Chapter 37: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

May 08 2022

“It’s getting late, let’s go back.” Uncle Xie just came back from the street.
He went to buy something for Brother Xie to eat to replenish his body.

Xu Qing and Xie Ama helped Brother Xie up, and after thanking the old doctor Lin, they were about to leave, “Wait!” Your clothes were wet before, so cover up on your way back.”

Brother Xie looked at the coat in front of him and hesitated, “Forget it, the road is not far, it’s okay, thank you, Doctor Lin.”

Lin Fangliang requests you to read only on h ol ol ono ve ls.

Lin Fangliang didn’t back down, he shoved the coat directly to Xie Ama, “Take it, my name is Lin Fangliang, don’t call me Doctor Lin.
Li Changfeng and I are also brothers.
If you have anything in the future, just come to me.”

Lin Fangliang nodded to Xu Qing, “I just heard that Chang Feng got married, congratulations, we will get together when we have time.” Xu Qing nodded with a smile and persuaded Xie Ama to take the coat.
From the way Lin Fangliang looked at Brother Xie, it seems he has some intentions on Brother Xie.
If Brother Xie could be with Lin Fangliang, it would not be bad.
At least in this short time, Xu Qing felt that Lin Fangliang’s character was trustworthy, but it just depends on whether the two are fated.

“Then, thank you, let’s go.” Brother Xie also knew about his own body.
Lin Fangliang was kind, and he would be too impolite if he refused.

“It’s my pleasure.” Lin Fangliang suddenly felt a little reluctant to leave Brother Xie, and he didn’t know when he would see him again.
Li Changfeng helped Uncle Xie to put things onto the cart and entered the shop to find Xu Qing and the others.
Li Changfeng laughed secretly and approached Lin Fangliang, who was staring at Brother Xie.

“If you have nothing to do in the future, come to our house to play,” With the motions that Lin Fangliang could see, Li Changfeng looked at the backs of Brother Xie and Xie Ama, “We are very close!”

Xu Qing followed with a smile, “Yes, it’s true!” Lin Fangliang immediately understood and nodded, “Good brothers! I’ll come and talk to you in a few days!”

“Then we’ll go first, goodbye.” Li Changfeng pulled Xu Qing and bid Lin Fangliang farewell.

“Goodbye! Be careful on the road!” Lin Fangliang’s happiness washed away the distress in his heart at the prospect of being able to meet Brother Xie again.

“Why, have you taken a fancy to Brother Xie?” An old voice came from behind Lin Fangliang.

“Yes, I liked him since five years ago.
At that time, we had no fate.
Now God has arranged for us to meet.
Isn’t this just giving me a chance?” Lin Fangliang answered the old doctor Lin who was already standing beside him.

“Hey, I didn’t expect you kid to hide deep enough! Then you have to hurry up and marry him before the official match, otherwise, it’ll be too late!”

Old Doctor Lin’s impression of Brother Xie is also good.
He only has one son, Lin Fangliang.
His wife died early, and there was just the two of them.
As for the little ger’s body, oh, their family is a medical practitioner, as long as they marry and enter the door, nothing will matter! Lin Fangliang requests you to read only on h ol ol ono ve ls.

After Li Changfeng and Xu Qing helped Uncle Xie unload things and help Brother Xie back home, they declined Xie Ama’s invitation and returned home with umbrellas.

It’s getting late, and the rain is still falling slightly.
“The rain hasn’t stopped for the past two days, and not much to do in the fields.
I feel a little uncomfortable.” The weather is just so gloomy.

Xu Qing washed the corn, poured the hot water in the pot, and added another pot of water.
There was no boiling water at home, so he had to boil some and cook the rest of the porridge.

“Don’t worry, no matter how anxious you are, you won’t be able to hear the news today, hurry up and take a shower.” Li Changfeng carried the buckets with water and looked at Xu Qing who was busy, “How about we bathe together?”


Xu Qing can’t listen to the words of going to the bath together now.
He was tossed so badly last time.

Sitting in front of the stove, he added a few more firewood, and after the water in the pot boiled, he scooped some up, poured the corn into the pot, and then grabbed the pig liver that was soaked in the water when they came back.
He is going to make pork liver porridge!

“When you’re done, go to the backyard and grab some green onions and ginger for me, not too much, it’d be a waste.” Hearing Li Changfeng’s footsteps entering the kitchen, Xu Qing commanded without raising his head, “Okay!” Li Changfeng seeing Xu Qing’s posture, he knew that he would have another good meal tonight.

Put the sliced ​​pork liver into a bowl, add sweet potato powder, a little wine and a little salt, mix well, “Here, I washed it.” Xu Qing took a look at the washed green onion and ginger that Li Changfeng had given him, and he was very pleased.
Not to mention that he is thoughtful, Li Changfeng is also quite warm.

“Wow, you are clever!” Xu Qing chopped the onion and ginger and put them in the bowl.
“Boil the other pot.” That pot was useless before, but now there are two people in the house, and there is the piglet.
So, it’s time to make use of it.

Lard was put into the pot when it was heated to 50-60%, Xu Qing spread the pork liver slices into the pot with his hands, and then cut open the slices with chopsticks.
When the pork liver slices in the pot were half cooked and he was about to fish them out of the oil, Xu Qing suddenly thought of something.

“My brain, I forgot that there is no colander here!” Xu Qing had to put the pork liver slices into the bowl first, and then poured the excess oil into another clean small bowl.
Li Changfeng, who was now watching, heard Xu Qing muttered, “What is colander?”

The corn in the pot had already swelled up, Xu Qing described the colander to Li Changfeng while adding slices of pork liver, “It’s just a big spoon, but it has thin holes on it, like I just wanted to fish out the pork liver.
With the colander, it can be picked up directly out of the pot without too much oil on it, which is somewhat opposite to the usage of a spoon.”

Colander spoon

“Keep an eye on the pot, I’m going to take a bath.” Xu Qing got his clothes wet today and needs a hot bath to feel comfortable.
“Okay, go, wash quickly, it’s cold today.”

“I know, I know.” As long as you don’t bother me, I can wash it as fast as I can! Xu Qing thought in his head. Lin Fangliang requests you to read only on h ol ol ono ve ls.

When he came out of the shower, Li Changfeng had already scooped up the pork liver porridge and put it on the table.
There were also pickled vegetables (T/L: written as kimchi in previous chapters).
“Quick, eat, you must be starving now.”

“Well, it smells good!”

“That’s what my wife made.
Of course, it must be delicious!” Li Changfeng placed Xu Qing’s bowl of porridge in front of him before taking a sip from his own bowl, “It’s just a little hot, be careful not to get burned!”

Xu Qing blew the steaming porridge carefully, “You think I’m you who would just open the mouth and pour in.
By the way, what did Second Wei say?”

Li Changfeng ate a bowl of porridge in two or three sips with the pickled vegetables, and now he’s on the second bowl, “Tomorrow, he will give me the wood for the cabinet, and then I’ll engrave “happy” and “auspicious” on the place where the cabinet door is opened.”

Xu Qing was stunned, “Is it that simple?” Li Changfeng put some pickles for Xu Qing, “It’s basically like this in the village, and it’s auspicious.”

“Then can we engrave other things on it?” If it is done according to Wei Lao Er’s preference, the final product will be nothing new but like most woodworkers!

“Yes, the style is common, and the wood is durable.” The food his wife makes are delicious, and Li Changfeng only feels full after eating three bowls.

“Are you full now?” Xu Qing, who was still on the first bowl, thought: Is this person an ox?!

Li Changfeng put the tableware and chopsticks he just used on the stove, “After eating, I’ll go see the chickens and piglet, you eat slowly.”

When the two were ready to lie on the bed, it was already pouring rain outside.
Listening to the sound of rain coming from outside the window, Xu Qing shrank into Li Changfeng’s arms.


“No, that’s how I feel that there is someone around me, it’s comfortable,” Xu Qing lay on Li Changfeng’s body, unwilling to move, and Li Changfeng also indulged him.

“You say, are Lin Fangliang and Brother Xiaoyu a good match?” Xu Qing thought that of Lin Fangliang’s eyes when he looked at Brother Xie, and he couldn’t help but gossip with Li Changfeng.

“I think so, but it also depends on the willingness of both of them.
A slap doesn’t make a sound.
At least now I don’t see that Brother Xie has that kind of feelings for Lin Fangliang.”

“I think the two of them are good, but the two of us are better.” Xu Qing buried his head on Li Changfeng’s neck and rubbed it twice from time to time, he was relieved and happy. Lin Fangliang requests you to read only on h ol ol ono ve ls.

Li Changfeng put his arms around the naughty Xu Qing and told him not to move, “Otherwise you’ll have to wake up at noon tomorrow.” Only then did Xu Qing settle down, but it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep; he followed the Xie Ama’s family to town, and he was a little tired.

Li Changfeng pulled the quilt over Xu Qing, closed his eyes, and calmed down the restlessness in his heart.
After a while, he fell asleep.

The rain stopped the next day, but the road was wet and muddy due to the heavy rain the night before.
Li Changfeng and Xu Qing stayed in the house and waited for the second Wei to deliver the wood.

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