Chapter 32: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


Before Xie Yu could say something, Xu Qing hurriedly spoke, “”Brother Xiaoyu, can you introduce us? Although this person knows me, you also know that I don’t go out much.
Otherwise, with this little one’s ‘distinctive’ appearance, I won’t easily forget him once I’ve met him.”

Zhong Hua’s face became extremely ugly after listening to Xu Qing deliberately emphasizing the word ‘distinctive’.
He hates people talking about his looks the most!

Xie Yu didn’t understand what kind of play Xu Qing was directing.
So, he suppressed the displeasure in his heart caused by what Zhong Hua said just now, and cooperated: “Speaking of, Zhong Hua is also a playmate I grew up with, we are a few years older than you, so it’s understandable you don’t remember.”

Zhong Hua and Xie Yu were born in the same year.
Zhong Hua’s house is located not far from the Xie’s house.
They are both gers, so they often played together or did farm work together.
But as they got older, there was a growing gap between them.

Although Xie Yu is a farmer’s child, he looked like someone who grew up in the town.
He was elegant, dignified, and has a little air of nobility.
All the unmarried men in the village were trying their best to get Xie Yu’s attention.
They’d be ecstatic even if they received just a glance from Xie Yu.
Therefore, in the years when Xie Yu was yet to be married, the threshold of the Xie family was stepped on until several doors and foot frames were broken.

As for Zhong Hua, he was also a big topic in the village, that is, the older he gets, the uglier he looks.
When he and Xie Yu were young, adults would often praise Xie Yu in front of him: Xie Yu is so good this, Xie Yu is so good that! Slowly, Zhong Hua began to keep a distance from Xie Yu, because he felt that with Xie Yu, he would always be living in the shadow.

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Feeling that Zhong Hua deliberately giving him a cold shoulder, Xie Yu was sad for a while.
Eventually, the friendship between the two faded.
Xie Yu was good-looking, capable, and gentle-tempered.
In addition to the secret admiration of the unmarried men, many gers in the village were willing to get along with Xie Yu because they believed that by spending time with such a good person as Xie Yu, they would gradually become better too.
So, Xie Yu did not end up being as lonely and pitiful as Zhong Hua maliciously imagined because of his own deliberate distance.

On the contrary, after Zhong Hua abandoned Xie Yu, he realized that he only had this one friend, because he was not good-looking, had a strange temper, and often offended people when he spoke, so no ger was willing to hang out with him.
At the same time, Zhong Hua also secretly thanked Xu Qing.
Because of the pimples on Xu Qing’s face, he was called “the ugly ger,” so Zhong Hua always felt that although he looked a little ugly, at least he didn’t have those things on his face.

But even so, what greeted Zhong Hua was the difference of fate between heaven and earth.
Xie Yu was approached by people in the town for marriage, and he married out in a beautiful way, making all the unmarried gers the village and those from surrounding villages envious with red eyes that they looked like they had conjunctivitis for a while.
The unmarried men were also hiding and secretly crying for a long time.
Zhong Hua was miserable, no one came to propose him for a marriage, but he felt that he would definitely find someone better than the one Xie Yu married.

Just like that, after he turned 21 years old, he was matched by the government to a widow from Anle Village.
He was a hunchback.
On the wedding day, the bawling Zhong Hua was stuffed into the donkey cart and extremely reluctantly married.
The hunchback did not dislike his attitude as long as he gives birth and be able to do farm work.
So, after marrying, Zhong Hua gave birth to three children in a row and did farm work every day.
Now, comparing to other people of same age, Zhong Hua looks much older.

When he went to the town to sell eggs yesterday, and Zhong Hua happened to meet Ma Ama buying vegetables and chatting with people.
Hearing him say that Xie Yu was separated from the Ma family and went back to his natal family, Zhong Hua was in a good mood! It’s like being oppressed for many years and finally gaining the upper hand.
Zhong Hua, in a good mood, sold the eggs that he was reluctant to eat for a long time at a low price.
After a good night’s sleep, he rushed from Anle Village early this morning and wanted to see the embarrassed look of Xie Yu who was separated and returned home.

Who knew that when he met Xie Yu, the other wasn’t the miserable, humiliated abandoned wife he had anticipated.
Although Xie Yu had a pale face, his appearance and bearing made him a sickly beauty, and also, it turns out that the first “ugly ger” in the village was the same as the rumors – his face have been completely cured.
Zhong Hua’s mentality of originally wanting to see a good show was destroyed until there was nothing left.

“So that’s how it is! I just said that someone like “Big Brother Zhong” who looks so “distinctive”, how could I not remember!” Obviously, it was this person who came to lit the fire, Xu Qing just wanted to choke Zhonghua out of his crap.

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Although Xie Yu said nothing in response to Xu Qing’s words, Zhong Hua believes Xie Yu purposefully embarrassed him and made Xu Qing shame him on purpose!

“You … you guys!” Zhong Hua’s chest kept heaving in anger, “Xie Yu, what are you showing off? You can’t give birth to a child and got separated and returned home, what qualifications do you have to gang up with the “ugly ger” to humiliate me?! Yes, I’m not as good-looking as you! I’m not as good as you in marriage! But! I gave birth to three children! At least I am a normal person! What about you?! I *bah!” (T/N: *Fake spitting sound)

Brother Xie’s complexion, which had begun to recover slightly after drinking the spring water, turned pale and scary as Zhong Hua’s words poked into his heart.

“Who told you that? Explain it to me!” Xie Ama, who came in with hot water and was about to give it to Zhong Hua, just heard the other’s vicious words, threw the bowl on the ground, and stepped forward to pull Zhong Hua.
Glaring at the panic-stricken person in front, Xie Ama said, “Xiao Yu is doing well! Why are you saying such mean things about my child? Even his mother, I, wouldn’t even raise my voice to Xiaoyu!”

Uncle Xie, who was watching the stove with the medicine being boiled, heard the movement in the main room and ran out, “What’s the matter? What’s going on?!” Uncle Xie looked at the ugly expressions of his wife and his son and then at Zhong Hua, who was clenching the hems of his own clothes; he figured what this Zhong Hua would have said something that shouldn’t have been said.


Uncle Xie no longer cared about the etiquette and dragged Zhong Hua by the hand to the courtyard door.

“What are you doing?! What kind of behavior is this! No wonder Xie Yu was divorced and got kicked out.
No wonder the Ma family wants to marry someone else!”

“What?!” As soon as these words came out, everyone was startled.
Zhong Hua took advantage of Uncle Xie’s stupefied pause and forcefully pulled his hand back, Ah, it was painful!

Brother Xie pushed aside Xu Qing’s hand supporting him and walked slowly outside to the courtyard where it was raining lightly, step by step, looking at Zhong Hua who kept rubbing his wrists.

“You say it again, who is Ma Fugui marrying?”

Zhong Hua rubbed his sore wrist and yelled at Brother Xie angrily, “Why haven’t you heard it yet! Ma Fugui will marry a new ger the day after tomorrow! I thought you were good, but you couldn’t pay attention to your own man.”

“Ahhhh!! Murder!!”

Xie Ama picked up the stool and threw it at the screaming Zhonghua who jumped in fright.
He then closed the courtyard door at Zhonghua’s face.

“Brother Xiaoyu.”

Xu Qing opened the umbrella on top of Xie Yu’s head and called him gently.
Xie Yu’s hair was wet from the drizzle, and his clothes were also drenched.
His eyes were as full of pain and sadness from the news he just heard.
He separated with Ma Fugui only yesterday, and Ma Fugui will marry a new ger the day after tomorrow.
In such a short period of time, the Ma family has arranged everything.
After so many years, what does he mean to Ma Fugui ……

“Brother Xiaoyu!”

” Xiaoyu!”

” Xiaoyu!”

Seeing that Xie Yu’s body shook a few times, Xu Qing felt that something was wrong, and then Xie Yu fell to the ground.
Xu Qing desperately stretched out his hand to catch Xie Yu, causing the umbrella fell to the ground, splashing bursts of water.


That man is here again.

Xie Yu saw a thin young man, who often sat not far from his door, from the slightly opened courtyard door.
He has been coming here in the past few months.
He was very tall but thin.
Because his family is from the town, he caused quite a stir in the village.
During this time, some gers kept asking him (XY) privately how to attract men from the town to come to propose marriage.

Xie Yu closed the courtyard door softly, feeling a little helpless.
Before Ma Fugui came to propose marriage, he had never seen him, nor had they spoken with each other.
Xie Yu agreed to the marriage because he felt they were suitable.
Since then, Ma Fugui squatted at the door of Xie family house whenever he had time.
As soon as Xie Yu went out, Ma Fugui would come up to help him with this and that, making Xie Yu uncomfortable, and he couldn’t adapt to this sudden enthusiasm.

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Xie Ama came out with a vegetable bowl and saw that his son was in the courtyard, but the courtyard door was tightly closed, “Why, that person is here again?”

Xie Yu heard the ridicule in Xie Ama’s tone and nodded helplessly.
To be honest, he had no plans to marry since he was the only child in the Xie family.
He originally wanted to recruit a husband, but his parents did not agree, saying that they were not very old and could live on their own.
Xie Yu was so good, so he should marry a good family and not waste his youth.



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