Chapter 33: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Apr 30 2022


“This kid is much more proactive than when your father chased me back then.” Xie Ama saw that his son was starting to receive marriage proposals and thought about himself and the old man Xie back then.
That period of time is also getting farther and farther away, the years are really unforgiving!

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Xie Yu helped his mother clean up, and when he heard the other’s reminiscence, he looked at his own mother’s hands that were full of traces from life, his heart was slightly sour.
If he gets married, there would only be the two old people left in the family, and he is not at ease.
He does not want to let his parents, who are getting older, face the separation from their own flesh and blood.

“Xie family! Is anyone at home? Something happened to your family head!!”

A burst of sloppy footsteps emerged at the door of Xie’s residence; the loud and anxious voice of a man surged into the ears of Xie Ama and Xie Yu.

“Quick! Quickly open the door!”

As soon as he heard that it was his old man and something happened to him, Xie Ama hurriedly yelled for Xie Yu to open the door, but Xie Ama’s own legs would not obey, he was already at the door in an instance.

“Uncle Liu, what happened to my father?” Xie Yu looked at Uncle Liu who was covered in mud at the gate of the courtyard, but he didn’t see his father, so he became more anxious.

“When repairing the house for the Wu family at the head of the village, he accidentally slipped and fell down…”

Xie Ama only felt that it was pitch black in front of him, and he couldn’t wait to run over to find out what happened, but he accidentally got caught between his right foot and left foot and fell to the ground, knocking over the vegetable bowl.
Xie Yu was flustered and anxious.
He heard something behind him at this moment.
When he turned his head, he saw mother Xie’s appearance.
He hurried over to help Xie Ama up, but he was stopped, “Quick! Go and see your father!”


Xie Yu had no choice but to quickly put Xie Ama aside, and hurriedly ran out with Uncle Liu who came to report the matter.

“Quick! Get out of the way! Brother Xie is here!”

As soon as Xie Yu arrived at Wu’s house, he saw a group of people in a circle.
He didn’t even have to think about who was in the middle.
The urgency in his heart made Brother Xie run faster!

Seeing that it was Xie Yu, the villagers made a way to let him go directly to the injured Uncle Xie.

There was no such blood in the river scene Xie Yu imagined.
Uncle Xie was just a little dirty on his body, and there was no blood on his body.
This made Xie Yu who was flustered released a sigh of relief.
Uncle Xie could still smile a little at himself, but Xie Yu panicked when he saw that Tu Lang Zhong from the village was wrapping a cloth around his father’s right leg.

“Father! Your legs?!”

Tu Lang Zhong carefully wrapped Uncle Xie’s right leg, which had a broken bone because of the fall, “Speaking of which, it’s your father’s fate that he fell from such a high place but didn’t get severely injured.
Fortunately, there are some things on the ground that acted as a cushion, otherwise … alright, it’s just a simple wrapping of his legs, you guys hurry up and send him to the town and let the doctor take a good look, otherwise it will hurt him more if you delay it for too long!”

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Xie Yu thanked Tu Lang Zhong gratefully.
With the help of the villagers, Uncle Xie, who was injured and feeling dizzy, was lifted onto the donkey cart of the Wu family.
Xie Yu asked someone to inform his mother at home the news.
After Xie Ama received the message, he followed uncle Xie in the donkey cart of the Wu family and went to the town.

“Fortunately, someone properly took care of this uncle’s injury in advance, otherwise the consequences would be serious.”

It was a young doctor with a slender figure and strong facial features who looked at Uncle Xie’s leg.
Xie Yu thought that he was too young and didn’t trust his medical skills at first.
After seeing him treating his father’s legs skillfully, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, don’t just look at his baby face.
Although he is not much older than you, his medical skills have been passed down by Dr.
Lin, so he’s very competent.
My baby had a fever last month, and I ran to the other two clinics in town.
You know what they said! They said it was too late.
I didn’t listen and brought the baby to Dr.
Lin’s place.
Because of the young doctor Lin Fangliang, my baby is now alive and well.”

The Wu family man who dropped off Uncle Xie and Xie Yu to the Lin family clinic looked at Xie Yu’s suspicious eyes and knew what he was worried about, and explained casually.

Lin Fangliang carefully placed Uncle Xie’s legs, and when he heard this, he looked up and saw Xie Yu standing by, his face was flushed, and he looked very embarrassed, “It’s not this little brother, my medicine skills really need more learning.”

Hearing Lin Fangliang speaking so considerately, Brother Xie felt even more embarrassed, but he didn’t know what to say to remedy it, so he had to smile apologetically at Lin Fangliang in a hurry.

“Xiao Yu! How’s it?!”

As soon as Xie Yu turned around, he saw Xie Ama being supported by Ma Fugui, got off the donkey cart, and entered the Lin’s shop.
Lin Fangliang was compelled by Xie Ama’s voice, and he immediately sorted out his emotions and returned to the medicine cabinet to grab the medicine for Uncle Xie.

“Ah, it’s alright.
The doctor said that father needs to apply some medicines and rests for a while.
Although he fell down, he didn’t hit his head.
He was just a little dizzy.
After a period of rest, he’ll be fine.”

Xie Ama was helped by Xie Yu to the sleeping Uncle Xie, “That’s good ..
very good.” Xie ama stretched out his hand and carefully touched Uncle Xie’s face.
He was so scared that something bad might happen to the old man.

“Thank you.”

Xie Yu whispered his thanks to Ma Fugui next to him.
He is not a stupid person.
When he saw Xie Ama and Ma Fugui getting off the cart together, he knew that it must be Ma Fugui who came to support Xie ama and took the matters into his own.

“No need for thanks, as long as it’s your business and your family’s business, it’s my Ma Fugui’s business.”

Lin Fangliang was receiving the treatment fee for Uncle Xie.
Seeing Ma Fugui and Xie Yu talking familiarly, his heart skipped a few times.
Wu family man looked at the young doctor, who kept looking at Xie Yu, and whispered close to Lin Fangliang’s ear, “That’s Brother Xie’s fiancé!” Although Ma Fugui proposed the marriage and was not yet accepted by the Xie family, the villagers all agreed that it was only a matter of time seeing the stickiness of Ma Fugui.

“Fiancé?” Lin Fangliang felt a little regretful.
He gave the change to the Wu family man and watched Brother Xie’s family leave, before burying his head in the herbs again after a while.

During the time when Uncle Xie was recovering from his injury, Ma Fugui came to the door more often.
Xie Ama and Uncle Xie became more and more satisfied with Ma Fugui, and even Ma Fugui’s father came to Xie’s house to visit Uncle Xie several times.
Due to this, all the villagers thought the marriage was already settled, except for some people who are sour and jealous. Xie Yu thanks you for reading on hololonovels.

Xie Yu also felt that Ma Fugui was a good person during this time, and more importantly, he was good to his family.
In this way, not long after Uncle Xie was healed, Xie Yu left for town with a dowry and beautiful scenery on a horse cart.

The two of them lived relatively comfortably in the first year.
Except for Ma Ama who kept staring at Xie Yu’s stomach, it was relatively smooth.
Then the second year, the third year… Xie Yu’s belly didn’t show any sign of pregnancy, which made Ma Ama became more and more uncomfortable.
When he went to the mountain temple to ask for a grandson, he When Ma Amo went to the mountain temple to ask for his grandson, he heard what the person beside him said about “pregnancy medicine”, he hurriedly leaned in and listened carefully, and spent a tael of silver to buy the “pregnancy medicine” from that person.

Afterwards, he hurried back home.

In those few days, Xie Yu happened to have a cold, so Ma Ama secretly poured the ” pregnancy medicine” directly into the cold medicine that was being boiled, and watched Xie Yu drink it without a drop.

As a result, Xie Yu developed a high fever that night, and since then his health has gotten worse and worse.
He even became bedridden, and because Ma Ama said that he was afraid Xie Yu would pass his illness to Ma Fugui, he forced the two to sleep separately.
Sleeping in different bed created a wedge in two’s relationship.
Ma Fugui went to the shop in the morning and came back in the evening.
Slowly, the time spent between the two of them became shorter and shorter, and they spoke less and less.
This also made Xie Yu’s heart colder and colder.


When Xie Yu fell down, he was caught by Xu Qing forcefully.
As a result, they became unstable and both of them fell to the ground.
Uncle Xie picked up Xie Yu who was unconscious.

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu!”

“Brother Xiaoyu!”

“No, I have to take him to the town to see the doctor.
Wife, you get the money, and I’ll go borrow the donkey cart.
Brother Qing, please help to watch after your brother Xiaoyu!”

After Uncle Xie made arrangements, he hurriedly ran out of the door.

“Uncle Xie?” Li Changfeng was about to knock on the door when he was hit by Uncle Xie who was anxious to borrow a donkey cart.
“Changfeng, Brother Xiaoyu fainted! Uncle Xie is going to borrow a donkey cart!”

As soon as Li Changfeng heard Xu Qing’s voice, he hurried over and saw that Xu Qing was holding a person in his arms.
Xie Ama took the money and came out to see Li Changfeng, “Changfeng, hurry up, you help me carry Xiaoyu out.
Let’s wait for your Uncle Xie to come back with the donkey cart, then we can go right away! “

Even after hearing Xie Ama’s anxious words, Li Changfeng still didn’t move, but turned his eyes to Xu Qing, who was holding Xie Yu.
When Xu Qing saw his action of looking at himself, he glared at Li Changfeng, “still not hurry up?”

Xie Yu thanks you for reading on hololonovels.

Li Changfeng also knew that the situation was urgent, so he had no choice but to bend down, but instead of picking up Xie Yu, he signaled to Xie Ama and Xu Qing to put the unconscious Xie Yu up on his back, and then let Xu Qing and Xie Ama reaching out to stabilize Xie Yu.
He bent a little more forward, and did not reach out to support Brother Xie’s body.

Although his wife asked him to help, Li Changfeng also knows that Xie Yu’s identity is complicated enough.
In case someone sees him hugging or princess carrying Xie Yu, even if it is for emergency, he was afraid that people will gossip in the future.
For the sake of Xie Yu and his own family, Li Changfeng had no choice but to do this.


Translator’s rant

That Ma stupid ger … omg, how dare you! Xie Yu could have completely died because of him, and he had the audacity to even blame others.
Retribution, where’s the damn retribution???

Anyway, a big surprise coming next chapter.

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