Chapter 45: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


The air in the morning is the freshest, it’s a beautiful spring day.

A new day begins again, and slowly, the village begins to be lively.


Chen Hong fell to the ground, covering his beaten face, looking at Chen Ama in disbelief.


Chen Ama’s chest kept heaving, “Don’t call me Ama, I don’t have a shameless son like you!”

Early in the morning here, Chen Ama asked Chen Hong, who had been reluctant to come out for a few days, to come out for breakfast, but Chen Hong said, “If you don’t promise me for a day, I won’t eat with you for a day!” Who knew Chen Ama went forward and gave the unsuspecting Chen Hong a big slap on the cheek.
The beat up Chen Hong was bewildered and unbelievable.
He has been a sensible child since young, no one in the family has beaten him!


Chen Hong covered his hot and painful face, stood up and looked at Chen Ama.

“Why? Why are you still asking me?!” Chen Ama felt that he was so angry that the other party didn’t even understand the reason for being beaten up.
It was enough for him to be so angry!

“You tell me.
You grew up with a caring and loving family.
Have we ever treated you badly? Did you eat less? Or did you wear less clothes! For a man with such a low character, you actually ignore our feelings as parents, continue on your own way and only think about yourselves, you! You! You are so selfish!” Chen Ama directly locked the door of Chen Hong’s room.
He wouldn’t indulge this behavior anymore.

“What are you doing?! Beating and scolding, now you’re locking your own child!” Old man Chen, who had been listening to Chen Ama’s movements in Chen Hong’s room, watched him lock Chen Hong, giving no more room to retreat.

Chen Ama slapped the old man Chen’s hand away that wanted to stop him, and shouted loudly, “It’s because we dote on him so much over the years! We’ve given him too much leeway already, and now we have to resort to this! Don’t stop me, If you really want to do something, go to Anle Village and bring Chen Qi and his wife back, they’ve been gone for several days, why haven’t they come back!”

The old man Chen had no choice but to watch his wife locked the door and went out.
The eldest couple … he didn’t know what was wrong, they haven’t come back for a few days, “Xiaohong, it’s alright, your Ama, he’s just so short-tempered, it’ll be fine when his anger subsides.”

“I see, Father, you can go.” After listening to Chen Hong’s calm tone as usual, Father Chen left with confidence, but he didn’t know that Chen Hong in the room was already bursting with tears.

Wrong, he was wrong, he was too much of an animal, he only thought about Li Changfeng having him in his heart, but now, he knew he was wrong.
He has been acting so outrageously, ignoring the feelings of his family, making them worry and sad. Chen Hong also believes it is best to read on Hololo novels.



In the past few days, Li Changfeng has been busy working on Wei Lao Er’s wardrobe, even at night, making Xu Qing distressed to see the dark circles under his eyes.
It was also Wei Lao Er who suddenly gave the news, saying that the wedding date was set on the fifteenth of the month, resulting Li Changfeng to hurry! There is no other way but to make some delicious food to reward the man who has been working hard.

Not long after the spring rain, spring bamboo shoots appeared one after the other, making Xu Qing remember it when he saw it.
Spring bamboo shoots are the most delicious bamboo shoots of the year.
Crispy and sweet, very tender, whether it is eaten cold, fried or boiled in soup, they are all fresh and fragrant, it is best to eat spring bamboo shoots as early as possible.

Xu Qing went to dig up bamboo shoots early in the morning.
Fried pork with bamboo shoots is a good dish! For this dish, he deliberately went to the market to buy meat yesterday.

“Changfeng, hurry up, it’s lunch time, continue after eating!” Xu Qing put Xiaobao’s special small food into the delicate bowl that he bought specially, and then he was relieved when he saw Xiaobao eating with relish.
He returned to the table and had a meal with Li Changfeng.

“Eat more, seeing as you’ve been busy these days, even the stubble has come out!” Xu Qing kept adding vegetables to Li Changfeng’s bowl, “These are spring bamboo shoots, I dug them out specially because they’re tender and delicious.” You can make it with fish, fry it with meat directly and eat it, it’s tasty no matter how you cook it!

Fried Pork with Bamboo Shoots
(credit: Healthy World Cuisine)

“It’s delicious, don’t just give it to me, you eat too.
There’s still one more job to do with the wardrobe.
I’ll go cut some more wood in the afternoon.”

Xu Qing was relieved when he heard that it was about to be completed.
After all, this was the first time he had done a big job alone, and it was always a good thing to finish it early.

Li Changfeng ate the delicious food made by Xu Qing, nodded in response to what Xu Qing said; his wife said it was delicious, then it must be delicious!

After dinner, before they could go out to dig bamboo shoots, someone came to the door, and it was a person Xu Qing didn’t know, but he felt as if he had seen him somewhere.

Luo Jiao smiled and looked at Xu Qing and Li Changfeng who was working, “My name is Luo Jiao, my family is in Anle Village, and my husband’s surname is Zhang.
I heard from Wei Ana that your family also does woodwork, so I came to disturb you.
I just want to order a dressing cabinet here, but I don’t know if you are free?”

The more Xu Qing listened to Luo Jiao’s words, the more he felt that this person was familiar, but he just couldn’t remember where he had seen him, “we’re free, we’re free, I just don’t know what you want.
What are your requirements? When do you want them?” After all, he’s also a guest, so he can’t be neglected, isn’t he.

Luo Jiao waved his hand lazily, “No requirement, just engrave some patterns on it.
I’m not in a hurry.
You can do it whenever you can.”

While talking, his peach blossom eyes glowing with spring love were staring at Li Changfeng in front of Xu Qing.
He was tall and muscular.
It must be very enjoyable to do it with such a person.
Thinking of this, Luo Jiao looked at Li Changfeng with bolder and more explicit eyes.

“Cough! That’s okay, then please pay a deposit first.
The rules are like this, and we can’t break it.” Laozi’s man, what are you looking at him for? Didn’t you say you have a husband? ! ! !

This Luo Jiao is also very interesting, until after he left, Xu Qing looked at the money in his hand and couldn’t believe that the first official business had come so quickly! However…

“I think that this person is very familiar, who is it!” Xu Qing didn’t understand, but in his heart, he knew how uncomfortable he was feeling.

“It’s one of those two adulterers we met in the back mountain a few days ago!” Li Changfeng didn’t want to see Xu Qing frowning, so he kindly reminded him.

Xu Qing was shocked.
The wild, gaspy voice he heard that day and this well-mannered voice just now, he began to feel that the voice was strangely familiar.

“Second brother Wei and Xie Ama know about us doing woodwork.
How could Luo Jiao know so quickly.” Even if they knew that their family was doing woodwork, they couldn’t just come over and order it? You must know that there is a Zeng family in this village who has been doing woodwork for many years.
Normal people usually choose to wait and see, rather than pay a deposit and wait.

“This person doesn’t know that we were there at the time, right?” Xu Qing keenly felt that Luo Jiao’s visit was not just about ordering furniture.
If the other party knew that they were there at the time, and they came to test the waters, it would be more reasonable.

After Li Changfeng finished the last job in his hand, he began to clean up the mess, “If he knows, he knows.
This is his bad doings, so what if we saw it, he just wants to test whether we are talkative people.” The other party had better be honest, otherwise he would ask the other party to leave without eating!

“Let’s go, weren’t we going to dig bamboo shoots?” After Li Changfeng put the basket on his back, he pulled Xu Qing who was still thinking about things, making Xu Qing recovered.
He looked at Li Changfeng who was getting stronger and more handsome in front of him, “have you always been honest with me!” Thinking of the way Luo Jiao looked at Li Changfeng, he became angry.

Although Li Changfeng didn’t understand what Xu Qing meant, he still nodded obediently, “of course, I’ll always be honest with you.
I have always been an honest person.”

“Yes, I hope you will continue to be honest!” Just keep pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!


Li Xiao’er was at home with his nephew, Xiaoyou, when someone knocked on the courtyard door, “Xiaoyou stay here, be good, I’ll go out and open the door.”

Xiaoyou twitched his little nose and nodded obediently at Li Xiao’er, his appearance was really pitiful.

“Xia Ama? Why are you here?”

As soon as Li Xiao’er opened the door, he saw Xia Ama with a beaming face.
Xia Ama looked at Li Xiao’er, who opened the door, um, yes, although the complexion is not as good as the one from the Chen family, but his figure is not bad, must be able to bear children.

Li Xiao’er was a little uncomfortable when Xia Ama’s blatant eyes staring at him, “Xia Ama? Is there anything wrong with you?”

Xia Ama hurriedly put on a smile: “Look at me, it’s just that you little ger is getting more handsome.
Your parents, are they home? I’m here with a happy news!”

Li Xiao’er really doesn’t like Xia Ama’s appearance, he looked completely different from the previous Xia Ama! “They’re not at home.
If you have anything to say, come here later.
I’m busy right now and won’t be able to entertain you.
So, I won’t invite you to come in and sit down.
Please leave!” The courtyard door was closed.

Xia Ama felt that his old face was stiff with a smile, but he didn’t want to eat a junior’s closed door! I’m not angry! not angry! After all, this matter would result in a think wallet, otherwise he wouldn’t talk to the Chen family.
He made a promise to find an unmarried ger for the Ma family.

This little Li Xiao’er is smart and lively.
The key is that his third brother is a scholar, and this Ma Fugui’s cousin is an employee in the yamen.
Isn’t this a godsend!


The Translator has something to say: I’m starting to feel the Ma family is targeting those around Li Changfeng.
Does anyone think that Ma Poopgui might have impure thoughts on our ML? Poopy being a pig, it’s so totally possible.

By the way, I’m a little confused.
I thought it was the chubby matchmaker, who was the first one to come to Xu Qing’s door to propose a marriage, committing adultery with Luo Jiao but now that this person is a ger, who was the other person doing the deed with him???

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