Chapter 48: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


“Tomorrow, I’ll go to town with Lin Fangliang.
Want me to bring back something to eat?” Li Changfeng hugged Xu Qing and explained his schedule for tomorrow.
Today, he has already discussed with Lin Fangliang.
The situation in his own family has been eliminated, and now he must take care of the Ma family as soon as possible.
Lin Fangliang wanted to clean up Ma Fugui for a long time because of Brother Xie.
When he went back, he took about two days to inquire about Ma Fugui’s daily schedule, and he found ways to clean up him!

Xu Qing shook his head, “No, I’m good, but why are you thinking of going to the town?”

Li Changfeng hugged Xu Qing tightly, moving his hands and feet irregularly, “Go help him clear a little obstacle, wife…”.

“Don’t even think about it.
Go to sleep!”

He also has to have rest days.
Doing it every day is not easy on him and tires him out.
Recently, his lack of sleep has caused him to take longer lunch breaks during the day.

Li Changfeng stopped his hands abruptly, and slowly rubbed Xu Qing’s waist.
This move did not make Xu Qing say anything, but turned sideways to make it easier for Li Changfeng to start. Xu Qing whimpered: “It’s really better to just read this on hololo novels, you know.”



After having breakfast, Ma Fugui walked to a noisy tavern.
Today is the market day.
He whould have gone directly to the grocery store, but one of his good brothers came to him during breakfast, said that he had something to say, and asked him to meet at this place where they often visit.

Ma Fugui walked to a table where there was already a fat man, “Wang Wu, what’s the matter that you have to say it here.
Hurry spit it out.
I have to go to the shop later, My grandfather would be busy if by himself.” Because of some rumors, more people come to their shop to join in the fun, even if they don’t buy anything, it’s a pleasure to watch a group of gers, isn’t it?

Wang Wu grinned, his round face became even more rounded, “It isn’t it that we haven’t gotten together for a while? Also, these days, there’s a lively rumor about you! Come on, tell me, what happened? Huh?” After saying that, he filled the wine cup on the table and pushed it in front of Ma Fugui.

Ma Fugui looked at the wine in front of him and was a little moved; he hadn’t had a good drink for a few days, and when he thought about the old man Ma in the shop, he thought it was fine with drinking a little.
Besides, the wine was not strong, “You brat.
There’s nothing really to say, it’s about my family!”

Ma Fugui downed the cup of wine in a hurry, “Tsk tsk, I haven’t had such a good time for a long time! Come again!”

Wang Wu’s small eyes sank into his flesh, he looked at Ma Fugui who drank the wine in the cup without a drop, his eyes slightly radiant.

“I was just concerned about my brother! Come on! Keep drinking!” Wang Wu filled Ma Fugui’s cup with wine again and handed it to him.
Ma Fugui was so excited that he took it and drank it without noticing Wang Wu’s behavior at all – the person never touched a drop of alcohol from start to finish.

After drinking several cups Ma Fugui was already dizzy.
“It’s really weird.
I usually drink it in several large jars without any problem.
Why is it only now, ‘hiccup’, just, it won’t work…”

Wang Wu stood up and pushed Ma Fugui, who was already face down on the table, “Old Ma! Old Ma!” Looking at Ma Fugui who was still unresponsive, Wang Wu laughed, sat down leisurely, and took out the bulging purse from his sleeve and kissed it, this time he earned it so easily!



When Li Changfeng returned home in the afternoon, he brought back some snacks that Qing loved to eat, and also a piece of pork belly and some pork meat.
The oil at home was almost gone, so he had to boil some lard.

Xu Qing ate a snack and watched Li Changfeng boil the lard, “Tell me, what did you do in the town to be in such a good mood?”

Li Changfeng smiled when he heard the words, “Introduced a wife to Ma Fugui and disciplined him.”

“Wife? Someone you know?”

Li Changfeng shook his head, “I don’t know him.
It was Lin Fangliang found him.
He was from the town, and he is very good at housekeeping.
I think since the Ma family is in business, they should marry a meticulous person.”

Xu Qing raised his brows, don’t think he couldn’t understand Li Changfeng’s schadenfreude.
Just say the whole story already, so stingy.

While the couple finished their meals and rested, the Ma family in town was going to have a sleepless night.

“Look! Look carefully! Is this the beast from your family!” A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and sharp eyes was pulling at a man, whose body was full of alcohol, and yelled at Ma Ama.

Ma Ama looked at Ma Fugui who was being held by the middle-aged man.
There is blackness in his eyes! This doesn’t make sense! How did he give birth to such a thing! The old man Ma was also speechless, he could only point fingers at the man.

“What? Want me to let him go? All right! Marry my brother, our two families will be in-laws! This situation has turned out to be a happy event for everyone, isn’t it!”

“Marry that abandoned ger from your family?!” Ma Ama couldn’t care less about the darkening in front of his eyes, because what the man said made him even more dumbfounded! Who in this town doesn’t know his brother!

It doesn’t matter if the ger from the Yang family is just big and tall, but the key is that he has a terrible temperament! He often beat his ex-husband until he was left with a blue nose and a swollen face! He’s also petty and greedy! How can such a person be worthy of an excellent man like their son!

When Yang Daniu heard what Ma Amo said, he was suddenly unhappy, and he tugged at Ma Fugui, who was still asleep, with his big hands, “What abandoned! It’s my brother who didn’t like that kid! It was my brother who divorced him! Bah, I was almost fooled by you guys, hurry up! Your son has molested my brother, give me a satisfactory explanation on this matter! “

Ma Ama shivered and pointed at Yang Daniu with his trembling fingers, “What are you saying, who molested your brother! My son is a serious man who is rich and worthy.
He’s also literate.
People who know how to read and write would not be doing such dirty things.”

Yang Daniu is a short-tempered man.
After hearing this, he threw the Ma Fugui in his hand, causing a loud sound from Ma Fugui hitting the ground.
It doesn’t need to mention the look of heartache on Ma Ama’s face.
Just hearing it makes him feel painful! But the strange thing is that even after being thrown like this, Ma Fugui showed no sign of waking up.

“You calamity! How dare you treat our rich family like this! You’re dead.
Hurry up and go find Wu San’er! His cousins ​​have been bullied like this! GO!” While running over to check on Ma Fugui, Ma Ama yelled at the old man Ma and asked him to find Wu San, who works at the yamen.

Yang Daniu let the old man Ma run out without a hint of panic on his face.
Instead, he swaggered around and sat on the chair, looking at Ma Ama, who was squatting on the ground, and Ma Fugui, who was in his arms, “What, your son has slept on my brother’s bed, the raw rice is cooked, and you still stubbornly refuse to admit it, you want to pat your butt and leave? Did your family plot this against my brother?!”

Ma Ama’s heart skipped a beat.
The reason why their family has been able to appear a little serious in the town these years, is it not because Wu San was a clerk in the yamen.
Who in the neighborhood not give their family some face, but how come this Yang Daniu shows no panic on his face, no, he has never heard of the Yang family having some connections.

“Bah, bah, bah! What swear words are you talking about! My family is very generous and innocent! Maybe it’s your brother who can’t stand loneliness, and saw how good my family’s wealth is and forced my son!” If anyone asks who is shameless, the answer would be Ma family – the most suitable representative!


Lin Fangliang sat in the main room chatting with an elegantly dressed man, “Thank you very much for your help, brother! I, Lin Fangliang, owe you a favor!”

The elegant man laughed, “What are you talking about! If it wasn’t for your old man who saved my grandfather’s life, I wouldn’t know where to go to complain! This matter, leave it to me! It’s getting late, I won’t bother you anymore, see you later!”

“Walk slowly, brother! Let’s have a drink when you have time!” Lin Fangliang sent the elegant man to the door.
After watching him leave, he closed the courtyard door with a light smile and walked briskly to his room.


Lin Fangliang followed the voice and saw that it was his father who came back from the clinic, “I just saw that kid, what is he doing in our house?”

Lin Fangliang walked over, grabbed the medicine box that Old Doctor Lin was carrying, and led him into the main room, “nothing much, just come and ask what else his father needs to pay attention to, you know that father and son depend on each other for life.
After so many years, his old man is suddenly seriously ill, wouldn’t he be worried?”

Old Doctor Lin sat on the chair and took the hot tea that Lin Fangliang poured.
Thinking of that father and son, he couldn’t help but sigh: “That old man has reached the days when the oil in the lamp is all consumed, the medicine I prescribed for him is not enough.
It’s just to maintain the vitality in his body.”

“By the way, let me ask you, have you seen the Menghan medicine that I put in the third compartment of the right cabinet? I’m torn; that medicine is not a joke, why is there less than half of it, tell me! What are you doing with it!”

Lin Fangliang touched his nose, “I gave it away,” to be placed in the wine for Ma Fugui, just a small gift from him.

“Giving it away? Who is it for? It’s not good to use this thing inappropriately!” When Old Doctor Lin heard that he had given it away, he put the tea cup on the table and looked at Lin Fangliang displeasedly.

Lin Fangliang hurriedly gave the old man an appropriate explanation, “Giving it to Li Changfeng, he needed it for some serious business, don’t worry, I only gave him a little bit and kept the rest.
I’ll put it back in the store tomorrow.
It’s getting late, I’ll bring you some water to wash your feet!”

“This kid!”

Lin Fangliang slipped away quickly, leaving the old doctor Lin to look at his back and shook his head, alas, that old father’s deadline is approaching, and his deadline is also not far away! He doesn’t know how this kid Fang Liang is chasing people.
If there is someone to accompany Fangliang, he can leave with peace of mind.
When he goes to the underworld , he would have an explanation for his wife.



In the middle of the night, Xu Qing woke up from his sleep, and when he moved, Li Changfeng woke up, “What’s wrong, you’re sweating! Did you have a nightmare, I’ll go get you some water to wipe.”

Xu Qing nodded.
He hadn’t dreamed of the apocalypse for a long time.
How could he suddenly dream of the scene when he was crushed and killed!

“Are you all right?” After Li Changfeng wiped Xu Qing, he slipped into the quilt, hugged his wife.
Xu Qing obediently nestled into Li Changfeng’s arms, “Changfeng, I want.”

Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up, but he was a little hesitant when he thought that Xu Qing had just had a nightmare, but his little brother had already raised his head high, just from Xu Qing’s initiation!

“No? If you don’t want to, let’s just go to sleep!”

Seeing that Li Changfeng didn’t move, Xu Qing deliberately instigated him.
Li Changfeng hurriedly pulled Xu Qing back into his arms and pressed down hard, “You asked for it!”


The Translator has something to say: Wait, sex outside the bathtub? How is it even possible???

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