Chapter 30: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Apr 24 2022


This chapter contains mature content.
Read at your own discretion.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier in the afternoon.
Farmers who were working in the fields earlier in the day no longer could be seen.
Everyone was hiding inside and taking advantage of the rare free time.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing enjoyed a pleasant afternoon together.
They didn’t do anything crazy like yesterday, but this peacefulness was disrupted after dinner.

Li Changfeng moved the already dried bathtub into the bathroom, and Xu Qing excitedly circled the large bathtub that could fit his entire body, “It’s so big! Finally, I can take a good bath!” Li Changfeng said with a meaningful smile, “I’ve already boiled the water.
I’ll go bring it over.” Xu Qing immediately returned to the room and brought a change of clothes after hearing Li Changfeng was bringing the hot water. Thank you for reading on

Li Changfeng filled the tub with two buckets of hot water and one bucket of cold water until it was filled by half.
“You go in first.
I’ll bring some more hot water just in case it cools down.” Xu Qing nodded and awaited Li Changfeng to go out.
When the door was closed, he took off his clothes, and felt the cold wind.
It was a little chilly this afternoon!

Xu Qing stepped into the tub with excitement after a quick rinse outside.
“So comfortable…” Xu Qing was engulfed in hot water.
He was at a loss for words to describe his feeling at the moment.
The tub was huge.
The water had just reached his shoulders, even if he sat with his legs slightly bent; the height was just perfect.

“I’m coming in to add more hot water for you!” Li Changfeng knocked on the door.
After receiving Xu Qing’s response, he came in with two large wooden barrels and then locked the door.

“What are you doing?!”

As soon as Xu Qing heard the sound of locking the door, he turned to look at Li Changfeng vigilantly.
Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing innocently, “I also want to take a bath, don’t worry.
I’ll wash outside first.
You continue soaking.” Hearing that Li Changfeng was going to wash outside, the sense of crisis in his heart eased.
Xu Qing was too inattentive to hear the word “first” in the sentence.

Xu Qing stared at Li Changfeng, who was touching and rubbing his skin, “weren’t you going to wash outside?!” It is fine for him to sit in the bath tub alone, but as soon as Li Changfeng came in, he has to wrap his legs around Li Changfeng’s waist and sit on his lap.
The water level that was Xu Qing’s shoulders rose to his neck.

“Yes, I will wash outside first!” Li Changfeng said, flashing his white teeth at Xu Qing.
He turned Xu Qing’s body with his big hands under the water, Xu Qing’s back was now against Li Changfeng’s broad chest and his butt on the man’s crotch.

Li Changfeng pressed against Xu Qing from behind, his body hot and his breathing heavy.
The temperature of the water was not low, but Xu Qing was getting hotter, especially the restless object against his ass.
“Come, I’ll wipe your back, don’t move!” Holding the body that wanted to struggle, Li Changfeng said the words that made Xu Qing calm down instantly.

Li Changfeng took the loofah for the bath, and he really obediently picked up the warm water to scrub Xu Qing’s body.
Although his rough palms were hot, his movements were gentle as he kneaded Xu Qing’s shoulders, “is the strength appropriate?” With his eyes closed, Xu Qing nodded contentedly, but he did not dare to relax his vigilance; the thing below was quite energetic.

Despite the dim light from the oil lamp and the darkening sky outside the window, Xu Qing’s pale back was perfectly visible in Li Changfeng’s eyes, pure but with an enticing attraction.
Li Changfeng felt that the water was a little cold, so he directly lifted the hot water bucket placed on the tall stool and slowly poured it in the tub without standing up.
Suddenly, Xu Qing felt that his whole body was surrounded by heat again.

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s face red from the steam, his eyes darkened and his body shifted ready for battle.
Xu Qing was unaware of the man’s reactions as he closed his eyes enjoying the bath, otherwise he would have fled long ago.

“Is it too hot? But if the water is mixed with more cold water, it will cool down quickly.” Li Changfeng put his chin on Xu Qing’s shoulder and spoke in his ear, causing Xu Qing to shiver.
He chuckled, “don’t talk so close, you’re making my ear itchy!” Xu Qing giggled as Li Changfeng squeezed his body under the water, causing his butt to wiggle slightly on Li Changfeng’s lap.

Soon, the bath water overflowed on the floor.
Xu Qing’s cheeks were flushed by Li Changfeng’s tossing.
The water that had previously reached Xu Qing’s neck had now barely reached his chest, making him feel cold, so he instinctively leaned on the heat source behind.
Li Changfeng had been waiting for this moment, and he immediately extended out his claws to catch Xu Qing into his arms.

He bit Xu Qing’s round and white earlobe and hummed, “Is it cold? I’m cold too.
Good, I’ll help you warm up!” As he spoke, he bit on Xu Qing’s neck lightly, leaving a little trace.
Xu Qing knew that he could not escape the disaster, so he simply acted first by reaching his hand behind and grabbing Li Changfeng’s, causing the big wolf to gnaw on his scarred neck even more enthusiastically.
Li Changfeng’s one hand grabbed Xu Qing’s chin, while the other reached into the water to hold Xu Qing, who was also reacting.

Xu Qing couldn’t stand Li Changfeng’s suffocating kiss, but once Li Changfeng left him, he felt a little unsatisfied, so he took the initiative to lean up and was swallowed whole by Li Changfeng.
An ambiguous silver thread entangled between the two of them in the air.

Feeling that Xu Qing’s shoulders were a little cold, Li Changfeng kissed Xu Qing, grabbed the hands under the water, turned the person in his hands around to face him, and sit him on his thighs.
Xu Qing exhaled comfortably.

Li Changfeng slowly traced Xu Qing’s waist with his hands.
His one hand hugged Xu Qing, and the other hand covered what Xu Qing was holding under the water, moving up and down.
Xu Qing could only gasp, with his head raised, as Li Changfeng’s big tongue licked his collarbone all the way down, lingering around, looking for the target.

Xu Qing was attacked by Li Changfeng up and down, and under the caressing, he erupted first.
Li Changfeng naturally felt the enthusiasm of his wife.
He let go of the two red beans that had been sucked and licked by himself, kissed the absent-minded person, and let go of wrapped the hands of the two under the water.

One hand slightly raised Xu Qing’s buttocks, and the other hand held Xu Qing’s waist, pointing his member that was ready to enter Xu Qing’s secret place and slowly sank in.

Xu Qing was fascinated by the warmth from Li Changfeng and wrapped his hands around Li Changfeng’s neck.
He began to rock his body on his own, surprising Li Changfeng with his initiative.

He lightly held Xu Qing’s waist and enjoyed the service.
“Hmmm …” Li Changfeng let out a comfortable sound, Xu Qing on his body had already followed the most primitive instinct, and began to slowly fiddle his waist.
He wanted more … more!!!

Xu Qing hugged Li Changfeng’s neck fervently, urging silently.
Li Changfeng then increased the strength of his hand, gradually speeding up the slow movement.
Xu Qing was pounded repeatedly by Li Changfeng, sending forth broken fragments of whimpers, “Changfeng …!”

He forcefully spread Xu Qing’s buttocks apart, his hands firmly gripping both cheeks.
The repeated penetration caused Xu Qing’s legs to tense up, “…don’t…” Xu Qing’s messy black silk draped all over his porcelain-white body, and he was no longer slightly cold, but was dripping with sweat from their mutual comfort.

The sound of water splashing against the tub had formed a rhythm.
Xu Qing still had some rationality, but he could only wiggle his body absentmindedly to meet the force of the man below at the moment.
The gasping sounds grew louder as the collision between the legs became more intense, but it was all buried deep in the night, leaving just the reflection of the two bodies swaying up and down on the window.

Thank you for reading on

When the two moved the battlefield to the big bed, Xu Qing could no longer make a sound.
He was too tired, his mind just wanted to rest, but his body was still catering to Li Changfeng’s attacks from behind, “wife, just a little longer!”

Only ghosts would believe it! Xu Qing shed tears silently in his heart, why did he choose such an evil beast with such a strong fighting power!

When Li Changfeng woke up early in the morning, Xu Qing was hugging him like a silkworm cocoon.
Li Changfeng kissed Xu Qing’s red face adoringly.
He was distressed and helpless when he saw the blue and black under his wife’s eyes.  He lost his self-control when it comes to Xu Qing.

After gently pulling Xu Qing away from him, Li Changfeng quietly took the clothes and went outside to put them on.
He didn’t want to disturb Xu Qing’s sleep.

It’s still raining lightly today, although it’s not as heavy as yesterday, you still have to wear a poncho when you go out.

After Li Changfeng poured the rice into the pot, he placed a lid on top.
Then he put on a rain coat and went out, carrying a basket, to the side of the house to cut pigweed.

The porridge in the pot was ready when he returned.
He fed the chicks after preparing the pigweed and feeding it to the piglet.
Afterwards, Li Changfeng washed his hands, scooped up the porridge in the pot, and set it aside.
When he went back to the room, he found Xu Qing still blissfully asleep, so he pulled the slid quilt and covered his wife.
After watching this peaceful scene quietly for a while, Li Changfeng got up and left.
It seemed that Xu Qing would sleep until noon today. Thank you for reading on

Sure enough, when Xu Qing woke up, it was indeed noon.
When Li Changfeng saw Xu Qing standing at the kitchen door, he had just finished making lunch, “Awake? Just in time for lunch!” Xu Qing pouted, and thought that he was lucky Li Changfeng was married in, otherwise, if he married out to the Li family and got up at this hour every day, he would get scolded by the in-laws.

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