Chapter 58: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


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After Xu Qing entered the space, he stared straight at the hundreds of bags of rice.
He hadn’t eaten rice for a long time! It’s all corn here! However, when he thought of taking it out for eating, he had to explain a lot, and it might even cause unnecessary trouble, and so Xu Qing’s desire to eat rice also faded.

Thinking of his own body and the child in his belly, Xu Qing still walked to the spring water well, drank a little bit, and then looked at the little ginseng and herbs transplanted in the space, and found their The size is also slowly getting bigger, which is a good thing.


As soon as Luo Jiao heard that Xu Qing was pregnant, he couldn’t hold back and brought a dressing box he bought from the Xu family, and ran to the door with something in mind.
Li Changfeng was cleaning up the backyard; he wanted to make more space to store all the wood.
Since Xiaobao is now fully able to watch the house, the courtyard door isn’t tightly closed.

(T/N: from now on, I’ll be using the term “dressing box,” instead of “dresser” as mentioned in the previous few chapters.
But for real though, who really care about what that thing Luo Jiao ordered and whatnot.)

After Luo Jiao listened to the movement inside, he knocked lightly on the door, but at this time, he heard a panting voice coming from inside, making Luo Jiao’s whole body go soft.
It sounded like the sound in his dreams when he and Li Changfeng was together.
He deliberately touched the hair that was combed before, tidied up his clothes, and gently pushed open the courtyard door with a flushed face.

Who knew…

When Li Changfeng heard the movements from the front yard, he dropped the things in his hand and walked quickly to the gate.
He saw Xiaobao stepping on someone’s face arrogantly, while panting, with the expression of “look at me! Look how great I am!”

Li Changfeng frowned.
He wanted to yell at Xiaobao and pull the person under it up, but when he saw Luo Jiao’s face, he stopped.
He tried hard to restrain the urge to laugh, After clearing his throat, “it’s from the Zhang family, what’s wrong? My little treasure is too protective of the family, so he must have thought you were a bad thief, so he came up to restrain you! I’m so sorry.”

After speaking, he pretended to stretch out his hand to pick up Luo Jiao, who was on the ground in embarrassment and pain.
Just when Luo Jiao reached out and almost touched Li Changfeng’s hand, Li Changfeng suddenly withdrew his hand, still wearing a sigh of relief.
Responsibly, he said, “Really! Why did I forget the difference between a man and a ger? I’m really sorry.
Please take it easy and get up by yourself.”

After speaking, he called Xiaobao to step off from Luo Jiao, whose face appeared calm, but his heart was already black.
Luo Jiao’s outstretched hand in the air was awkwardly pulled back; he suppressed the grief and anger in his heart.
Tremblingly, he propped up his own body, patted the dirt covered with paw prints from when he got stepped on by Xiaobao, took out the handkerchief in his arms, and wiped his face, which was full of Xiao Bao’s drool!

He took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay, I knocked on the door and found it was not closed, so I pushed the door open and came in.” Who knew that a black dog would jump directly onto his face, and although it didn’t bite him, it rushed forwards with his mouth kept licking on his face, and he was also scared to death!

“Oh, so you are here today for …?”

Li Changfeng looked at Xiaobao who was clinging to his trousers and asked Luo Jiao, don’t even think about trying to bully his wife while he is away!

When Luo Jiao saw Li Changfeng lowered his head and didn’t look at himself, he thought Li Changfeng was doing so in consideration of his mood, not to look at his embarrassed self.
Thinking about the speech he had prepared before he came, Luo Jiao was just about to speak, but found that the dressing box was gone, and he looked around, only to find that the box was thrown aside by himself when the dog rushed up just now.

Luo Jiao walked over, picked it up, looked down and saw that the dressing box was a little heavy, so his legs were a little wobbly, and Luo Jiao’s prepared words immediately changed, “No, I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve only been using it for a few days, and it’s become loose, so I’ll let you see.”

Li Changfeng took the dressing box that Luo Jiao handed over, looking at the box that had just been thrown into such a box, a sneer flashed in his eyes.

“This is the first time I came to your house to order something, if this thing has problems, or if it is not done well, you say, if it is spread out, what will the people in the village think?” Luo Jiao said softly, looking at Li Changfeng with a thoughtful face.

Li Changfeng played with the box without raising his head, “Then what do you want?”

Luo Jiao gently covered his face and smiled, “I’m not afraid that things will get bigger, so I quietly came to discuss with you, what should we do?” This kind of meaningful words angered Li Changfeng.
He frowned impatiently, but when he thought that if this malignant tumor was not removed, it might be fatal, he suppressed the impatience in his heart, and pretended to look tempted on the surface, “Okay, I will listen to you.
Where do you say to discuss, we will discuss there.”

Luo Jiao felt hot in his heart when he heard this, “Then when the moon rises in midnight tonight, we will meet in the little woods at the end of the village, you can’t be late~.” After speaking, he flew towards Li Changfeng, shot a wink and reluctantly left.

He was full of imagination about what kind of joy the night would have, but he didn’t see the disgust in the eyes of the man behind him.




Xu Qing left the space, and as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the main room, he saw Li Changfeng bathing Xiaobao in the courtyard on this sunny day.
It was strange to say that Xiaobao likes batching.
It can be said that he enjoyed it very much.
“Are you giving Xiaobao a bath again?”

Li Changfeng raised his head to see Xu Qing coming out lazily, and held down Xiaobao who wanted to rush out to greet when he saw Xu Qing, “Awake? Did you sleep well?”

Xu Qing supported his waist and exercised his muscles a few times under the eaves, but he didn’t want to walk into the courtyard.
The sun was shining, and he wanted to sleep after moving around for a while, “It’s alright, I found that I slept better during the day than at night.
By the way, how was the sale today?”

Li Changfeng quickly washed Xiaobao, discarded the used water, put the bathtub specially made for Xiaobao aside, and took out two bulging money pouches from his arms, “Go, go back to the room and count!”

Xu Qing felt the weight of the two pouches in his hand, and his eyes lit up a little.
After returning to the room, he opened the pouches and counted the money, “There were a total of 122 taels.
You sold all of them?” Xu Qing and Li Changfeng set the price of everything yesterday.
All the wooden dolls added up, it would be one hundred and twenty taels if they were all sold!

Li Changfeng nodded, “I went to a place where there are many houses in the town, knocking on the door one by one to sell, but I didn’t expect it to work out well.
I sold pine wood dolls for those who didn’t have much money, and ebony for those who were particular about it.
In a special event, there was a family of three generations who bought 20 taels of dolls at once, and specifically told me to visit their house to carve dolls of their family members after I found the appropriate wood.”

Xu Qing collected the money and said happily: “This means that our future business has been pre-determined!” Li Changfeng nodded, “The money is enough for us to repair the house, when do you want to repair it? I will listen to you as to whatever design you want.”

Xu Qing’s eyes lit up, “I can have any design I want?” Li Changfeng nodded amusingly, “Of course, you are the head of our family, aren’t you?” Xu Qing was so happy that he could finally have a Big tile house! !




At night, Luo Jiao waited until Zhang Ming fall asleep, then he carefully put on the clothes, closed the door, and went out tiptoeing.
He came to the place where he made the appointment with Li Changfeng in the afternoon, but there was no one on the left and right, “This person is not kidding me, right?” Luo Jiao, who was bitten by insects and mosquitoes in the forest and kept scratching the itch, had not seen Li Changfeng for a long time, and felt a little uneasy.
Could it be that he missed the time and was played by Li Changfeng !

Suddenly a pair of big hands covered Luo Jiao’s eyes with a handkerchief from behind.
The next moment, he started to take off Luo Jiao’s clothes, and his mouth kept nibbling on Luo Jiao’s neck.
The big hands, the kisses on the neck made one’s feet soft, “Damn, I can’t see that you‘s be in a hurry! Hmm~ hurry up!”

It didn’t take long for Luo Jiao to be naked, and the person behind him also took off his clothes, led Luo Jiao’s hands on a tree for support, and slapped Luo Jiao’s ass with great force, causing the bums to jiggle.
The slapped made Luo Jiao unable to restrain his screams, he followed the hands around his waist and lifted his butt up, and the person behind him followed this posture and went in forcefully!

The two of them moved violently.
Slowly, the person behind was no longer satisfied with this posture, and turned Luo Jiao over directly and greeted him head-on.
What he did almost made Luo Jiao screamed out loud.
The two moved too much, and the handkerchief tied to Luo Jiao’s eyes changed from being loose to falling directly to the ground.

Luo Jiao’s eyes widened, wanting to see Li Changfeng who was already intoxicated in his cave, but what he didn’t want to see was Da Qiu’s extremely wretched face! “How could it be you?!”

“If it’s not me, who else were you expecting, hold me tightly! I can’t take care of your little thing today!” Although Luo Jiao was angry that Li Changfeng fooled him, he still sank into the pleasure brought by Qiu Da.
In the violent and stimulating sensations, the two of them reached their peak not long after, and they calmed down after a long time.

Qiu Da got dressed and slapped Luo Jiao’s ass, “It’s been a while since I fucked you, so I couldn’t help it.
My wife came back yesterday.
Didn’t you know? Why did you come here to do this at this time?!” If he didn’t know that this wild thing was more in line with his likings, he really didn’t want to come to the woods at night to have sex, not to mention the mosquitoes, the leaves are easy to sting the body!

Luo Jiao was putting on the clothes, and when he heard this, his hands stopped, “What does this mean?! When did I tell you to come here?!”

He never thought of doing it with Qiu Da here! He knew this place was close to the village, but it was easy to find!

Qiu Da’s eyes widened in displeasure, “I can’t believe you to say this! If you were not waiting for me, then who were you waiting for? It’s not the useless one in your family, right? Didn’t you say that he was so incompetent and couldn’t even satisfy you?”

“Qiu Da!”

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