Chapter 52: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story



Xie Yu struggled to prop up his body with his hands and stood up.
There was a burning pain in his waist, which was hurt when Qiu Da vigorously lifted him up, and Qiu Da, his eyes are full of resentment.

Luo Jiao scolded Qiu Da with a few words, and when he turned around, he saw Xie Yu’s eyes, “Oh, this Qiu Da is a joker, Brother Xie, don’t worry about it, it’s not too early, you, you should go.”

Xie Yu didn’t move after hearing this, but slowly approached Luo Jiao, “Is this really over?” He was forcefully kidnapped for no reason and almost lost his chastity, but it all ended with just one sentence “you can go!”

Qiu Da had a wretched smile on his face when he heard this, “Brother Xie, are you reluctant to leave? I wouldn’t mind but it’s just my little lover, he’s jealous, it won’t be too late for us to meet again next time.”

Xie Yu felt this person was really disgusting! Luo Jiao has long been accustomed to Qiu Da’s behavior, and they all have needs.
“you shut up!”

Seeing Brother Xie’s expression, Luo Jiao knew that if Da Qiu continued to make trouble like this, maybe the other party would jump over the wall in a hurry, and their affairs would be exposed!

Thinking of this, Luo Jiao hurriedly came out to mediate, “What are you talking about! Go apologize to Brother Xie! This is your fault! hurry up!” Qiu Da looked at Luo Jiao, whose back was towards Xie Yu and giving him a wink, and knew that it was time to stop, he loosely apologized to Xie Yu that his wife had been away for a few days, and he was having a moment of confusion and did such a bastard thing.

How could Xie Yu not know what the two were playing? He really wanted to hit Qiu Da and expose the affair between these two to the whole world.
But when he thought of his parents’ faces full of love and distress, Xie Yu could only grit his teeth and swallow it in his stomach!

Looking at the back of Xie Yu leaving, Luo Jiao looked at Qiu Da with a half-smile, but Qiu Da hugged Luo Jiao and smiled apologetically, “What’s wrong? You smell nice.” Luo Jiao looked at Qiu Da’s roguish behavior and suddenly slapped Da Qiu’s face.

“What are you doing, you crazy?!” Qiu Da touched his face, and looked at Luo Jiao and roared, there must be a mark on his face with such force! How could he go find the little widow in the next village tonight!

“I just want to wake you up! Don’t touch anyone you can’t touch! Even if you think you’ve lived a long time and want to die, I still want to live a few more years!” Luo Jiao angrily threw his sleeves.
Qiu Da is not an easy person, offending him won’t be good for him, but he also didn’t want to be pulled into dirty waters by him.

Qiu Da rubbed his face roughly.
He was really too rush today, alerting Xie Yu!




As soon as Lin Fangliang entered the village, he saw Brother Xie standing alone on the road, “What’s wrong?” When Xie Yu heard Lin Fangliang’s voice, he turned around and looked at him, suddenly felt relieved, “It’s nothing.”

Lin Fangliang looked at Brother Xie and slowly approached him.
Then, he took out a wooden box from his arms, took Brother Xie’s hand, and put the box in his hand.
Brother Xie looked at the box in his hand, He was nervous for a while, how could he not guess such an obvious move.

“In a few days, I will come to propose a marriage.”

Lin Fangliang was more nervous than Brother Xie.
He was afraid that Brother Xie would not agree to him, he was terribly afraid.
When he spoke, his eyes locked onto Brother Xie’s face, for fear of missing any minuscule of expression.

Xie Yu shook the wooden box, and the corners of his eyes were a little red.
God gave him a life of failure, but opened another door to happiness.

“Up to you.”

Lin Fangliang couldn’t believe his ears.
He looked at Brother Xie who raised the corner of his mouth, and his heart was hot! He said yes! He said yes! “I, I’ll go back and prepare right away!” After speaking, he stumbled and ran away in a hurry.
Brother Xie looked at Lin Fangliang’s actions and wanted to laugh, but he was reluctant to laugh.
This man really treats him well.




Xu Qing was also happy for Brother Xie when Xie Ama came to announce the wedding date, “Don’t worry, Changfeng and I will definitely be there!” Xie Ama said goodbye to Xu Qing beamingly, and ran home, the day was fixed to be in five days, gotta get ready!

“That kid is really good.” Li Changfeng admired Lin Fangliang’s speed, but Xu Qing was thinking about what gift to give.

“You forgot? I can do wood work!” Li Changfeng felt that it was time to use his abilities, and immediately expressed his intentions! Marrying for the second time, Xie Yu wouldn’t have any furniture as a dowry, so the Xie family had to find someone to prepare the things for the dowry.
They would invest more in money and other aspects, and would not let their son marry poorly and be gossiped.

Xu Qing glanced at Li Changfeng, and suddenly thought of wooden dolls that could look like the newlyweds! “Can you make small human like dolls out of wood?” If this can be done, it would be good not just as brother Xie’s wedding gift, but other purposes.
This is a great opportunity!

Wei Lao Er and Luo Jiao asked Li Changfeng to do the wood work, and the village now knew of what their family could do.
This month, they also took over the dowry work from the two families in the village, which resulted in a reasonable profit.
The customers were happy with the products, so there will be more people in this village submitting orders, after all, they have made a name for themselves!

Li Changfeng asked Xu Qing carefully about his vision of the “doll”, after thinking for a few breaths, he said: “I can try.”

“Okay! Then we’ll go into the mountains this afternoon to find wood!” As long as there is hope, there will be results, Xu Qing thought so.

In the afternoon, Li Changfeng and Xu Qing met Zeng Ama after they went up the mountain.
Compared with the last encounter, the atmosphere this time was a little embarrassing.

Since Li Changfeng took over two jobs in the village, Zeng Ama became unhappy ! Every time he passed by Xu Qing’s house, he would hum and talk sour to himself, which made Xiaobao put him on the “dangerous” list.
Now, as long as he sees Zeng Ama, no matter how far away or close he is, he would be barking non-stop, and if not for Xu Qing scolded him, he would have wanted to rush up to try the taste of “human flesh”!

“You two came to hang out on the mountain again,” Uncle Zeng took the initiative to greet Li Changfeng and Xu Qing with a smile.
As soon as Zeng Ama heard this, he turned his head and met into Xu Qing’s swarthy eyes, his face drooped down instantly, and his expression became bad.

Xu Qing responded to Uncle Zeng with a smile.
He didn’t give a single attention to Zeng Ama, who was not very friendly to them, “Uncle Zeng is busy.” Li Changfeng also returned the greeting at Uncle Zeng, nodding his head, he also ignored Zeng Ama who didn’t say a word to them.
Ever since he knew Li Changfeng was doing woodwork, Zeng Ama was full of anger.
Originally, they were the only family in the village, and the business was decent, but this Li Changfeng, the furniture they used was red wood, which made the villagers rush to the door to ask curiously.

Were they not afraid of whether this wood that has never been used to make furniture before is harmful or not?! What’s even more irritating is that the two jobs that Li Changfeng took over were still from their own villagers when this person had just entered the Xu family’s door, and they had already handed over the work to this stranger instead of the locals like his family.

“Yes, the wood at home is not enough, so we have to come up and chop a few.” Xu Qing saw the pine wood that Zeng Ama was pulling, and knew that it would take some time for the public to learn to use other wood for furniture.

“Then you guys go busy first, we’re leaving.” Although Zeng Ama’s attitude is not good, but Uncle Zeng still has a smiling face.

“Go, let’s go.” Uncle Zeng waved to the two of them, and started to work again.
After seeing Xu Qing and Li Changfeng walking away, Zeng Ama whispered to Uncle Zeng, “Why didn’t you let me talk!” He wanted to say something many times just now, but his man stopped him with his eyes.

How can Uncle Zeng not understand his wife’s temperament? Although he is a bit talkative, his nature is not bad, and he treats his family with heart and soul.
The Xu family is now doing wood work, and Uncle Zeng also feels that it affects his own family.
He was anxious about their livelihood, and it is inevitable that his wife would be a little impulsive.

“Whatever you say, it’d be useless.” Seeing that it was difficult for Zeng Ama, Uncle Zeng dragged a piece of wood his wife was pulling, and carried it himself.
Zeng Ama pouted, “In the past, we were the only family in our village doing wood work, but now! Do you think I can still smile at them?”

“Why do you want us to be the only ones able to do wood work?” Uncle Zeng pointed at Zeng Ama, a little funny, “This is also a kind of successor.
When I’m gone, there will be people in the village who will pick up wood work, no matter who it is, it’s a good thing, you, don’t keep drilling holes.”

Zeng Ama gave birth to two gers, both of them were married, and no one could inherit his husband’s craftsmanship.
This Li Changfeng seemed to work hard, and for Uncle Zeng, it gave him a piece of mind.
He was afraid if could no longer do these work, the villagers have to go to other villages to find someone else.
The distance is far away, and the price will also be expensive.

Zeng Ama stopped talking.
The biggest regret in his life was that he couldn’t give birth to someone who could pass on the incense to the Zeng family.
Uncle Zeng didn’t want to accept apprentices, so this idea was just abandoned.

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went a little deeper than the place they went last time, but they didn’t go to somewhere with too many animals.
Last time, Xu Qing could run around alone in the space, but with Li Changfeng, he couldn’t play “disappear”, so the couple only entered a little farther inside the mountain.

“I want to eat rabbit meat.”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng were squatting in the grass at half a person’s height, watching the little fat rabbit jumping on the opposite side, Xu Qing said to Li Changfeng quietly.

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