Chapter 40: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

May 14 2022

Li Changfeng still didn’t get to eat meat he wanted that day.
Not only that day, but even the next day.
He didn’t have a chance to touch Xu Qing for three or four days.
On the first day, it was because Xu Qing was angry that Li Changfeng made a decision, which he did not agree, but the next few days were because they were busy with spring plowing!

The next morning, the sun rose early, illuminating the entire village, the whole field, the grass and trees that had been moistened by the rain for two days, also swayed their bodies, led by the wind, and faced the people who had started to plough the field.
If you’re not reading this chapter on ho lolonovels, the ending will be missing.

Li Changfeng went to the field early in the morning.
There was a lot of land in their family, and the two of them couldn’t work on it alone.
Fortunately, Uncle Xie followed Li Changfeng to the field to help early in the morning, and Xu Qing also started to cook breakfast.

“What is Brother Xu doing? Are you going to the field today? Lin Zi and I are here to help, so it’s easier for the two of you!” Wei Lao Er brought Lin Fangliang to Xu Qing’s house, just in time to see Xu Qing rinsing vegetables.

“Second brother Wei, Lin Zi, then I’ll have to thank you.
Chang Feng and the others are on the other side of the house.
Look, right there!” Of course Xu Qing would not be polite.
The timing is just right.

“The others? Who else came so early?”

Lin Fangliang immediately picked the information from Xu Qing’s mouth.
He felt sensitively that that person was Uncle Xie!

“It’s Uncle Xie, he came early in the morning and said to help us plant first, and then go to his field after that.” After hearing this, Lin Fangliang almost dragged Wei Lao Er to the field, that is his future father-in-law! He must show a good performance!

“This guy is really…”

Xu Qing had never seen Lin Fangliang’s flustered appearance before.
It was a bit funny, and it meant that he has a good show to watch.
He didn’t know if Lin Fangliang could capture Brother Xie’s heart.


“Good boy! You really work hard! It’s like when I was young!” As soon as Xu Qing put breakfast on the table, he heard Uncle Xie’s hearty voice.

“I also saw that Uncle Xie was in a good mood! Your work was full of strength, isn’t it!” Needless to say, it was Lin Fangliang’s voice, and it sounded that the two of them had a good chat. All kinds of delicious food from the whole county.

“Quick, wash your hands and come eat!” Xu Qing greeted everyone, and then moved to Li Changfeng’s side, “How’s it going?”

Li Changfeng vigorously washed the soil on his hands, “since there are a lot of people helping, the work was fast, and I have made some progress before, I guess I can plant the seedlings in two days!” Xu Qing rolled his eyes secretly, “I was asking about them!” Li Changfeng followed Xu Qing’s eyes and looked at Lin Fangliang and Uncle Xie, who were also washing their hands and talking together. We’ve searched all over, but nothing quite suits his appetite.

“That kid is fine! Uncle Xie has promised him to finish our work and let him go to Xie’s house to help.”

After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.
Sure enough, his family runs a business.
Although it was a clinic, people were really shrewd!

“Let’s eat, spring farming is really not easy.”

Due to the large number of people, Xu family’s fields were ploughed in two days.
On the third morning, everyone helped to plant all the seedlings that Xu Qing put in the backyard.
During this period, Li Changfeng also went to the market to buy some more vegetable seeds, nothing that could be planted in the ground was wasted.
What surprised Xu Qing was that there were soybeans here, but people planted them to feed the pigs.
Therefore, under Xu Qing’s decision, their land that was not used for growing vegetables was now basically used to plant soy beans. After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

“Changfeng, do you think I look OK dress like this?”

After having lunch at Xu’s house, Lin Fangliang deliberately ran back to Wei Lao Er’s house to change clothes, and ran back to Xu’s house, to let Li Changfeng see how he was dressed.
Wei’s house was also ploughing in the spring.
So he was busy helping them and hasn’t yet gone to Xie’s house.After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

Knowing that he had to do farm work later, Lin Fangliang deliberately chose a relatively short pants, which made him look both spirited and handsome.
“Good! Handsome!” Xu Qing felt more and more that Brother Xie and Lin Fangliang were a perfect match, but Li Changfeng was not so impressed.
In front of his good friend, who was praised by his wife as “handsome”, Li Changfeng blocked Xu Qing’s sight, “What are you doing, let’s go!”

Brother Xie has been slowly recovering in the past few days, and now he can help Xie Ama, “Today, the young Dr lin will come to our house to help, your father specially asked the Wu family man to bring pork back.
I’ll go catch a few more fish, and treat him well tonight, he saved your father’s leg back then, and now he saves you, we can’t be neglectful!” After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

Although Xie Ama didn’t quite understand why a young doctor in the town would come work in the farm, but when he thought of the kindness their family owed the Lin family, he was thinking about how to repay Lin Fangliang.

Brother Xie was holding the soles of his shoes on the side, quietly listening toXie Ama’s words, “That’s right, we don’t have anything to entertain in our house.
It’s just fine to get some more.” The weather was getting warmer, so he was making some straw sandals. After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

“Knock, knock, knock!”

As soon as Xie Ama heard the knock from the courtyard, he knew that it was Xu Qing and the others, “Come! Come!”

Xu Qing greeted Xie Ama who opened the door, “Hello, Ama,” Li Changfeng also greeted calmly, but Lin Fangliang was the only one who was very excited when he arrived at Xie’s courtyard gate.
You know, his sweetheart Brother Xie is just across this wall!

“Thank you so much!” Lin Fangliang’s slightly excited voice entered Brother Xie’s ears.
This man is really interesting.

“Hello, Dr.
Lin! Come in, come in!” Seeing that Lin Fangliang was as generous and natural as Uncle Xie said, Xie Ama relaxed and greeted Xu Qing and the others to enter, “Just call me Fangliang, thank you Ama, here’s a little snack I bought for your family, you take it.”

Xie Ama really didn’t expect Lin Fangliang to come to his house to work and even bring things for themselves.
This is really, a little too enthusiastic! No, when Xie Ama looked at Lin Fangliang with a suspicious look, he really caught this kid’s eyes always glancing at the place where Brother Xie was! After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

Xie Ama, who found this, was a little shocked.
This little doctor Lin would not have ideas of…

When Xu Qing saw that Xie Ama’s face was a little wrong, he immediately grabbed Xie Ama, and took the thing that Lin Fangliang stretched out into Xie Ama’s hand, “Xie Ama, where is uncle Xie? When are you going to the field? “

Xie Ama looked at the things in his hand, then glanced at Xu Qing, who was holding his hand, and made up his mind, “went to the field, he is also impatient, can’t wait.
When you all done, come back here for dinner, treat as its your own house.” After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

Li Changfeng hurriedly asked about the location and then pulled Lin Fangliang, who was still looking around absentmindedly, carried his hoe, and left.

Xie Ama stopped Xu Qing, who wanted to follow them, “You stay here, you are good at cooking, I will need your help for dinner this evening, your brother Xiaoyu is in the main room, you can accompany him to chat, I’ll go get some fish back.”

Xu Qing had no choice, so he agreed.
It wasn’t because he couldn’t work in the field, but compared with Li Changfeng and the others, he was as slow as a turtle. After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

“Here you are.
I haven’t been there to help your spring farming these days.
I’m so sorry.” Brother Xie pulled a stool and let Xu Qing sit down, with a rosy cheek and a smile like the wind and rain.

“Don’t say such things, Brother Xiaoyu.
By the way, I heard from Uncle Xie that you are recovering very well.” Xu Qing took the straw sandals that Brother Xie was working on, while studying it, he asked about Brother Xie’s wellness.

Brother Xie nodded.
Seeing that Xu Qing was interested in the straw sandals he just made, he asked, “Would you like to try a pair of your family’s man?” They’re not that hard to make.

Xu Qing was a little surprised, “Can I do it too?” It sure does sound good to make shoes for his sweetheart. After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

“Of course you can, it’s very simple, I’ll teach you,” Brother Xie said with a teasing smile and then began to teach Xu Qing, who was a little excited about making shoes for the first time, straw sandals are light, exquisite, economical and practical.
The peasants, who go up the mountain to chop firewood, wear these to protect their feet when they also go to work in the fields.
It is light and comfortable to wear and saves money.
People with a little craftsmanship can do it, but the degree of doing it is different, and the durability will also be different.
Here, all the villagers wear straw sandals.

But don’t look at the simple style of straw sandals, it is a little more complicated and requires exquisite craftsmanship to make.
Xu Qing originally thought it was just some straw sandals that could be made in the blink of an eye, but it took him an hour and a half to complete a pair.
During this period, Xie Ama had already caught the fish and put it away, and went back out to pick vegetables.

“Be careful, don’t pull too loose, the straw sandals made by doing this are not strong and won’t last long.” Xu Qing listened to brother Xie’s instructions, and kept fiddling with the straw sandals in his hand that were tens of thousands of miles away from those made by brother Xie, “Is that so?” Xu Qing handed the straw sandals he just made to Brother Xie for inspection, and his eyes were indeed full of satisfaction.
No matter how ugly, he thought it was the prettiest.

Brother Xie took the “straw sandals” made by Xu Qing, and he couldn’t help laughing.
Looking at the appearance of these shoes, and then looking at Xu Qing who was with a look of “I’m very satisfied”, he really couldn’t give a comment. After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

In the fields of Xie’s family, Xie Ama occasionally glanced at Lin Fangliang who was working hard.
He came to the field, so he can take a look and see what Lin Fangliang’s eyes mean, but when he thought of Lin Fangliang’s profession and what happened to his own son, Xie Ama doesn’t think about whether the two are worthy or not; he just doesn’t want his son to marry so far away from his this time.

Moreover, Lin Fangliang’s home is in the town, and Ma Fugui family is also in the town.
If the two meet on the street, he’s not sure if others will gossip.

“Hey, is Xie Ama looking at me?” From time to time, Lin Fangliang could feel Xie Ama’s eyes looking towards him and Li Changfeng, more specifically, at him!

Li Changfeng naturally also felt Xie Ama’s sight, “Maybe, you didn’t perform well at this time and lost a big opportunity! In order to give you a chance, this field is handed over to you, and I will go to the next one.”

“Li Changfeng!” Lin Fangliang looked at the back of Li Changfeng leaving with a hoe on his shoulder, and could only roar in the depths of his heart.
This field is the largest and longest field in the Xie family.
This black-hearted one! He wants to make a good impression and perform well, but he doesn’t want to be bullied! After hearing this, Xu Qing couldn’t help but give Lin Fangliang a thumbs up.

Li Changfeng was digging hard in the fields.
He didn’t have a chance to touch Xu Qing these few days.
He endured it, but Lin Fangliang’s “beautiful” clothes made his wife say he was “handsome!” What do you mean, his wife had never said that to himself.

Lin Fangliang was really cheap today, and he himself is not a very generous person!

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