Chapter 47: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


“What are you doing? “

Luo Jiao, who was indulging in his own imagination, was startled by the sound of the questioning.
He was so startled that he forgot that he was eavesdropping.
He turned around and shouted with his hands on his hips.
As soon as he looked up and saw the other’s face, he immediately retracted his hand and put it away in a decent manner, the whole person became gentle and pleasant.

Lin Fangliang’s face was not very good.
Who would still be in a good mood when he is being stared at by a pair of eyes that seem to be stripping his clothes.
Of course, unless it was done by his beloved.

“Do you have anything to do with this family?” If you have nothing to do, leave quickly and don’t stare at me! Since this was the gate of Xu family, he was afraid that this person was Xu Qing’s guest, so even if Lin Fangliang was in a bad mood, he would not scold him.

Luo Jiao didn’t care about Lin Fangliang’s face, he moved his body deliberately, and stood in front of Lin Fangliang, showing his best side, thinking that he was the most beautiful.
“I ordered something from this family, but … I just don’t want to go in and bother when there is someone else at home.”

At first glance, this person is not someone from the village.
If he guesses correctly, this person is the young doctor Lin who helped the Xie and Xu families during spring farming.
This is a piece of fat! He didn’t expect to meet him today.

Lin Fangliang grew up in town, and naturally his eyes widened a lot.
When he saw Luo Jiao’s attitude, the contempt in his eyes became more and more serious.
Really, how shameless to show such a blatant expression to seduce people!

Lin Fangliang didn’t take Luo Jiao’s words, he walked past him and was about to knock on the door, but the door of the courtyard opened just as he raised his hand, “Who are you?” The little good looking ger opened the door, the red mole between his eyebrows is bright and eye-catching, which adds to his handsomeness.

Lin Fangliang took a few steps back and took a serious look at the house again.
Yes, it’s the Xu family.
He visited here for a few times not long ago, but why is the little ger who opened the door so friendly.

“Second brother-in-law! Someone is looking for you!”

Li Xiao’er ran to open the door when he heard voices coming from outside the door.
He thought it was his second brother who came back, but it turned out to be two people he didn’t know.

When Lin Fangliang heard that Li Xiao’er called Xu Qing the second brother-in-law, he knew the identity of the person in front of him, “You are Changfeng’s little brother, right? My name is Lin Fangliang, and I am a good friend of him.”

Second brother’s good friend? Li Xiao’er only knew that Chen Qi and his second brother in the village were good friends, “Second brother-in-law.” Li Xiao’er turned sideways and let Xu Qing come out.

Xu Qing directly ignored Luo Jiao, whose face was already stiff, and asked Lin Fangliang to come in with a slight smile, “He’s right, so according to the seniority, you have to call him Brother Lin.” Li Xiao’er nodded and thought that reading on hololonovels is just definitely better.

How smart is Li Xiao’er, without Xu Qing reminding him openly, he immediately understood from this sentence which of the two people outside the door is really a friend and who is a foe.

“Brother Lin, come in, and I’ll pour you a cup of herbal tea.”

“Then I’ll trouble you.” After Li Xiao’er and Lin Fangliang entered the courtyard, Xu Qing looked at Luo Jiao with a look of “So you’re here too”, “I’m really sorry, my eyes weren’t very good just now and didn’t see someone else is there!”

Luo Jiao was so angry that his lungs were about to explode! Does this person treat him as air? And he never imagined that Xu Qing was actually with a ger!

“It doesn’t matter!” Hearing Luo Jiao’s gritted his teeth, Xu Qing couldn’t be any more satisfied, “Changfeng is not at home, we will bring your things to your door when they are ready, and if you are not satisfied with everything, we will make adjustments.”

Luo Jiao opened his mouth several times, but before he could make a sound, he was interrupted by Xu Qing’s repeated sentences.
This made his heart, which was already angry, felt like it was poured into a pot of scalding oil.

“Look, I have guests at my house, and I don’t have time to entertain you.
I’m really sorry, but a considerate person like you will definitely understand my difficulties! I will for sure entertain you next time! See you later!” Xu Qing said while facing Luo Jiao whose eyes were about to roll back in anger, and he lightly closed the courtyard door.

“Xu Qing! I, Luo Jiao, will remember this account!”

Luo Jiao spat two spit at Xu family’s courtyard gate, then flicked his sleeves and walked away angrily.

Xu Qing leaned against the courtyard door, listening to the footsteps of the courtyard door leaving, a smug smile evoked, you wanna look at my man, I won’t let you be happy.


Brother Xie’s health is completely recovered.
Now, as long as it’s not too heavy of a farm work, he can help around.
It’s not that there is no vegetables at home.
He just came back from the field to pick some vegetables and was going to make lunch.

Luo Jiao returned to the village with a stomach full of anger.
He happened to meet Xie Yu, who was looking for vegetables.
Seeing that the most popular ger in the village got divorced and returned home, Luo Jiao didn’t feel any pity or the like; for him, his own enjoyment is the most important thing.

“What’s the matter, who made you angry?”

They are all from the same village.
The fact that Xie Yu is always prim and proper makes people like Luo Jiao to be disgusted usually, but he felt his anger dissipated by half because of Xie Yu’s warm voice and that handsome face.

“Who else can be except the unsatisfactory one from my own family,” Even if he is mad at Xu Qing, he won’t be gaudy! Everyone in the village knew that the Xu family and the Xie family were close, so Luo Jiao didn’t foolishly tell Xu Qing’s story to Xie Yu.

“Please don’t be angry, let’s go in and sit for a while.” Xie Yu opened the courtyard door and welcomed Luo Jiao, who shook his head instead, “Another day, I have to go back.”

Xie Yu looked at Luo Jiao’s leaving back and didn’t care.
He closed the courtyard door and missed a pair of greedy and lustful red eyes staring at him from beginning to end.



The weather is getting warmer slowly, and the gers who have nothing to do in the village have either started making straw sandals or summer clothes.
Although it is a little troublesome to do it by yourself, it is also a great pleasure to pass the time.

Lin Fangliang stayed at Xu’s house for a while and then went to the back mountain.
Li Changfeng was not around, and there were only two gers at home.
He might also bring gossip to the Xu family, so he went up to the back mountain, but Xu Qing reminded him not to go too far, if something happens, it’s not worth it.
Lin Fangliang will use this time to stroll around, the last time he was too busy, so he didn’t have time to go up the mountain, and when he got home, he was scolded by the old doctor Lin.

At this time, Li Changfeng was sitting in the main room with Li Lao Yao and others, talking.

Li Ama frowned, with regret in his eyes, “If the Ma family is really like that, this marriage is not allowed to happen.
I guess our little son’s fate hasn’t arrived yet, so when you go back, tell him to come home soon.
We haven’t even really decided anything yet and he went around running outside.”

“I see, then Ama, Father, I’ll go back first.” Li Changfeng didn’t worry too much when he saw that his own parents had listened to his words.
Regarding the marriage of the Li family’s children, as long as it was Li Ama, who opened his mouth, whether Li Changfeng agreed with it or not, there was nothing he could do.

The old man Li shook his cigar box and was a little unhappy when he heard Li Changfeng say he was going back, “Why so rushing! Go back after lunch!”

Li Ama also persuaded Li Changfeng, “That’s right, why are you trying to leave in a hurry.
You don’t even want to accompany our old couple to eat and talk?”

In desperation, Li Changfeng ate lunch in the Li’s yard before leaving.

Li Laosan didn’t go home for lunch.
He has been visiting several families in the village for the past few days.
The imperial examination is in next month.
The younger generation of some families who has all been admitted as Tongsheng were looking for somone who is admitted as Xiucai to give some pointers.

(T/N: The following is the breakdown of scholar rankings, from lowest to highest, per wikipedia.

Tong sheng – child student; an entry-level examinee who had passed the county/prefecture exams.

Shengyuan / Xiucai– student member; an entry-level licentiate who had passed the higher level (like college) exam.

Juren – recommended man; a qualified graduate who passed the triennial provincial exam.

Gongshi – tribute scholar; a recognized scholarly achiever who passed the triennial national exam.

Jinshi – advanced scholar; a graduate who passed the triennial court exam.)

Except for Zhou Wen, unlike the Zhou couple who have exactly this intention to let someone tutor their son, he was reluctant.
“The master has already said the rules to be followed for the exam, so there is no need to go to the trouble of inviting others to come and give me pointers, delaying their time.”

Zhou Ama, who had insisted on continuing to invite people, was a little moved, and said, “Then we’ll listen to you, I’m confident you can study by yourself.”

Zhou Wen nodded quickly, this is the best way.
He already knows everything he should know anyway.
Why bother others to repeat these things several times.



When Li Changfeng returned home and sent Li Xiao’er to the donkey cart rentals at the end of the village, it was almost evening.
The setting sun was shining over the village, which was extraordinarily beautiful and relaxing.

“That is to say, as long as Ama expresses his stance on this matter, then it will not be mentioned again, right?” Xu Qing and Li Changfeng carried a basket on their backs to the side of the house, Li Changfeng was cutting hogweed, Xu Qing was picking for vegetables.

Li Changfeng nodded, “That’s right, I’ve turned a page on this.” The Ma family won’t be able to find anyone to marry in a day, and Li Changfeng felt more at ease.
He had to think of a way to make Ma Fugui no longer be able to hurt the innocent unmarried gers in the village.

Li Changfeng was proficient; he cut a bunch of hogweed in no time.
He also looked at the growth of the seedlings.
Xu picked fresh and green vegetables and went home to boil water.
Li Changfeng has been running for so long today.
He should take a hot bath to relieve stress.

Lin Fangliang went to Wei Lao Er’s house to stay for the night, which also saved Xu Qing a lot of trouble.
There was no need to prepare a big meal.
The two of them ate a simple dinner and went to bed.


The Translator has something to say: Changfeng ah, I was thinking the exact same thing.
We need to unite and stop Ma Poopgui.

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