets on the third brother.
If he passes the exam, everything will be fine, but if he doesn’t, third brother still has a family, and he is just a ger.

“Eat, eat.”

Li Changfeng didn’t care whether Li Xiao’er could hear him or not, so he put the bowls and chopsticks into Li Xiao’er’s hands.
Xu Qing took out a handkerchief and wiped his tears.
What he said now, Li Xiao’er couldn’t hear him, so he might as well do more things in person.

After lunch, Li Xiao’er felt that his cold body began to warm up, and he began to feel sleepy.
Xu Qing knew that the spring water was taking effect, so he asked Li Xiao’er to go back to his room to rest, and he and Li Changfeng cleaned up the dishes.

Fortunately, Xu Qing’s family is in the back mountain.
Even if they are stewing chicken and eating meat, the smell will not waft into the village.
Otherwise, others will smell this fragrance and don’t know what they’ll be saying.
They can’t even eat til they’re full while Xu Qing’s family still have meat to eat at home.
If they know this, they will be upset.

“Are you tired of drinking bone soup, I haven’t seen you drink much lately.” Li Changfeng wiped the bowl and asked Xu Qing, Xu Qing was really tired of drinking bone soup, he had been drinking it for more than ten days, “a bit, but I still have bone soup to drink, many people may not even be able to dig up wild vegetables.”

Li Changfeng thought about how to make the soup differently and spoke, “It’s alright, we didn’t steal or rob.
It’s my luck to meet such a good wife as you.”

Xu Qing rolled his eyes and looked at Li Changfeng, “Don’t you sweet-talk me.
Take a rest after washing the dishes.
Anyway, these days, we have nothing to do, just eat and sleep, sleep and eat.
I’m getting fat.” Many people want to raise fat but have nowhere to raise it.

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