Chapter 50: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


Xie Ama felt very relieved after listening to it! His son is so good, the Ma family couldn’t see it, and married such a person! Pooh! That Yang person was married for so many years, in addition to beating people, he was also a childless one!

Xie Yu hanged the clothes and went back to the room without saying a word.
A few days ago, he heard from Zhong Hua that Ma Fugui was going to marry a new wife.
At that time, he felt very calm, without the slightest fluctuation in his heart, it seems that this atrocious relationship has been completely cut off, isn’t it?



Xu Qing turned his back to Li Changfeng, who was facing him, with a look of indifference.

Seeing that Xu Qing was unmoved, Li Changfeng was a little anxious, and kept spouting to Xu Qing, “wife, I was wrong! Next time, I won’t do it so hard.”

Xu Qing gave Li Changfeng’s head a slap, “Is there a next time?!” Li Changfeng hugged him without pain or anger, and immediately expressed his remorse when he heard this, “There is no next time! There is no next time!”

“Let’s talk about it later tonight.” Xu Qing simply put down the things he was busy with and looked directly at Li Changfeng.
The beddings all tangled together rolled off the broken bed!

Li Changfeng hurriedly picked them up, and while working neatly, he said with a vigor, “For the time being, let’s repair the bed first, and then take advantage of these few days to make a big bed!” It must be durable, it cannot be allowed to make loud “crunching” noises because of movement, and it absolutely will not collapse like this with such a “little” movement!

That’s the only way, Xu Qing shook his head in annoyance and muttered in a low voice, “Who would want it!”

Li Changfeng heard some of what Xu Qing said, but Xu Qing’s voice was too low and he spoke too fast for him to hear clearly.

“Wang wu! Wang wang!”

“Someone is coming.” Xu Qing heard Xiaobao’s barking at the entrance of the courtyard, and knew that someone was coming.
Even though Xiaobao was still a milk dog, Xu Qing fed him the spring water.
He was already very strong and big for his age, although his cry is still milky.

Xie Ama happily pushed open the courtyard door, only to be bitten by a small black milk dog on the leg of his trousers, “This little guy already knows how to watch the house, no wonder your courtyard door is not closed.” He just gently pushed the door, and it was opened with no resistance.
Xiaobao let Xia Ama go and walked towards Xu Qing who came out with a smile.

Xu Qing comforted Xiaobao, who ran to Xu Qing’s feet because he couldn’t stop the “stranger”, and he called out, “What happened to you, Xie Ama?” Xie Ama was originally elegant, and today, his face was full of pleasure adding a color.

“It’s a happy event! Ma Fugui got married yesterday!” Xie Ama shared his joy with Xu Qing after sitting on the stool that Xu Qing gave him.
When Xu Qing heard that the Ma family son got married, he glanced at Li Changfeng, who was working with his head down, with a smile that’s not really a smile.

“…., do you think that God can’t stand it anymore, so they found such a partner for Ma Fugui.” Xie Ama was still very happy, but when he thought of the Ma family would rather marry someone like that who is so awful but didnt’t want Xie Yu from his family, his heart was inexplicably blocked.

Xu Qing really didn’t expect Li Changfeng and Lin Fangliang to be really good at matching such a person to Ma Fugui, but how could this person of the Yang family agree to this.

After Xie Ama left, Xu Qing said the doubts in his heart, and Li Changfeng smiled, “Brother Yang agreed when he heard that it was Ma Fugui, saying that their family has been passed down from generation to generation, and after marrying the only son of Ma family, all the properties will become his.
Also, he said that Ma Fugui is thinner than the man he used to be with, so it’s easier to beat him up, and he was not afraid that Ma Fugui would dare to resist.”

“How did you think of this?” Xu Qing scratched Xiaobao’s back and directly asked the question.
Li Changfeng didn’t respond, but just smiled, exposing his big white teeth at Xu Qing, and then he buried his head and continued to work hard.



In the afternoon, Xie Yu had just delivered some things to the Wu’s house.
When he was walking home, he was covered by a pair of thin, dark hands covered with fine hair, and was dragged directly to a family’s house on the side of the road.
He could only watch helplessly as the courtyard door closed tightly in front of him.



Lin Fangliang was strolling on the street, thinking if only the readers would read on hololonovels, it’d be great.

Lin Fangliang waited until the matter of Ma Fugui was settled, and then excitedly packed up his things and drove the donkey cart to Brother Xie’s house, “Ah, it’s young Doctor Lin, hurry come in!” Uncle Xie opened the door, seeing the smiling Lin Fangliang, he hurriedly invited him into the courtyard.
Lin Fangliang pretended to calmly patted the medicine box hanging on his body, “I’m here to see Brother Xie if his body has fully recovered, I’m not bothering you, right?”

Uncle Xie glared at Lin Fangliang, “What are you talking about! Am I, Old Xie, such an ignorant person?! Come in and sit down.”

Lin Fangliang put down the medicine box, sat down, looked around intentionally or unintentionally, but did not see the figure he was expecting, and felt a little disappointed, “Uncle Xie, are you the only one at home?”

“For now.
Xiaoyu went to visit Wei’s house, and then he would stop by at Wu’s house to return the things he borrowed yesterday.
If I knew that you will come, how could I have let him go out! Here, drink some water.” Uncle Xie brought the cup of tea and placed in front of Lin Fangliang while talking.

The two didn’t sit for a long time when Brother Xie came back.
Lin Fangliang stood up as soon as he saw Brother Xie, “What’s wrong? Your face is so pale!”

Xie Yu didn’t expect Lin Fangliang to be at his home.
He twitched the corners of his mouth and said, “Doctor Lin, it’s alright, maybe it’s because I was walking fast.” Seeing Uncle Xie’s worry and nervousness, “Father, I’m fine.
I’m a little tired, and I want to rest for a while.” After speaking, he lowered his head and walked to the room, his feet staggering.

Lin Fangliang didn’t care about etiquette, he stepped forward and grabbed Brother Xie’s wrist, and Brother Xie immediately reflexively shook it away! “Let go of me!” The voice was loud and urgent, full of panic and fear, Lin Fangliang and Uncle Xie were taken aback, something was wrong!

Brother Xie also found that he was too worked up, and his eyes flickered away from Lin Fangliang’s eyes that seemed to be able to see everything, “I’m sorry, I’m a little uncomfortable, I’m sorry.” Uncle Xie quickly stepped forward to resolve the awkward atmosphere, ” I’m sorry, Xiaoyu may be unwell, so his tone is a bit extreme, don’t mind him, don’t mind him.”

Lin Fangliang stared at Brother Xie intently, “I’m a doctor! If you are not feeling well, I have the responsibility to see you.” Brother Xie couldn’t stand Lin Fangliang’s warm eyes, so he turned his head and avoided, “It’s not a big deal.
Do not bother.”

“But seeing you like this, I’m very worried!”

What Lin Fangliang said in a firm and worried tone not only shocked Brother Xie, but Uncle Xie was also stunned, but Xie Ama, who had just returned from Xu Qing’s house, was calmer.
He knew that this kid was infatuated.
It’s clear what was on his mind, but he didn’t expect him to say it so directly and boldly at this time.

Lin Fangliang looked at Brother Xie’s pale face, “I’m worried about you, let me take a look, okay?” Then he gently held Brother Xie’s hand in his hand, and took his pulse with the other hand.

As soon as Xie Ama heard about taking the pulse, he hurried forward, “What’s the matter, you’re not feeling well?! Your expression is so ugly!” Brother Xie realized that Lin Fangliang was holding his hand, and hurriedly broke free, “It’s alright, I was just a little hurry to come home, I’m fine.”

Xie Ama didn’t believe what he said, and anxiously asked Lin Fangliang, who said, “Your body is recovering well, but your heart rate is a little short, are you scared?”

Brother Xie’s hand tightened, and before he could speak, Uncle Xie slapped Lin Fangliang on the body and said grimly, “Scared? Isn’t that what you said scared him! Come on, let’s have a good chat!” Then he pulled Lin Fangliang out of the courtyard.

Xie Ama touched Brother Xie’s forehead with his hand, “It’s okay, it’s not hot, go and rest, your body is not yet completely recovered.” Brother Xie nodded silently, his heart is full and messed up, he needed to calm down.



Although the evening is approaching, the day is still bright.
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the night is arriving later and later, but Xu Qing still put the chickens back in the coop.
Their home is at the foot of the back mountain.
In this area, there are many wild animals.
Talk about wild animals, Xu Qing suddenly had a craving to eat rabbit meat.
These days, he has been eating either fish or pork.
Although his life is indeed more comfortable than many people, but for a person who has tasted delicious rabbit meat, he still misses it a bit.

Li Changfeng had finished the dresser that Luo Jiao had ordered, “I’ll go and deliver this to the Zhang family.” Luo Jiao’s husband is surnamed Zhang, called Zhang Ming, they lived in the middle of the village.

“Go, come back quickly.” Xu Qing teased Xiaobao, that was bouncing back and forth with a dry firewood branch in his mouth, without raising his head, he said to Li Changfeng, but the man was not satisfied. Is that milk dog showing off to me?! Li Changfeng strode forward and hugged Xu Qing from behind, and then took the opportunity to place a kiss on his forehead when Xu Qing turned his head.

“I am leaving.”

“This person is really,” Xu Qing touched his forehead that has just been kissed, looked at Xiaobao who was stunned on the ground, and laughed, which made Xiaobao’s ignorance in his eyes even more intense, the owner is laughing but why.

When Li Changfeng was walking in the village with his things, the villagers who were going back home after work looked at him curiously.
Xu Qing and Li Changfeng seldom came to the village, so it makes sense.

With curious eyes all the way, Li Changfeng knocked on a blue-tiled house.
He had asked Wei Lao Er before, and naturally he was able to find this place.
The person who opened the door was a thin man.
If Xu Qing was here, he would definitely recognize this person.
It was because he was one of the two men, one fat and one thin, Xu Qing met on the road before, and this thin man had ridiculed Xu Qing’s appearance that time.


The Translator has something to say: And the plot thickens …

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