family but he was only one man.
Xiao Yu had no choice but to placate them by agreeing to accept the divorce letter.
Only then the Ma family decided to let go of the matter.
We stayed in the town overnight because of this.”

No wonder Xie Ama and uncle Xie looked so haggard like they didn’t have a good rest the night before, “What about Brother Xiaoyu?” Xu Qing hasn’t heard or seen Xie Yu since entering the door.

Xie Ama pointed to the corner room, which was where Xie Yu used to live when he was not married yet.
“He went through a lot yesterday, and his health isn’t good.
He took some medicine and fell asleep.” Why did he agree to this marriage in the first place? Obviously, the Ma family members were not good people …

Xu Qing wasn’t also in a good mood.
Xie family was so kind to him, and when something happened to them, he couldn’t help him.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore.
It’s all over, it’s all over! Thank you for your concern.
You said you brought something delicious?”

Xie Ama let out everything stuck in his heart and became more comfortable.
He felt a little embarrassed seeing Xu Qing was affected by his words, so he quickly changed the subject.

Thinking the Xie family must not have eaten well these past two days, Xu Qing hurriedly opened the small kimchi jar on the table, “This is kimchi, by the way.
It has a flavor similar to pickles, but it is more appetizing.
You must not have eaten well recently.
At lunch, eat this with some rice.
It tastes very good.
Chang Feng didn’t even want to eat fish anymore since he tried it yesterday!”

Xie Ama felt his appetite returned, and he got a little excited.
It didn’t really matter for them old couple whether they eat well or not, but Xiao Yu’s body was not good.
If he could make Xiao Yu eat something, it is already better than nothing.

“That’s great, your brother Xiaoyu didn’t eat much these few meals, I was beginning to be worried.
Thank you, brother Qing.”

“No problem.
I just wanted to help in any way I could.
If you don’t let me help you, I will feel unhappy.
I can also make some porridge for Brother Xiao Yu.
For now, let him eat this kimchi to nourish his stomach and get his appetite back.” The Kimchi he made contained the spring water, which is good for Brother Xie’s body. Thank you for reading on

“Oh … wait a minute.
Look at my memory.
I forgot all about giving you the chickens after I’ve been too busy these days.
Come with me.
I’ll find a basket for you to carry the chickens back home.”

It was almost noon when Xu Qing left Xie Ama’s house, carrying the basket with fifteen fluffy and yound chickens on his back.
As soon as he got out of the village, Xu Qing met Li Changfeng, who had come to pick him up, at the outskirts of the village.

“Where are you going?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng in a puzzled manner.
For some reason, this man’s sudden appearance reminded him the scene when the two of them were sweating and entangled with each other.

“I went home to rest and also drink some water.
I didn’t see you, so I came and checked.” The big hand took the basket from Xu Qing’s back, tightened the strap, and slung it on his arm.
He then directly pulled Xu Qing’s hand towards home.

Xu Qing was scalded by Li Changfeng’s big hot hands, warming his heart, “like i didnt know the way.” Li Changfeng nodded as if he was agreeing with his wife, “but I didn’t see you at home, and my heart was not at ease.” Without Xu Qing, the entire house felt empty, and he couldn’t get used to it. Thank you for reading on

Xu Qing made a good meal at noon, but he ate only a small portion.
He got up almost noon and ate breakfast late.
So, he wasn’t very hungry during lunch.
Li Changfeng was aware why he ate so little, and he did not force Xu Qing to eat more.

“Don’t think I’m talking nonsense.
Let me ask you.
If I can’t have children, will you leave me?” Xu Qing couldn’t still fully digest the fact that he was now capable of getting pregnant and giving birth.
If it wasn’t for what happened to Xie Yu, he almost forgot that he was now able to have children.

Li Changfeng just took a sip of the soup, and his mouth was full.
When he heard Xu Qing’s question, he shook his head hurriedly.
After he swallowed the food inside the mouth, he said, “I like the world of us two people better!” Then he wouldn’t have to share his wife’s attention.
How great!

Xu Qing rolled his eyes at Li Changfeng.
What do you like about the two-person world? Don’t think he didn’t know what this man was thinking.
Sure enough, men are three-legged animals! Although he was too. Thank you for reading on

After washing and putting away the dishes and chopsticks following the meal, Li Changfeng built a chicken coop next to the pigpen.
Because there were only chicks and no adult chickens, Li Changfeng covered the chicken coop with two large wooden boards and made it with four large square stones.
It became a simple enclosure.
He proceeded to build a circle enclosed by wooden sticks not far from the chicken coop.
It would be a place for the chicks to move around during the day.
These little guys would destroy all the seedlings Xu Qing planted in the backyard if they’re not contained properly.

After Li Changfeng finished his busy work, he washed his hands and face before entering the hall, but did not see his wife.
Knowing that Xu Qing was in the bedroom, Li Changfeng simply closed the courtyard gate and the hall and entered the bedroom to take a nap with his wife.

Greetings from the translator

Finally went to the beach after cooped up at home for a month, the weather started becoming downcast, it began to rain.
Had to leave after a few hours.
Got some photos to share with my lovely readers though

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