Chapter 49: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story



Xu Qing was crushed under Li Changfeng’s body, his hands stretched, raised above his head.
Under the faint light, Li Changfeng could clearly see the two bright red dots on Xu Qing’s chest, making him feel that his mouth was dry.
Xu Qing’s watery eyes flashed slightly, he slightly puffed out his chest, and brought the two points to the man’s mouth.

Li Changfeng fell in love with Xu Qing’s sudden enthusiasm, opened his mouth, his lips and teeth began to slowly move down from the neck of the person below him, the tip of his tongue pressed against the little red on the left, and put it in his mouth, wantonly sucking it.

The wet itching sensation from his chest made Xu Qing raised his head involuntarily.
Li Changfeng followed his movements and sucked his entire red spot into his mouth, biting hard, Xu Qing bit his lips to restrain himself.
His moan still escaping his mouth, and the man who had been paying attention to his expression had intensified and repeatedly played with the red tip with his tongue, and even deliberately made a “tsk tsk” sound of water, as if he had to force Xu Qing to make a whimper that would satisfy him.

Slowly Xu Qing was a little dissatisfied with the comfort of one side.
He looked at Li Changfeng and silently expressed his will.
Li Changfeng’s eyes flickered slightly, and the other hand moved up from Xu Qing’s waist, gently covering the neglected other side.
He kneaded, rotating the pressure between lightly and heavily.
Xu Qing closed his eyes tightly, his lips pursed into a line, he had been brought into the sea of ​​desire by Li Changfeng.

However, Li Changfeng seemed a little dissatisfied with such a request, and unbuttoned his clothes with the other hand and rubbed his body against the one below.
The sudden skin-to-skin contact made Xu Qing’s breaths to become heavier.
He could feel every part of the person on his body.
Unlike the soft flesh on Xu Qing’s body, Li Changfeng had been doing farm work all year round, and his muscles are all well-trained body.
The hard and ripped body, not to mention that he has the eight-pack abs that Xu Qing coveted.

It wasn’t until the foreplay was almost over that Li Changfeng separated Xu Qing’s legs, wrapped them around his waist, and pressed against the already slippery entrance inch by inch.
Xu Qing, who was so tormented over and over again, was about to go crazy.

Xu Qing used the legs that wrapped around Li Changfeng’s waist, and when Li Changfeng came in a little bit, he suddenly forced his way towards him! The satisfaction and a little swelling brought by Li Changfeng’s immersion made Xu Qing completely forget the fear and loneliness in the dream.
This man inside him, the man who is one with him, is the fate given to him by God – his salvation and sustenance.

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s lustful and slightly flushed face, his chest heaving up and down with force, while hitting hard, he smiled and leaned over to kiss his lips, “Why, can’t even wait?” Then, his big hand also reached down, soothing Xu Qing’s member that was fully erected.

Xu Qing let out a cry and couldn’t help pinching Li Changfeng’s legs around his waist, sending himself into Li Changfeng’s hands.

Li Changfeng rubbed Xu Qing with moderate force with his large hands, and the sputum began to dig into his body slowly and deeply.
Xu Qing’s hands holding Li Changfeng’s broad shoulders tightened and loosened, and finally he couldn’t help but lift it up, his fingers inserted into Li Changfeng’s slightly messy long hair.

Li Changfeng straightened his waist, followed the sensitive parts of Xu Qing’s body in his memory, and when he saw Xu Qing’s body tense up, he knew that he had found the right place, smiled evilly at Xu Qing, and continued to vigorously move towards and kept hitting the spot.

Xu Qing only felt that he was bewildered by the evil smile in front of him for a while, raised his head and placed a kiss on his lips.
Li Changfeng took the opportunity to kiss Xu Qing fiercely, one after another of pleasure, Xu Qing was lost in the sea of passion.

Before the night ends, Xu Qing groggily opened his eyes and whispered: “read this on hololonovels,” before he passed out into the darkness of sweet dreams.




Ma Fugui woke up drowsily.
He felt like he was weighing dozens of pounds, and he was almost out of breath.

…But, where does the pig cry come from?

“Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hum…” The thunderous sound of snoring assaulted Ma Fugui’s ears.

“Did I fall sleep in the pigsty? No, it doesn’t look like it!” Ma Fugui opened his eyes with great effort, and his eyes were indeed red.
He was in a room that looks like the one where he and Xie Yu first got married.

With a “snap”, Ma Fugui let out a scream, struggled to sit up, and stroked his face, “Who are you! Why are you hitting people!”

He saw a big fat man, uh, no, with a red mole between his eyebrows, is this… a ger? The person turned over, causing the decorated red bed to shake, and impatiently complained in his bell-like voice: “If I don’t hit, would I be able to continue sleeping in this early in the morning.
If you don’t want to sleep, get out of here!”

Ma Fugui, who was frightened by the familiar and unfamiliar voice of this fat ger, felt a strong sense of unease in his heart.
Stiffly looked at the “huge” person beside him and the surroundings of the unfamiliar room.

Ma Fugui swallowed stiffly, stretched out his trembling hand and pushed the person beside him, “You… ah!!!”

Before he could finish speaking, Ma Fugui was picked up and thrown out by the impatient Yang Xiaochun, causing his body slammed against the door.
“Get out, there’s no end to the grinding! What a chicken!”

Ma Fugui was thrown on the ground naked, and he bared his teeth in pain.
The wife of the Ma family, who had not slept all night, heard the sound and hurried out.

“Gui’er! My poor son!” Ma Ama helped Ma Fugui sit up with a sad face, “Yang Xiaochun, you hit my son on a day like this! You are digging my heart!”

“Yang Xiaochun?!”

When Ma Fugui heard the name, all the pain in his body was forgotten.
This name…it wouldn’t be the fat, ugly, stingy Yang Xiaochun who likes to beat people when they don’t agree with him even after one word!

Ma Ama covered Ma Fugui with the clothes he brought, urged him to get up, and helped Ma Fugui to their room, “If it’s not that Yang Xiaochun from the Yang family! I’m telling you, why did you drink so much?!” Ma Ama patted his thigh angrily as soon as he sat down, what the hell did their family do to deserve this! They did not get an innocent ger for their son, but instead, a piece of junk was stuffed into their family.
He’s not even as good as the eggless Xie Yu!

Ma Fugui walked around and looked at the decorations of the house, what else could he not understand by now? But … he still can’t believe that he actually married the abandoned Yang Xiaochun, and he still doesn’t know how it happened.
How the hell did it happen?! No one told him beforehand! How can this happen!

“What the hell is going on here! I just went out for a drink, and then! This! Alas!” The young master Ma was so rich and noble that he didn’t know what language to use.

After hearing this, Ma Ama shouted, “Don’t mention drinking to me! If you didn’t drink alcohol! You! You!” As he spoke, he became a little breathless, and the old man Ma hurriedly stepped forward to help Ma Ama, patting his chest.
Ma Fugui was aggrieved, he is the one who was kept in the dark in this matter!

After Ma Ama was relieved, he looked at Ma Fugui’s expression and became even more annoyed, what is this all about! “If you weren’t drunk, why would you climb into that fat guy Yang Xiaochun’s bed! You’ve always liked good looking ones, but why is it that when are you drunk …!”

“Me?! I climbed onto Yang Xiaochun’s bed?!! I DID THAT???!” Ma Fugui looked incredulous.
He knew how the Yang family was in the town, but he didn’t even know where Yang Xiaochun’s bed was! Why could he have gotten onto Yang Xiaochun’s bed?

“What the hell is going on?! How did I get into his bed! How could I marry Yang Xiaochun in just one night?!” Ma Fugui’s violent roar restored the redness on his face.
He really has married Yang Xiaochun, this unbearable ger!!!




Xie Yu was drying the washed clothes in the yard.
Uncle Xie came back from the market with a happy face, and Xie Yu opened the courtyard to let his father in, “Father, did something good happen over there? You’re smiling so happily.”

Uncle Xie put the basket on his back in the kitchen and unloaded the stuff he brought back.
His heart was relaxed and his whole body was very comfortable for the first time since Brother Xie returned home; he was finally relieved.

“Your son is asking you something! You know only to laugh!” Xie Ama held the eggs he just picked up; he was gonna sell them at the market in town.

Uncle Xie smiled apologetically, sat on the stool under the eaves, took out the cigar, and slowly light it up, “That rich and generous Ma family son just got married!”

When Xie Yu heard the words, the movement of his hand paused, and after a moment, he resumed what he was doing just now, but Xie Ama gave Uncle Xie a black face, “What’s the matter with that family! Don’t mention the Mas at home in the future.

Uncle Xie shook his head at Xie Ama with a cigar in his mouth, “He’s really good this time.
Didn’t want a good ger from my family, and married the stingy Yang family’s ger in town who loves to beat people, tsk tsk, such a heavy taste!”

“Yang family’s ger?! That chubby Yang Xiaochun who just got divorced?”

Xie Ama heard that Ma Fugui actually married such a person, and his interest was piqued.

Xie Uncle took a sip of cigar and nodded, “I heard that Ma Fugui was drunk yesterday, and he slept with the Yang family ger for some reason.
The Yang family came to the door to ask for an explanation.
You know the temperament of the Ma family wife.
They went and brought their relative from yamen!”

“It’s Wu Laosan!” Xie Ama said with hatred, if it wasn’t for him supporting the Ma family back then, his son wouldn’t be separated!

“That’s right! It’s that dog! The result! Guess what!”

“What guess what! Just say it!”

Uncle Xie touched his nose, “As a result, the Yang family had some connections with the master in the yamen, and the master went directly to the Ma family in front of Wu San and told the Ma family that today is a good day for a wedding and to hold the ceremony right there and then.
Ma Fugui was still passed out the whole time and was dragged around by the Yang family to finish the vows.”


Ma Ama: What the hell did their family do to deserve this?

The Translator has something to say: LOL B***h, you did a plenty.
Where’s my list of Ma family’s good deeds? Someone take it out, thank you.

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