Chapter 35: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

May 04 2022

“May I ask who came to propose your family for Chen Hong’s marriage?”

Xu Qing didn’t know what kind of expression to make.
After all, the Chen family had already agreed to this marriage.
If their family already knew about Ma Fugui and Xie Yu but still agreed to this marriage, Xu Qing really didn’t know what to do.
I wanted to say something if Chen Qi and his family don’t know about this matter.
He doesn’t want see an innocent person marrying into that kind of family!

“It’s Xia Ama from the village who came with the Ma family, oh, you probably don’t know who Xia Ama is, but Li Changfeng knows, right?” Chen Qi adjusted the small umbrella.
His wife’s umbrella is too small for him to use.
He should have listened to his and bring a different umbrella. Xie Yu wants to thank you for reading on hololonovels.

    Li Changfeng explained to Xu Qing: “Isn’t Xia Ama a good matchmaker in Jixiang Village? The couples he matched are usually happy and has no issues, but just this time …” Li Changfeng did not continue.
Now, even if Xu Qing doesn’t know this Xia Ama, he could understand this person’s character.
Since he is a well-known matchmaker, he won’t take this kind of marriage to smash his brand.
There might be some inside story.

“It’s not appropriate to talk here, why don’t we find a place to have a good chat?”

Xu Qing knew that if he wanted to know what was going on, they couldn’t just have a causal conversation, so he asked Chen Qi for his opinion to see if he had time to sit down and have a good chat.

“Yes, if you have nothing else to do, we can sit down and chat.” Li Changfeng can be regarded as watching Chen Hong grow up from a little baby to the age to be married, and he took Chen Hong as his own little brother.
Since he and Xu Qing both seem to know something about the Ma family, Chen Qi thought they might have to rethink Chen Hong’s marriage.

Although Chen Qi has a carefree temperament, he can still tell from Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s expressions and tone that they have something serious to say to him, “Okay, let’s go to the teahouse in front, it’s cheap and clean.”

“Let’s go.”

Li Changfeng clasped Xu Qing’s shoulders so that the umbrella could cover both their heads.
Chen Qi looked at the backs of the two who just left, and suddenly felt that the two were not compatible.
(T/N: not a mistake, it’s literally written like that.
I don’t know why Chen Qi even felt that way).

“Boss, I want three cups of hot tea!”

“Okay, I just made a pot, come sit, the three of you drink slowly!”

Since it has been raining these two days, most people are hiding at home to enjoy leisure, so there are not many people in the teahouse, making it easier to converse.

Xu Qing held the cup containing the hot tea with both hands, feeling the slightest warmth in his palms, and listened to Chen Qi talk about the sudden incident of Chen Hong.

“Actually, it has to start when you go to Brother Xu’s house.” Chen Qi picked up the tea cup with one hand and drank it all up, and pointed at Li Changfeng who was folding the umbrella.

“Me?” Li Changfeng looked puzzled, why is he involved in this?

“Yes!” Hearing Chen Qi’s decisive answer, Xu Qing began to look at Li Changfeng with a thoughtful look, Li Changfeng only felt his back numb, and hurriedly shook his head at Xu Qing, “I didn’t do anything! I really don’t know!”

Only then did Chen Qi realize that what he said was too much, and immediately clarified for Li Changfeng: “That’s not what I meant, it was me, Ah, who started paying attention to my family’s Xiaohong after Changfeng got married!”

Chen Ama became concerned when he discovered that Chen Hong was still obsessed after Li Changfeng’s marriage.
If Chen Hong tried to do something that would cause a stir between Li Changfeng and his wife, it would not be a good thing for anyone, so Chen Ama began to inquire with some good friends to see which unmarried man is suitable for his son.
But in the end, Chen Ama still couldn’t find anyone who could match Chen Hong.
At this time, Xia Ama, who had a good “reputation” in the village, came to propose a marriage.


“Hello, how’s everyone doing? I’m here to deliver the good news for you!”

Not long after the Chen family had lunch, Xia Ama came to the door with the good news.
The Chen family reacted very quickly when they heard this, “Quick, come in! Come in! Xiaoqi’s wife, pour a cup of hot water.
Xiaohong, go back to your room.”

Chen Qi’s wife heard Xia Ama’s “announcement of good news,” and he understood what’s going on, so he hurriedly stood up and walked quickly to the kitchen to pour water.
Chen Hong naturally understood it, and he looked at Chen Ama who asked him to go back to his room in disbelief. Xie Yu wants to thank you for reading on hololonovels.

“Hey, hurry go in! You don’t hear what I just said? Go, go, go.” Chen Ama ignored Chen Hong’s eyes, and urged him to go inside his room.

“Ah…” Chen Hong stood up but didn’t move.
He didn’t know what was waiting for him after he entered the room.
No wonder, after that day he secretly tried to see Li Changfeng and Xu Qing who were visiting the Li family, his own mother looked so strange.

“Go in, be good!”

Seeing that Xia Ama was looking at Chen Hong who retreated three steps, Chen Ama hurriedly explained, “This child is shy!”

Xia Ama also withdrew his eyes and said in agreement, “Yes, this child has a thin face!”

However, Chen Qi never understood why his mother wanted Chen Hong to go back to the room and only said that it was inconvenient for him to listen.
Just when he was about to ask his question, Chen Qi’s wife, who came out with hot water, pulled a handful of his clothes, with a look telling him to shut up, instantly making Chen Qi speechless.

But Father Chen, who had never spoken, put away the cigar, moved the stool beside Chen Ama, and listened to Xia Ama together.

“Thank you!” Xia Ama reached out and took the hot water from Chen Qi’s wife.

“I’ve come to propose to Brother Chen on behalf of the Ma family from the town!”

“From the town? Ma family?!”

Chen Ama and the others were surprised, this, how could it be that someone from the town would come to propose a marriage.
Only when Chen Qi heard this, he knew what Xia Ama came to their house for, so he didn’t care about the elders or not, and directly asked Xia Ama an important question.

“What is this Ma family?”

Xia Ama tightened his hand holding the tea cup slightly, “Well, they only have one son! The family has also owned a grocery store for several generations.
Don’t think it’s a grocery store, it’s in the town.
It’s doing quite well!”

Father and mother Chen were a little moved when they heard this.
There are not many people in this village who can marry into the town.
Even the next village only had one person married someone from the town a few years ago, but since their family did not usually partake in gossips, they don’t know which family in the town that person married into.

Xia Ama is a person who knows how to read people’s face.
Seeing the expression of the Chen family couple, he knows that there is hope in this matter, and hurriedly said: “There are only three people in the Ma family, and when Xiao Hong marries, there will be no brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
It would be quiet and peaceful.

Now the two old people of the Chen family are even more satisfied; they don’t want Chen Hong to marry into a complicated family.
The days weren’t be so easy in such families.

Chen Qi’s wife did not expect that people from the town would come to propose marriage, and she was also happy for Chen Hong.
No matter whether this happened or not, it would be very proud to have people from the town come to them to propose marriage.

Chen Qi was not very happy, not to mention that he was reluctant to let Chen Hong marry like this, even if he married in the town, they are honest peasants.
The town people are very prideful, no matter how excellent his brother is, Chen Qi still felt that something was wrong.

“What are the names of the people in their family? I know a few people who live in the town.
Maybe they all know them.
I can also inquire about the character of this family?”

When Xia Ama heard this, his heart trembled, but when he thought of the reward that the Ma family promised to give him when the job was done, he was instantly filled with energy.

“I’m not gonna lie to you.
His son got divorced once, but don’t worry, this matter has nothing to do with the Ma family at all.
The person who married back then couldn’t give birth, so for the sake of the Ma family’s bloodline, both parties agreed to separate.”

This time, the entire Chen family was not very comfortable, and the smiles on their faces just now became cold after hearing this.

“Okay, let us think about it, Xia Ama.
If it’s okay, we won’t bother you anymore.
It’s almost spring, and we’re all busy!” Chen Qi’s wife said politely after receiving Chen Ama’s wink, meaning to chase people out, but also “please” Xia Ama, who still wanted to say something to leave, and close the courtyard door behind.
As soon as this door was closed, Chen Ama broke out: “What’s the matter! How can my innocent son marry a divorced person!”

“Let’s go to the field, we have to think more before making a decision.” Father Chen carried his hoe expressionlessly and was about to go out.
He felt uncomfortable.
How could this man named Xia proposed his son a marriage with someone who got married before! Xie Yu wants to thank you for reading on hololonovels.

“You guys go first, I’ll go see Xiaohong.” Chen Ama remembered that Chen Hong reluctantly entered the room just now, and he didn’t know how he was now.

“I just said it’s not that simple,” Chen Qi muttered to his wife beside, carrying the basket on his back.
“Shut up! Crow’s mouth!” Chen Qi’s wife glared at the man who was talking.
Chen Qi glanced at him; he was worried how he would be able to get rid of this stinky problem.

“Xiao Hong, how are you doing?” As soon as Chen Ama opened Chen Hong’s room, he saw Chen Hong sitting on the bed with his head lowered.


Chen Hong hoarsely called out to Chen Ama, who entered the door, and wanted to hear an explanation.

“Don’t say anything, I know what you’re going to say, but you have to understand, in order to prevent you from holding someone else in your heart, mother has no choice.

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