Chapter 28: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Apr 21 2022

This chapter contains mature content.
Read at your own discretion.

He felt that the blood from his whole body was boiling.
He wanted to ravage Xu Qing, but his little brother was in the hand of his wife so, he dared not act rashly.

“Are you thirsty?”

Xu Qing did not hear the hoarseness in Li Changfeng’s voice, and nodded absentmindedly.
It was Li Changfeng who was always in control during their love sessions, and last night, it was also Li Changfeng who was hardworking, but why wasn’t he the one who was exhausted? So energetic.
This isn’t fair. Thank you for reading on

“Here, I’ll feed you!”

Xu Qing only felt that when the surrounding scenes flickered, he was pressed under Li Changfeng.
When he was about to open his mouth to accuse Li Changfeng of not following through on his words, he was blocked by a fiery mouth.
Xu Qing was in a daze when he felt something growing larger in his palm, and it was only then that he realized Li Changfeng’s member was still in his hand.

“Come on, use the strength and speed I usually give you.” As Li Changfeng softly nibbled his ear, Xu Qing’s hands acted according to the words in his ear as if he was in a trance.

Li Changfeng’s hands brushed Xu Qing’s dark hair, then slid all the way down his ears, cheeks, and neck.
His lips lingered on the exquisite neck as he listened to Xu Qing’s soft whimpers.

The accelerating movement below seemed to encourage Li Changfeng; he held Xu Qing’s chest, and his body swayed following Xu Qing’s rhythm.

Stimulated by Li Changfeng’s immersed movements, Xu Qing trembled again and again.
His hand, that was working hard, slowly came to a halt unconsciously, until a big hand wrapped his own and began to move slowly.
Li Changfeng was helping himself.

“Is it comfortable, huh?” Li Changfeng panted against Xu Qing’s forehead, his other hand kept tentatively kneading his wife who was also gasping, “are you still thirsty?” Xu Qing shook his head in fright.
His lips were kissed until they were almost swollen by Li Changfeng.

Xu Qing shook his head hurriedly once more, “you still touched me?” Although his hands were practically sore from being held by Li Changfeng, they were not in pain. Thank you for reading on

His heart felt like it was on fire.
He just wanted something to cool himself down.

“Changfeng…Changfeng…” Xu Qing frantically called Li Changfeng’s name.
His entire body was scorching, and he wanted him.

Li Changfeng has endured it to the extreme.
Xu Qing already climaxed once, but he hasn’t from start to finish.
He pressed Xu Qing firmly against the bed.
After Xu Qing hugged himself in a daze, Li Changfeng slowly slid his finger inside to loosen up Xu Qing.
Li Changfeng patiently waited until Xu Qing enthusiastically welcomed his finger, and only then he sank into Xu Qing’s body and began to move vigorously.

The two bodies pressed against each other like they were one.
This kind of delectable experience left Xu Qing speechless.
This feeling was strange; he felt stretched inside, but it was full of tremendous pleasure.
When Li Changfeng pulled out, he felt as if his body became very empty.
When he rushed in again, Xu Qing felt that he was filled to the brim.

Li Changfeng was familiar with all the sensitive parts of Xu Qing’s body.
He could only breathe lightly or heavily along with other party’s rhythm.
Xu Qing felt his eyes had begun to blur, and his mind gone blank.
He could only hold onto Li Changfeng’s body as if it was his own floating device, his own salvation.

It was already evening when Xu Qing woke up again.

Even if Li Changfeng had cleaned him up and there was no stickiness, Xu Qing couldn’t help but be annoyed and let out a faint sigh.
He was always eaten by this wolf into his stomach.
How can he live the rest of the day.

“Awake? Are you thirsty? Drink some warm water.
I just boiled it.” Li Changfeng opened the bedroom door and met a pair of accusing eyes, but he happily walked over with the bowl regardless.
He took Xu Qing, who had no strength to struggle, into his arms, and kissed lovingly.

Xu Qing, whose face became hot as soon as he heard the word “thirsty”, couldn’t care too much.
After half an afternoon of exercise, he was thirsty.
Really thirsty, like, for some water.

“Do you want more?” Li Changfeng blamed himself when he saw Xu Qing drank the entire bowl of water.

“No, I don’t … I don’t! My waist is still sore!” Xu Qing’s brain crashed and blurted out.
After he realized what he said, he felt ashamed.
He buried his head and drilled into Li Changfeng’s arms.
So embarrassed. Thank you for reading on

Li Changfeng patted Xu Qing lightly and stopped teasing him, “Okay, okay, just let me know if you still want more water.” His wife was so thin-skinned, if he said something wrong, it’d be a tragedy if Xu Qing didn’t let him touch again.

“I want more …” A small whimper came from his arms.
If it wasn’t for their bodies being so close, he could have missed it.

Li Changfeng turned around to pour the water after pulling the quilt on his wife.
Xu Qing looked out the window at the darkening sky and thought to himself, “I’ve wasted another afternoon.” Alas, this man’s appearance in his life really ruined some things.


Translator has something to say

I am now suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome.
I won’t be able to update everyday like I used to anymore.
Meanwhile, I would like to thank LaisseSeul for their 5-star review on NU and the suggestions on the issues with aggregator sites.
I have changed the format per your recommendation. 

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