Chapter 25: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Apr 16 2022


After lunch with the Li family, Xu Qing and Li Changfeng left.
They had to return early because the piglet at home is still waiting to be fed.

When they reached the village’s outskirts, Xu Qing remembered what Li Changfeng had said the day before, that Uncle Xie had asked them to come pick the chicks, so the two of them stopped by Xie family’s house. Thank you for reading on

The courtyard gate was locked, indicating that Xie Ama was not home.
“Hmmm, no one seems to be home, so let’s just come back later.” Li Changfeng nodded and held Xu Qing’s hand as they walked back home.

When they got back, Li Changfeng only rested a while, then he grabbed a shovel and went out, “I’m going to dig the soil, you rest at home, and I’ll be back soon.”

It’s convenient that the fields are all around the house.  However, Xu Qing frowned as he watched the blazing sunlight outside the eaves, “Wait a little more.
It’s so hot now, you’re gonna get heatstroke.”

“It’s okay, it’s not far.
I’ll be back in a while.
The weather is good, and the soil needs to be loosened, otherwise, the seeds will not survive if not properly cared for.” Li Changfeng looked at the sun outside and didn’t think it was that hot.
Xu Qing relented and let the man to do what he pleased.

“Then you come back soon! Don’t push yourself too hard!” Xu Qing warned against Li Changfeng’s back with worry.
It is getting hotter and hotter these days, but he also knows that spring plowing is approaching, so they have to eventually work on the fields anyway.

After putting the quilt cover in the yard for the whole morning, putting the sheets into the room and folding them carefully.
When he was about to open the cabinet and put it in, Xu Qing saw the pamphlet that was thrown on the cabinet by Li Changfeng yesterday, “This thing!” Xu Qing rolled his eyes and stuffed the booklet under the cabinet.
After hiding it, Xu Qing continued to put the quilt and wait while humming a little song.

After leaving the quilt cover in the yard all morning, it was ready to brought back inside and folded.
When Xu Qing was going to unlock the cabinet and put the quilt cover in, he noticed the booklet that Li Changfeng had thrown on top the day before.
“This thing…,” Xu Qing sighed and hid the booklet behind the cabinet.
Humming a small tune, he put the quilt cover on the self and waited for Li Changfeng’s return.

Before Li Changfeng came back, Xu Qing took out some of the seedlings from the space and planted them in the vegetable field behind the house in rows.
The seedlings had already sprouted and looking green in color.
It’s so satisfying to see.
He didn’t need to keep them in the space anymore.
Xu Qing decided to take all of them out in a few days; he would plant them after the field is loosened.

The sun had set by the time Xu Qing finished planting the seedlings.
He washed his hands thoroughly, put a basket on his back, and cut the pigweed with a scythe.
He spotted Li Changfeng, who was busy working in the field, not far from the courtyard’s entrance.

Li Changfeng had dug three plots of land.
When Xu Qing looked at his clothes, they were soaked in sweat and felt hot to the touch.
Xu Qing turned around, filled a wooden cup with water, and brought it to Li Changfeng to quench his thirst.
The man was really stubborn; didn’t he see how hot it is outside!

“Come, drink some water, don’t you see how hot it is?” Xu Qing asked Li Changfeng to pause and handed him the cup. Thank you for reading on

Li Changfeng smiled happily at Xu Qing.
When he reached over to grab the cup, he took the opportunity and touched his wife’s smooth palms, causing Xu Qing to glare, “Thank you, wife.
You are going out to cut the pigweed?” Looking at the equipment on Xu Qing’s body, he knew what his wife was going to do.

“Yes, I’ll cut in that field.
This piglet is still small and doesn’t eat much, so it’s so troublesome.” After the piglet grows up, it will be difficult to handle, and there will be a lot of pigweeds needed to feed it.
There is no corn here but plenty of pigweeds all year round.
Now that pretty much all the land available is being used to cultivate vegetables and grains, people have to go to the wasteland where nothing is being grown or to the outskirts of the mountain.

After Li Changfeng drank half of the water, he handed the cup to Xu Qing’s mouth, “You drink some too.” Xu Qing was feeling a little thirsty from watching Li Changfeng drink, so he took a big sip from the cup in the other’s hand.
He didn’t know if he drank too quickly, and the excess water overflowed from his mouth to the snow-white neck and soaked the clothes.
Li Changfeng’s eyes were full of excitement.
He wouldn’t hold back tonight.

While cutting the pigweed, Xu Qing would glance at Li Changfeng who was not far away.
He would happen to meet Li Changfeng’s gaze from time to time.
There was a sense of satisfaction in his heart.
The simplest life is the happiest life.

In the evening, cooking smoke eventually rose from the houses in the village houses

Xu Qing added the sliced fish prepped by Li Changfeng into the hot soup made earlier.
The fish was only lightly cooked, and it was ready in less than a quarter of an hour.

Li Changfeng went to Xie Ama’s house to pick up the chicks (T/N: LOL) after preparing the ingredients for Xu Qing; he has not returned yet.

“That’s right! The kimchi!” After bringing the rice to the table, Xu Qing remembered the kimchi they made yesterday.
He gently opened the lid of the kimchi jar; a familiar sour smell came out. Thank you for reading on

“It’s ready.” Xu Qing took a pair of chopsticks, held a small bowl, and tried some.
It was not as sour and spicy as modern versions, but it was still incredibly refreshing.
When he made it, he added a few drops of spring water to cut down on the intense smell.

“Wife, I’m back.” Li Changfeng’s voice sounded over the yard from afar.
Xu Qing placed a small bowl of kimchi on the table after carefully closing the kimchi jar lid., “Dinner is ready.
Hurry come eat.
Have you given the money to Xie ama for the chicks?”

Li Changfeng wiped his hands he just washed with a napkin and shook his head, “No, they’re still not back.
I met Wei Lao Er at the end of the village though.
He said that he would send me wood to make the wardrobe in a few days.” Before he even reached the gate, he could smell the delicious food made by his wife.
He was hungry to death.

Xu Qing didn’t think too much when he heard the Xie couple hasn’t come back.
He added food to Li Changfeng’s bowl, “maybe they went to Xie Ge’er.” Xie Ge’er is the only child of Xie Ama and Uncle Xie.
He married the son of the Ma family who owned a store in the market.
Many gers in the village were jealous for a few days because of this.
Xie Ama would occasionally visit his son, and it was common not to come back for the night sometimes.

Li Changfeng ate a lot of kimchi during dinner.
He fell in love with the flavor as soon as he tasted it.
He didn’t even eat the fish as much as he did yesterday.
Helplessly, Xu Qing gave Li Changfeng another half a bowl of kimchi, “You can’t eat it anymore.
It is sour.
Eating too much is not good for the stomach.” Although it was so appetizing.

The sky was filled with the dim starlight; the night was a little ugly.
In the dark room, Xu Qing could no longer scream; he was already trembling.
Li Changfeng’s hot tongue lingered in his mouth, causing his entire body to quiver unconsciously.

Li Changfeng did not stop after Xu Qing reached the peak, but moved even more intensely.
The wooden bed swayed back and forth because of the movements on top, and there was a constant sound of “crunching.” Xu Qing was made to climax over and over again by Li Changfeng that he became absentminded.
Xu Qing felt the sensations from both his body and heart sank him deep into a dreamlike state at the moment, either because of Li Changfeng’s fierce actions, or his large hands brushing and burning his skin everywhere, or maybe because of the close skin-to-skin contact.
He was then brought back to reality by Li Changfeng’s vigorous pumping.
The night outside the window was slightly cool, but Xu Qing felt like he was on fire.

“Enough…” His voice was already hoarse, and it was already too long for him to bear it.

“One last time.” Li Changfeng hurriedly responded to the person underneath, making his movements more and more fierce.

“Your uncle! Stop it!” The pain from being pierced repeatedly made him almost mad.
His hands, that rested on Li Changfeng’s shoulders, pinched the man’s flesh fiercely, but the other didn’t know the pain, instead he tried to appease Xu Qing and kissed his mouth.


Li Changfeng laid on the clean bed with his arms around Xu Qing.
The sweat on his body had been wiped clean.
The cold wind blew in from outside the window.
After the rigorous exercise, it was unexpectedly pleasant.
Xu Qing said one last time before going to bed, “don’t touch me again next few days.”

Li Changfeng lovingly touched Xu Qing’s sleeping face, “okay, I won’t touch you, you touch me…” He didn’t know if Xu Qing would want to kill him if he heard this!

The next day, Xu Qing woke up almost at noon again, “Don’t laugh at me! Go to Xie Ama’s house to see if they come back yet.” He glared at Li Changfeng angrily and rubbed his waist.
This man is very energetic.
Although the tossing was not light last night, it was much better than the wedding night. Thank you for reading on

Li Changfeng listened to Xu Qing’s orders and went to Xie ama’s house.
Just when he was about to knock on the door of Xie’s house, he heard Xie Ama’s crying from inside.

“That damn Ma Family! Why is their heart so cruel? How could our son live in the future?” Xie Ama sobbed.

“How could he live?! We are not dead yet! Our son will always have a home to come back to.” This roar came from Uncle Xie.
Li Changfeng retracted his hand in the air that was about to knock on the door, thought for a while, and left quietly.

“Xie ama and uncle, they still haven’t come back?” Xu Qing finished eating the breakfast that Li Changfeng prepared for him.
When he saw Li Changfeng coming back empty-handed, he assumed Xie ama family hasn’t returned yet.

Li Changfeng shook his head, closed the courtyard door, and whispered under Xu Qing’s puzzled eyes: “There seems to be something wrong with Xie family’s son.
I don’t know the details about.
I just listened at the courtyard door for a while and left.
I’m an outsider and a man.
It’s inappropriate to get involved in other people’s backyard matters.” His wife and Xie Ama got along well.
It was better for Xu Qing to talk about it with Xie ama.

Xu Qing thought what Li Changfeng said make sense, “I’ll go personally in a while.” It seems that Xie Ama didn’t necessarily go to town because they wanted to see their son.
It didn’t so simple anymore.

“Okay, then I’ll go to the field!” Li Changfeng kissed Xu Qing on the forehead and walked away with a hoe.

Xu Qing cleaned up the kitchen, took a small jar of kimchi for Xie Ama, and went out.
When he arrived at the entrance of Xie’s house, there was no such sound of crying as mentioned by Li Changfeng; it was quiet.
Xu Qing looked at the courtyard door.
He checked to see if the door is unlocked and started knocking on the door after confirming that someone was at home. Thank you for reading on

“Xie ama, uncle Xie, anyone home? This is Brother Qing, and I brought you something!”

After a while, uncle Xie came to open the door, “It’s brother Qing.
Come inside.
Your aunt is in the hall, go and talk to him.
I’m heading to the field.
I haven’t been there these days.
Go, go, he’s waiting.”

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