Chapter 53: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story



Li Changfeng took out the bow and arrows that Xu Qing used last time from the back basket, and under Xu Qing’s eyes, he set up his posture and set his sights on the target! The arrow of “Shhh!” shot into the rabbit who was still alive and kicking, and after a few twitches, there was no sound.

Xu Qing stared at the rabbit that was brought back by Li Changfeng, “You know how to hunt?!” Li Changfeng pulled the arrow out of the rabbit, and put the rabbit into the basket, “I followed the training for a few days when I entered the military camp.
I can only shoot small things, big prey need to be traps.”

“Tsk tsk, I couldn’t tell that you still have some skills.” Xu Qing patted Li Changfeng on the shoulder and joked, but Li Changfeng didn’t tell him that he also thought that learning to use a bow and arrow would allow him to hunt for food, so after a short training, he would secretly run to see the official archery training. Just a little request, please read on hololonovels, can you?

It didn’t take long for Li Changfeng to add another half-pound pheasant to his basket! It was an unexpected surprise.
Xu Qing wanted to eat chicken for a long time, but what surprised Xu Qing even more was that he accidentally found an ebony.

Ebony, which has both the quaintness of wood and the quality of stone, is known as “Oriental Sacred Wood” and “Plant Mummy.” Earthquakes, floods, and mudslides buried all the above-ground plants and organisms in low-lying places such as ancient riverbeds.
Some trees buried in the silt will form ebony after thousands of years of carbonization under the action of oxygen deficiency and high pressure, bacteria and other microorganisms, so it is also called “carbonized wood”.
In the past dynasties, ebony was used as a thing to ward off evil spirits, and handicrafts, Buddha statues, and amulets were made with it.
The ancients said: “A home with half a square of ebony is better than a box of treasures.”

“Changfeng! We won’t look for anything else, just this one!” Xu Qing was simply overjoyed, this is the original ebony, the real deal! Li Changfeng walked over and took a look, how could this black wood make Xu Qing so happy, but he honestly took out the rope from the basket and tied it to the ebony, Xu Qing took the basket and carried it on his back.
Then the two went down the mountain.
At this time, it was still early, and the hot summer days have been getting longer and longer.

In the evening, after hesitating for a while between the rabbit and the pheasant, Xu Qing decided to put the rabbit in the well and cook the pheasant.
He quickly scooped up the water that Li Changfeng had just boiled, and asked him to deal with the pheasant.
He cut the ginger into shreds and put it aside for later use.
He also took out some peppercorns.

After Li Changfeng dealt with the pheasant, he saved all the internal organs for Xiaobao’s dinner, and after washing the pheasant outside, he carried it into the kitchen.

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“You have strong hands.
Come and cut it into small pieces.
They must all be about the same size.
Otherwise, when I cook it later, the doneness will be different.”

Li Changfeng took the knife and cut the pheasant into pieces a little bigger than a big finger in two or three strokes, and then went to burn more of the fire.
After Xu Qing waited for the water in the pot to boil, he put the cut meat pieces in the pot and cook for a few minutes, then take it out, simmer the soup left inside, and after the oil is heated in the other pot, Xu Qing puts the blanched pheasant in and stir-fry until the meat becomes crispy and golden brown, then pour the simmered soup from earlier, add shredded ginger, garlic, pepper and stir fry continuously, and finally cover the pot and simmer for a few minutes.
After that, add salt, and the hot and fragrant braised pheasant is done!

Braised Chicken (Couldn’t find a decent photo of braised pheasant)


This dish was a bit greasy; Xu Qing and Li Changfeng ate til they were bloated, especially Xu Qing, whose stomach is round and bulging.
He rubbed his stomach lightly, leaned against the kitchen door, and watched Li Changfeng wash the dishes, whether it was his heart or the body, he was full of satisfaction.

Li Changfeng finished washing the bowls, and then poured the water to wash the feet in the pot next to Xu Qing, let him sit, and squatted down to was Xu Qing’s feet, his calloused hands causing the delicate feet to become itchy.
From time to time, he would put his feet up to hide, and then was caught by Li Changfeng, “Alas, these days, I feel that I have gained a lot of weight, and I am eating more and more.”

Xu Qing rubbed his stomach with one hand, and touched his chubby chin with the other, feeling a little chocked.
This is the rhythm of getting fat!

Li Changfeng carefully cleaned Xu Qing’s feet.
Hearing this, his heart froze.
He glanced at Xu Qing’s round belly from the corner of his eye.
Suddenly, as if he had remembered something, his eyes flashed a gleam! It’s been more than a month since they got married, so if there is any good news, it should be around this time!

Thinking that Xu Qing might already have the fruit of their love in his belly, Li Changfeng became more excited the more he thought about it, and his hands became more and more careful on Xu Qing’s feet, for fear that Xu Qing would be washed away, but the strength he used, the lighter it was, the itchier Xu Qing felt, and he kept giggling, “It’s so itchy! It’s so itchy! I won’t wash anymore! Haha!”

Seeing his shaking body, Li Changfeng immediately wiped Xu Qing’s feet clean and lay him down on the bed, carefully covering him with the quilt, and then kissed Xu Qing’s face lovingly, “You stay here, I’ll go wash up.” He decided to wait and see if Xu Qing has symptoms of pregnancy before going to the doctor, otherwise, if the bamboo basket was empty, Li Changfeng didn’t want Xu Qing to be disappointed.
(Xu Qing: “…”)

After Li Changfeng went out, Xu Qing rubbed his stomach a little puzzled.
What happened to this person, he felt something strange.
Could it be that …, Xu Qing touched his chin again, did he really gain weight?!

In the next few days, Li Changfeng first used the other wood to practice making the little wooden doll that Xu Qing explained to him.
After two days of practice, he slowly started to use ebony.
After the human figure was determined, Xu Qing asked Li Changfeng to draw some outlines on it, so that the two little dolls were no longer naked, stood in front of them in a pair of new clothes, holding hands and smiling.




On the day of Brother Xie’s wedding, it can be said that the scenery in the village is very beautiful.
This happy event is even more festive than when Brother Xie married Ma Fugui back then.
The old Xie couple was full of tears of joy and sent away Brother Xie with their hearts at ease.
Lin Fangliang came pick up the bride with the sedan chair.

Xu Qing was also infected by the happy atmosphere when he stood by, looking around.
When he got married, he had to stay in the wedding chamber all day long, and there were many things he missed.
On the contrary, Li Changfeng was always beside him, blocking the flow of people around for him.
He was afraid that if he was not careful, Xu Qing would be bumped and got hurt.

Xia Yu stood behind Xia Ama, watching the arrival of the welcoming team.
He was feeling happy and complicated at the same time that Lin Fangliang treated him so well and married him grandly, to this person who got married before.

“Why do you have red eyes?” Xia Feng leaned over and glanced at Xia Yu’s red eyes, and rolled his eyes, “you have been married before, can’t wait to do it again? So anxious?”

Xia Feng pretended to mock Xia Yu, and then waited for Xia Yu to refute him like before, but he didn’t expect Xia Yu’s red eyes to silently shed tears, which scared Xia Feng!

When he saw that Xia Ama was talking to an Ama next to him and didn’t notice it, he immediately dragged Xia Yu, who was crying, out of the courtyard and ran to a place where there were fewer people, “What are you doing! It’s a happy day for people!”

Xia Yu didn’t listen to this sentence, but when he heard “the happy day”, his tears flowed even more, which made Xia Feng stumped, “You, what’s the matter?” Although the two always tease each other whenever they meet, in the end they were still relatives, Xia Feng didn’t feel well watching Xia Yu cry like that.

“Who told you that I was anxious to get married! I’ll cry and show you!” Xia Yu sobbed as he explained the reason, and Xia Feng breathed a sigh of relief, he thought it was something else, “Okay, I was wrong, I was wrong, next time when you come back from town, I’ll bring you your favorite pastry!”

Xia Yu took out a handkerchief and wiped his eyes carelessly, “I’m going back.” Xia Feng nodded quickly, and just like this, he returned.
He was not sure what he was feeling, maybe a little reluctance, but he just couldn’t help his eyes from reddening.

Xie Yu was wearing red clothes and sitting in the decorated wedding room, waiting for Lin Fangliang quietly.
After a while, Lin Fangliang arrived, his body covered with the smell of alcohol.
He looked at the figure sitting on the bed waiting for him quietly.
It was so hot in his heart that he missed five years, and he never thought that they would have a chance to renew their fate.

Xie Yu looked at Lin Fangliang, who looked even more handsome in the wedding attire, as he sat there motionlessly.
After smelling the body like it was soaked in wine, he frowned in discomfort.
Lin Fangliang took a look and raised his head, smelled m the sleeves, it smells like alcohol!

“I’m going to take a bath! Wait for me for a while!” After speaking, he ran out in a hurry, and didn’t even close the door.
Brother Xie had to stand up and open the window to let some air out before closing the door, take off the wedding gown and put on the light clothes that Xie Ama specially made for him.

After Lin Fangliang took a shower, thinking that Brother Xie hadn’t eaten anything today, pressing down his restlessness, he went to the kitchen to warm up some food and brought them into the room.
At this time, Xie Yu happened to be folding the wedding clothes, the snow-white light undergarment draping his body beautifully.
Lin Fangliang’s eyes are even more hot from seeing Xie Yu slender and seductive figure.

Xie Yu put his clothes away and wondered how Lin Fangliang, who had not made a sound when he entered the door for a long time, was doing.
When he turned his head, he saw that the man was staring at him, holding a bowl of food!

Xie Yu’s face became a little hot.
Although they had already become familiar, it was the first time they had gotten along with each other in this way.

Lin Fangliang felt a little stupid when he regained his senses.
He quickly put the food on the table, “Eat something, you must be starving today.” Xie Yu was actually really hungry, so he nodded and picked up the chopsticks to eat.
Lin Fangliang on the side looked at Xie Yu eating, and felt a little hungry again, so he went back to the kitchen to get a bowl, and finished the first meal with Xie Yu warmly.

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