Chapter 36: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

May 06 2022

“Then if I get married, can you really guarantee that I will be able to forget someone?” Chen Hong’s words stopped Chen Ama.

“Even if it doesn’t make you forget them, it has drawn the distance between the two of you, and nothing more will happen!”

Ma Fugui likes you when you read somewhere else other than on h ol ol ono ve ls.

Chen Hong stood up abruptly, his red eyes staring at Chen Ama who just said the heavy words, “I have nothing to do with him, as for the distance, don’t you think it’s already very far?” He didn’t even know how he would be able to stay at home like before when he could see the single Li Changfeng from time to time.
He couldn’t calm down when he thought there is someone around Li Changfeng.

“But I’m still afraid…” Chen Ama was taken aback by Chen Hong’s actions.

“Afraid? What are you afraid of?” Chen Hong was speechless, “You just think I have thin-skin and shameless.
Don’t you? You think I’m gonna stick to him disgracefully.”

“Me! Me! Me! Yes, it is me.
It is me who thinks too much! Did I even agree with Xia Ama just now? You have to agree to your own affairs in the end.
Only then can we really make a decision.
You really think I can be so cruel to you!” Chen Ama also felt that he was too anxious, but hasn’t this kind of thing happened in this village before!

Chen Hong closed his red eyes, “You go out, I’ll stay by myself for a while.”

Chen Ama saw that his son really didn’t want to talk to him, so he had to let him rest.
He closed the door behind after he left.

Chen Hong sat alone on the bed, covering his face with his hands, and translucent tears spilled out from between his fingers.
He just couldn’t forget him.
That day, he wanted to secretly see Li Changfeng and Xu Qing who went back to the Li family.
He wanted to really let go of his heart and see what kind of person Brother Li was marrying, so that he can cast him aside once and for all.

In the evening, the Chen family was a little stiff, save for the atmosphere between Chen Amei and Chen Hong, who had some disputes earlier.
Looking at the people sitting in the main room, Chen Hong opened his mouth.

“The Ma family who proposed marriage in town today, I accept.” This sentence made everyone stunned!

“What are you talking about! Do you know the situation of the Ma family? Do you know the people of the Ma family?” The first person who didn’t hold back was Chen Qi.
He never expected Chen Hong to say that.

“That’s right, don’t make this decision because of what I said today.
Although the Ma family is in good condition, but he has divorced before!” Chen Ama thought that Chen Hong was suffocated because of his own words this afternoon, joking with his lifelong matters.


When old man Chen heard this, there was still something he didn’t understand.
He stared at Chen Ama and asked him to explain it clearly.

This is related to Li Changfeng and their son, making Chen Ama hard to speak so casually.

Seeing Chen Ama’s hesitant appearance, Chen Qi and the others were even more anxious, what did he say to make Chen Hong say such words!

“It doesn’t matter what Ama said, I made the decision myself.” Chen Hong’s calm tone made it even more confusing.

“It’s just a divorce, and the reason for his divorce is because the other couldn’t get pregnant.
He is the only one in their family.
I can accept such a divorce.
Apart from this, the situation of their family is satisfying to me.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the villagers will gossip?”

“What am I afraid of, he is unmarried now, I am unmarried, and it is not a shameful thing, this is my business, I will not make decisions casually.
Growing up, I had always listened to my elders, but this matter, I can make my own decision.”

Chen Qi appreciates you for reading on h olo lo n ovels.

The Chen family didn’t speak anymore.
Chen Hong wanted to marry the Ma family’s son.
What else could they say.
Chen Qi’s wife did not speak from the beginning to the end.
The reason for the separation of the Ma family was because there were no children…in his heart…

“No matter what you said, we have to meet the Ma family before we can let you make a decision.
It’s not about marrying just cause you want to get married.
You have to be responsible for our Chen family!” As soon as Old Man Chen said this, everyone had to acquiesce.


Chen Qi asked the tea shop owner to pour another cup of hot tea.
After taking a sip to moisten his throat, he continued: “The next day, before we gave a reply to Xia Ama, the three of the Ma family came to ask for marriage in person.
Just from their attitude, I am more than half satisfied.
Looking at Ma Fugui’s bearing, it is true that he grew up in the town, better than us in the village, and they are literate, which makes my father even more satisfied.
Xiaohong is also more satisfied with Ma Fugui.
I asked him to clearly explain the divorce.
So now, the marriage is settled.”

After Xu Qing and Li Changfeng heard it, they didn’t know what to say.
That Xia Ama was right in a way.
The reason for Ma Fugui’s separation was indeed because Brother Xie had no children.
However, Xie Yu’s body became like that was because of Ma Ama.
The troublesome things made by him ruined the already somewhat fragile Xie Yu’s body, and they didn’t discuss with Brother Xie beforehand when they divorced, only informed him about it in front of so many people directly.
In addition, because Uncle Xie beat Ma Fugui, he was threatened by Ma family relatives working in the yamen and said brother Xie just doesn’t want to get divorced…

“I came to town today with mother and father.
They went to buy things for the wedding.
After I finished what I had to do, I came out for a walk, but I met you guys unexpectedly, but since you both seem like you’re not very happy with this marriage, is there something wrong with this Ma family…”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng told Chen Qi about Brother Xie and Ma Fugui, but in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble in the future, Xu Qing did not reveal the identity of Brother Xie and just said that they happened to know the situation with Ma Fugui from others who knew it well.

“No wonder! No wonder the Ma family set the marriage so early! We originally thought that he wanted to marry Xiaohong as soon as possible, but it turned out that he was afraid of having too many rumors showing their true colors!” Chen Qi also drank the tea after listening to it.
He can no longer sit still; he has to go and talk to his parents about this, so that he can make a new decision before everything is too late!

“Thank you, I have to discuss it with my family, I’ll see you guys later! Bye!” After saying that, he hurried out of the tea shop with an umbrella in hand.
This matter can’t be delayed!

“Let’s go, we’ve already said what we have to say.
As for what they think and make whatever decisions, it’s none of our business.” Li Changfeng held Xu Qing in his arms, picked up the umbrella, and walked out of the tea shop.
They still had to go buy some tools for woodworking.
They both already agreed to do a good job of Wei Lao Er’s orders, to make a good start, and to have more works in the future.
With good work to show, they don’t have to be afraid that no one will come to order more furniture. Chen Qi appreciates you for reading on h olo lo n ovels.

After they bought the things, they happened to pass by Butcher Liu’s pork stall.
Now the piglets were all sold out.
Butcher Liu started to buy pigs from other households, and then killed them and sold them in town.

“Oh, the young couple is here to buy something in town? Come and take some pork, although it’s not much, it’s enough for a meal!” Butcher Liu enthusiastically separated a piece of pork when he saw Li Changfeng and Xu Qing.
Xu Qing was embarrassed to take it for free, so he waved his hands and said, “Uncle Liu, please don’t do this, Chang Feng, say something!”

Li Changfeng quickly stepped forward and pressed Butcher Liu’s shoulder with his hand, “Uncle Liu, please don’t.
If we take your pork today, we won’t dare to pass in front of your stall when we buy pork in the future.”

“That’s right, Uncle Liu, if you want to have a long-term buyer, you can’t do this, it’s easy to suffer a loss!” Xu Qing also followed Li Changfeng’s word.
Don’t just look at Liu’s butcher’s family selling pork, they have also put in a lot of effort and hard work, and you can’t take advantage of others in vain.

“Haha, Changfeng, you are becoming more and more skilled at speaking now.
Ok, Ok, I won’t force you to take it for free, but if you buy from me in the future, I will give you a good price, so don’t say anything about it.” Butcher Liu put the meat back after seeing that the couple really didn’t want it, so he decided to just give them a discount later.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing looked at each other helplessly.
Butcher Liu was so enthusiastic that Xu Qing couldn’t resist, “Hey, Uncle Liu, how do you sell your pig liver?” He was gluttonous for the pork liver, it’s delicious.

“This, three coppers a piece, this thing is not easy to get, so I bought it to feed the kittens and puppies to make them grow longer.”

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s coveted eyes and said, “We want two!” He directly paid Butcher Liu and bought two pig livers.

Xu Qing quickly regained his senses, “Don’t buy so many, one is enough, two can’t be eaten by just us, and it won’t taste good after a long time!”

“Then one.” Li Changfeng paid the money, and after saying goodbye to Butcher Liu, the two returned to the Lin’s clinic with their stuff. Chen Qi appreciates you for reading on h olo lo n ovels.

Brother Xie has woken up, changed his clothes, and is drinking the Chinese medicine the young doctor Lin just boiled.
“Brother Xiaoyu, are you feeling better?” Li Changfeng went to put thing on the donkey cart.
Xu Qing went into the shop by himself and when he saw Brother Xie who was sitting up and drinking the medicine, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked about his body.

Brother Xie finished drinking the medicine and nodded to Xu Qing, “Once this anger passes, it will be much better.
Thank you and your husband for sending me here.”

“No need for thanks.
You’ll be fine.
The old doctor Lin said that as long as your body is well-cultivated, it won’t take long for your health to recover.” After drinking the spring water and the obstacles in his heart passed, Xie Yu’s body would naturally recover.
After recovery, the spring water can slowly cultivate Xie Yu’s body, but it cannot cure psychological problems.

“Yeah, as long as your body is well maintained, that’s all that matter.” After Xie Ama washed the medicine bowl and put it away, he heard Xu Qing’s words and agreed with him.
Doctor Lin already said that his son is in good health.
After a good rest, sooner or later, Xiaoyu will be able to recover.

Lin Fangliang lifted the curtain and looked at Brother Xie who was talking to Xu Qing.
He never thought that such a good person like Brother Xie was divorced by the Ma person for that reason.
While he could not even wait to hold his wife in his hand, Ma Fugui was hurting his (ex)wife like that, it’s just unforgivable!

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