home made them instinctively feel that it was better not to be noisy.

Li Laosan thought it was a big deal for him, “What’s the matter, didn’t you say it that day? Well, let’s use this money to send me to take the exam, as long as I pass,” Li Laosan slapped his thigh excitedly, ” That means we will have everything and not be afraid that our family will starve to death!”

Eldest Li opened his mouth, “But, third child, food at home is only enough for our family for two months, since there is no harvest, we…”, Eldest Li’s wife listened to his husband’s words and became anxious, yes Ah, no matter how careful you are, if you don’t have food, let alone children, even adults can’t stand it!

Li Laosan shook his head, “Brother, it’s not me, just the money from our family, how much food can we buy at the town now?” Eldest Li was startled, “it’s true…”, Li Laosan saw his eldest brother shook his head and smiled: “It’s just a month’s worth of food, and since our family can’t even afford it at the current prices, why don’t you put your hopes on me? I will be able to take the exam next month.
You only need to endure for a month! Then you will have everything!”

When Li Xiao’er saw Li Laosan’s resolute face, he couldn’t help it and interjected, “What if you don’t pass?!”

As soon as Li Laosan heard this, he stood up and strode in front of Li Xiao’er, staring at him fiercely, “What are you trying to say?!” Eldest Li and the others were also taken aback by Li Xiao’er’s sudden words.

Li Ama hurriedly put his hands together and kept bowing towards the surroundings, “You child, how are you speaking! Unlucky! Bah, Bah, Bah, please don’t blame the unknowing children.
They’re immature and ignorant.!”

Li Xiao’er’s eyes were almost red, but he still looked at the person in front of him, “This is the truth, third brother, have you ever thought about us, eldest brother’s family and your child.
It would be a good thing if you pass, but what if you don’t? How can our family survive?!”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I tell you to shut up!” Li Laosan was enraged by the words that he couldn’t pass the exam.
Every word Li Xiao’er said was poking at his heart.
So, Li Laosan, who had been dazzled by fame and fortune, slapped Li Xiao’er a few times, knocking the unexpected little brother to the ground.

Li Xiao’er’s head was “buzzing”, and no sound could be heard in his ears.

“Third brother! What are you doing?!” Eldest Li had already gone mad and gave a slap to Li laosan, who wanted to continue beating Li Xiao’er, “you wake up, that’s our little brother!”

Li Laosan knelt on the ground with bloodshot eyes, struggling to get up again.
His wife hurried over to hug him.
The children were scared and began to cry.
Old man Li asked Li the eldest Li’s wife to bring the children into the house.
He and Li Ama went up to take Li Xiao’er, who was sitting on the ground motionless, and helped him up.

“It’s ok, my son, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.” Li Ama blew on Li Xiao’er’s red and swollen cheeks that was beaten by Li Laosan, while comforting him.
Old Man Li supported Li Xiao’er, “Quickly get up, I’ll take care of that beast later, get up.”

Li Xiao’er only felt the heat in his uncontrollable eyes.
He stared blankly at his father, saw his mouth kept opening and closing.
Then there is the eldest brother who seemed to be reprimanding the third brother, and the third brother’s wife who was crying and hugging the third brother.

“Father, Ama.”

Li Xiao’er called out with a small sound, causing several people in the main room to look at him.
Eldest Li slapped Li Laosan’s head fiercely, and said to Li Xiao’er with a smile: “Don’t be afraid.
Big brother will let you vent your anger!”

Li Xiao’er still didn’t move, but gently pushed away his father’s strong hands, trying to hold himself up.
With the red and tearful eyes, he looked at his father and said, “I can’t seem to hear.”


Li Changfeng thought about the meat at home; there’s not much left, so he brought his tools and prepared to go up the mountain to set a few more traps.
Let’s see if he can harvest something tomorrow.
Now that the dry season is here, no one wants to buy wooden dolls anyway, and he has been idle.

Xu Qing wanted to come along, but his belly was the biggest reason why he wasn’t allowed to, and he had no choice but to watch Li Changfeng leave alone.
He obediently stayed behind at home by himself and waited for Li Changfeng to come back.

The weather was hot and sticky, making Xu Qing feel sleepy when he stopped, sweating when he moved, and there was not much water in the well.
Although there was a well in the space, he felt it was too extravagant to use the spiritual spring for bathing, so Xu Qing just hanged tight, bored and had nothing to do.
He lied on the reclining chair Li Changfeng made for him in the main room, teased Xiaobao for a while, and then fell asleep, spending his days like this.

On the way to the mountain, Li Changfeng met a lot of people who were digging wild vegetables with baskets on their backs.
It was a very hot day, and the food in the town was too expensive for them peasants.
He just didn’t know how long these wild vegetables can sustain their livelihoods.

In order to catch bigger prey, Li Changfeng walked a little more into the mountains, dug a trap, made a mark, and by the time he was done, the sky was already dark.
Li Changfeng missed Xu Qing at home,l and did not stop to rest, he walked briskly to go home.

When Li Changfeng got home, except for Xiaobao, who was circling around him, Xu Qing was not seen or heard, and the house was dark and there was no light at all.


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