Chapter 44: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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You know what happened here!!!


What followed was a blushing voice, “Yes, yes, it’s so good I could die, hurry do it!”

Xu Qing heard, “What’s wrong?” Li Changfeng hugged his body gently and put down the hand covering his mouth.

Xu Qing turned his head to look at Li Changfeng, and said quietly, “Let’s go back.” Li Changfeng looked at the opposite side and shook his head at Xu Qing, “Not yet, if we go now, they will find out, I will cover your ears, don’t listen.”

Xu Qing had no choice but to bury his head in Li Changfeng’s chest, trying to avoid the noises brought upon by the wind blowing in his ears.
However, the more he wanted to avoid these noisy sound, the more he felt that it was louder!

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing, who had an ostrich head buried in his arms, and looked at the pair of wild adulterers, emitting a dangerous aura.

It didn’t take long for the sounds over there to stop, and Xu Qing sighed slightly in his heart, thinking of how long it took, it wasn’t even half of what Chang Feng usually takes.

“Almost done.”

 Xu Qing heard the sound of dressing over there, and soon heard the footsteps of the two leaving, “Finally gone!” Xu Qing stood up and moved his muscles and bones.
Li Changfeng was attentive to Xu Qing and patted some grass ashes stuck on his body, “I’m sorry for you.”

Xu Qing rolled his eyes, turned around and looked at Li Changfeng who kept slapping dust for him, “Seriously, this is the first time I’ve seen such a thing, what a pity,” the time was short.

“It’s a pity?” Looking at Li Changfeng’s dangerous eyes, Xu Qing really couldn’t say anything more, so he could only smirk slightly and say haha, “We still have to find mahogany wood, let’s go, hurry up!”

When Li Changfeng and Xu Qing just left the place where they were hiding out, a familiar figure appeared behind them.
This was one of the “performers” just now, Luo Jiao, originally he just wanted to come back to see if he had left something that would leave some trace, but he did not expect to find people who should not be found.

“That’s the two from the back mountain.
The man seems to be in pretty good health.” After seeing what he did, he wouldn’t let this matter go so easily.


In the end, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng pulled a medium-sized rosewood tree back home.
After Li Changfeng took the initiative to clean up, Xu Qing washed the clothes of the two of them in the basin.

“Is anyone home? It’s Xie Yu.”

“Brother Xiaoyu!” Xu Qing opened the courtyard door and saw Brother Xie, who had recovered, holding something and smiling at him.

(T/N: not sure if I already mentioned it before, but Xiao is an endearment term used in front of the name of someone familiar.
Xie Yu –> Xiao Yu; Xu Qing –> Xiao Qing, etc.)

“Here, take a look, do you like it?” Brother Xie put the things in his arms in front of Xu Qing, “Puppy!!” Xu Qing almost jumped up with joy, it was a little black puppy! “I like it! I like it very much! Thank you Brother Xiaoyu!” Xu Qing carefully took the milk dog, that had just opened his eyes not too long ago, from Brother Xie’s arms.
His eyes were full of love.
He really likes animals, especially cats and dogs.

Seeing that Xu Qing really liked it, Xie Yu was relieved.
Before he came, he was afraid that Xu Qing would not like it, “This is from the next door Ama’s dog; it has just given birth to a cub.
Ama gave one to our family, but I thought since your family is in the back mountain, and there is usually no one at home, this dog can help you look after the house when it grows up.”

Xu Qing nodded again and again with joy, “Brother Xiaoyu is still thoughtful! Come in, I forgot to let you in just because I was so happy.”

Brother Xie shook his head, “No, I have to go back to cook.
Today, Ama and father went to work in the fields, and I can’t help much.
The meal must be ready when they return.
I’m leaving.
Come and play when you have time.”

“Okay, goodbye Brother Xiaoyu!” Xu Qing hugged the milk dog, closed the courtyard door, and ran to Li Changfeng to present the treasure, “Changfeng! Look! Look! How cute!”

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s happy smile, and then looked in his arms to see the milk dog that was constantly arching towards Xu Qing’s arms, a little dissatisfied, “I’ll hold him, you can make a nest for him.”

“Yes, yes! You hold carefully, I’ll find something to make a warm nest for it!” Xu Qing left excitedly. Li Changfeng turned around and looked at the reader, he asked: “Are you reading this chapter on hololonovels?”

Only then did Li Changfeng look at the milk dog in his arms, and he stretched out his slender fingers and poked the little black dog’s wet puppy’s nose, “You bastard, how dare you take advantage of my wife!”

“Woo woo woo… woo woo!” The little black milk dog, who was treated so rudely by the owner just a few days after birth, desperately tried to avoid the sinful hand.
It makes Li Changfeng full of amusement, and the movements of his hands became faster and pressed harder!

Xu Qing had just set up the nest, and when he came to hold the puppy, he saw Li Changfeng’s sinister big hand poking at the milk dog without mercy, “What are you doing! It’s still so small!” Xu Qing hurriedly snatched the little one out of Li Changfeng’s arms.
“woo woo..” The whiny puppy stared at Li Changfeng.


Li Changfeng spread his hands, “I was just checking if it would bark.”

Xu Qing took a deep breath, “It’s so small, how can it bark yet!”

Li Changfeng quickly and honestly nodded, “I see, maybe later then.”

“Yes, in the future! Xiaobao, let’s go to your new home to see!”

“Little treasure?”

Xu Qing gestured to Li Changfeng the little treasure in his arms, “I gave it a nice name!”

Li Changfeng: “…It sounds good, as long as you like it.” So this little black milk dog, affectionately named “Xiaobao”, became the first member of the family.



In a slightly shabby thatched cottage in Jixiang Village, a middle-aged ger is bending his waist and sweeping the ground in the yard, “Ah, let me do it, you can rest.” A tall, gentle looking man after taking the broom in the middle-aged ger’s hand, he started to work neatly.

Zhou Ama watched his son took over the work from him and worked there meticulously.
He was satisfied and sad.
He was satisfied that his son Zhou Wen was not only a good child, but also a filial man.
He studied by himself, but still helped the family with work, making him worry about such a good child, and he is already twenty, but still has no idea of ​​getting married.
A few days ago, Xia Ama from the village came to inquire, and he was very happy, but Zhou Wen refused and said that he didn’t have such thoughts yet, and he just wanted to pass this year’s Imperial examination first.

When Father Zhou came to work, he saw his son working on the side, but his wife had a contradictory expression, “What’s the matter with this expression?”

Hearing this, Zhou Wen also raised his head to look at his mother and said helplessly, “Ama, what are you thinking about?”

Zhou Ama glanced at Zhou Wen angrily, “What could I be thinking if it isn’t because I want to hug my grandson earlier!” Zhou Wen was even more helpless, he was about to prepare for next month’s scholar exam, how could he have the heart to think about this, he just thought that that person doesn’t want to either.

Thinking of the rumors about Chen Hong circulating in the village, Zhou Wen felt uncomfortable.
He really doesn’t want him to marry into the town.

Zhou Wen liked Chen Hong since he was a child, but when he grew up, he found out from Chen Hong’s words and actions that Chen Hong was thinking about Li Changfeng.
Zhou Wen admired Li Changfeng and wanted to bless them.
Who knows what happened? Li Changfeng got engaged to someone else, went to serve in the military, and came back and married out the door.
He finally felt that he had a chance.
Who knows, another Ma family in town appeared!

His family spent a lot of money in order for him to study.
He usually does some farm work, which is enough for the whole family to eat and drink.
Fortunately, he passed the exam.
Although it is not a big deal, at least he can be exempted from military service.
Otherwise, this small family the burden is heavier.

“What are you talking about? Xiao Wen is going to take the imperial exam next month.
What are you talking these things at this time?” Father Zhou is not a short-sighted person.
If this son is admitted as the talented scholar, he isn’t afraid that no matchmaker will come to the door proposing a marriage.

Zhou Ama just shut his mouth.
If this really affects Xiao Wen’s exam, he will regret it so much.

“It’s alright, Ama, I want to eat the mixed vegetables you make.” Zhou Wen saw Zhou Ama’s self-blame and quickly changed the subject.
Sure enough, after hearing that his son wanted to eat his cooking, Zhou Ama was immediately injected with blood, full of energy, and went to the kitchen to cook.

Father Zhou was smoking a cigar, he looked at Zhou Wen and said with a smile: “You have the same virtue all your life, you forget about everything apart from studying, don’t worry, prepare well, I don’t ask you to be a powerful master, just do your best for your father and Ama.
Come back with the name of a scholar, and in my heart, I would really be at ease.”

Zhou Wen put the broom away and washed his hands with water, “I know, don’t worry, father.”

Father Zhou nodded and was very satisfied.
He gave birth to such a son, and it was all the blessing from his ancestrals.


In the evening, Li Changfeng waited in the room for a long time, but Xu Qing did not come in, so he had no choice but to go out and call Xu Qing again, “It’s cold outside at night, come in the room quickly, be careful not to catch a cold.”

In the main room, Xu Qing was teasing Xiaobao who kept rubbing his fingers.
He released a little spiritual spring from his finger.
Xiaobao loved it very much.
After drinking it, he kept sniffing everywhere.

“I’m in the main room, it’s not cold.
Just look at it, how cute.”

Li Changfeng leaned over to see Xu Qing’s white and tender fingers being surrounded by Xiaobao’s red tongue.
He felt uncomfortable at all.
He stretched out his hand and pulled Xu Qing’s hand out.
Xiaobao protested with a whine, so annoying, it hasn’t drank enough yet!

“Don’t make it a habit, the dog has to act like a dog! Go and wash your hands.”

The poor little treasure is still in his own nest and wants to jump out to follow Xu Qing.
Who knows that the short legs are so short that he can’t even climb out of the nest, so he has to “wang woo, wang woo” in the nest calling out his owner.

Standing beside the well washing his hands, listening to the various sounds from the village not far away, it was very lively, “If you think the village is lively, let’s move to the village when we repair the house, it is best to be next to the Xie family.
You won’t feel bored anymore.”

Xu Qing took the handkerchief in Li Changfeng’s hand, wiped the water droplets on his hand, and shook his head when he heard this, “it’s fine, I still like our place, although it’s quieter, but it’s comfortable, no one to bother us.
I was just watching and listening!”

“Really? I also think that way, especially at night, we can do whatever we like.” Li Changfeng took Xu Qing back to the room, talking while walking.

“You think so beautifully!” Xu Qing knew exactly what Li Changfeng was thinking, so he scolded him!

“Okay, I won’t bother you tonight, go to sleep.” Li Changfeng pulled the quilt for Xu Qing, put his arms around the waist, sniffed the unique fragrance on Xu Qing’s body, and rubbed him contentedly.
Such comfortable days, he loves it so much.

“How can you be like Xiaobao, rubbing people.” Xu Qing was tickled by Li Changfeng’s hairy head, so he rubbed the other’s head with one hand, and kept making fun of Li Changfeng.

“Not only will I rub against you, but I will also…” Li Changfeng leaned into Xu Qing’s ear and whispered the words that made Xu Qing keep pinching him.
The room was full of laughter.


The Translator has something to say: OMG, Chen Hong, listen listen, this guy sounds decent.

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