Chapter 23: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

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While Xu Qing was being tortured on the other side, in comparison, Li Changfeng’s life was much more comfortable.

Mother Li and Old Man Li got up early in the morning and boiled hot water to let Li Changfeng take a bath.
Li Changfeng started to clean up and got ready after having breakfast.

He didn’t have many things.
The clothes he used to wear five years ago no longer fit since he had grown tall and muscular, so he only had a few clothes.
ho lo lo novels.
After he finished packing, he closed the door, shook his arm, and moved the cabinet in a squat.

Li Changfeng knocked on the ground the cabinet was originally located.

“Dang…dang!” There was an empty sound.
Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up.
He found looked around the room, grabbed something to dig the ground, and soon, an iron box appeared!

Li Changfeng picked up the box the size of his palm.
He cleaned it, put it on the bed, and then moved the cabinet back.

Inside the box, there were twenty-five taels of silver.
It was the money he has been saving since he was thirteen years old.
It was originally meant for his marriage.
Especially when he was engaged to Wang Li, he saved all these money with great effort.
But later he went to serve in the military, and he didn’t take the money with him, instead buried it under the cabinet.

The cabinet weighed more than two hundred catties, and it would not be moved unless it was necessary.
For this reason, Li Changfeng chose to hide the money underneath this heavy cabinet.

“Changfeng! Are you alright?!”

Chen Qi shouted from outside with a loud voice.
Li Changfeng quickly closed the box and put it in another bigger box with his clothes.
After putting on the groom’s dress, he opened the door.

“Tsk tsk, you look good!” Chen Qi praised Li Changfeng, who looked the tall and upright.


Today is a day for Li Changfeng to be overjoyed, and he sincerely responded without scorning Chen Qi.

At this time Li Laoyi and Li Laosan also came to Li Changfeng’s door, “Well dressed! You look really good!”

Li Laoyi exclaimed, his second brother was already handsome, but now he looked even more handsome in the groom’s attire!

Li Laosan noticed that the fabric Li Changfeng was wearing was not bad, and he muttered in his heart: “Is this ger he’s marrying from a rich family?”

“Come, this is my wedding gift for you!” Chen Qi stuffed a wooden box into Li Changfeng’s hand.

The two Li brothers also passed the wooden boxes in their hands with indescribable smiles, just like what Xie Ama gave to Xu Qing!

Li Changfeng, who read the pamphlet all night, certainly knew what could possibly be inside the boxes.
He calmly took over the three wooden boxes without a change of expression and put the things in the bigger box along with the rest of his stuff.

Chen Qi raised his eyebrows when he saw this, “he looks like he learned something overnight!” Don’t look at Li Changfeng’s age, he really doesn’t know anything about the affairs between the husband and the wife.

Li Laoyi and Li Laosan both laughed out loud, but didn’t say much; everyone understood what was happening clearly.

After Li Changfeng bowed down and paid respect to his parents, he said goodbye to the rest of the family, carried his possessions, and left the Li family yard under the eyes of his relatives.
Li Changfeng, the two Li brothers, and Chen Qi got into the ox cart at the gate of the courtyard.
Old man Li paid for this.
It was the only ox cart in the village, and it was reserved for Li Changfeng’s wedding.
Even if his son was already a grownup, old man Li wanted to send him of beautifully.

“Hey, I haven’t taken an ox cart before! I’m enjoying your blessing today!” Chen Qi sat in the ox cart with a grin and patted Li Changfeng on the shoulder.

It was also the first time for Li Laoyi and Li Laosan.
The eldest didn’t think much, but the third Li was a little bit uneasy in his heart, and he was sour.
Although he was already a talented scholar when he got married, his father didn’t rent a ox cart for him.

When they set out, it was still dawn.
Although it was early, there were several families in the village who were holding wedding ceremonies on the same day, so the village was very lively!

As soon as Li Changfeng and the others left the gate of the Li family courtyard, Old Man Li set off a cannon at the entrance, meaning that his family also had a happy event!

Chen Hong hid in a place not far from Li’s house and watched Li Changfeng in the groom’s dress went further and further away in the ox cart.
He had no more tears to shed.
He stumbled back home, but accidentally hit someone.


Chen Qi’s wife, who came here with his husband earlier, naturally saw the scene of Chen Hong watching Li Changfeng with obsession in his eyes.
ho lo lo novels.
Chen Qi’s wife was full of anger and pain.

“You, you! Go! Let’s go home!”

At Xu Qing’s place, Butcher Liu has already decorated both inside and outside of the courtyard.
Meanwhile, uncle Xie brought a cart of vegetables over.

“Come and come! Old Liu, come help me.” Uncle Xie called Butcher Liu for help as he unloaded vegetables and moved them to the kitchen!

Xie Ama set out from the kitchen and glared at Uncle Xie, “What’s the matter? You left so early and only arrive now.”

Uncle Xie was also very helpless! “Too many people are getting married today, the market was very crowded.”

“Alright, alright, just go in, we were all waiting for you.” Xie Ama patted his clothes after speaking, and was about to walk to the courtyard gate when uncle Xie asked “where are you going?” He was afraid that his wife would also go unload the vegetables.
Xie ama’s health was not good to do such manual labor.

“Brother Qing has only one table at home! I’ll move our table over!”

“What are you worried about? You stay, I’ll go as soon as I finish moving the vegetables.” This distance was not close.
How could he move the table all by himself!

Xie Ama listened reluctantly, turned around, and went back to the kitchen, “By the way, what about the wine I asked you to buy?”

After uncle Xie transported the rest of the produce to the kitchen, he wiped his sweat, “It’s in the cart.”

“I brought it in!” Butcher Liu held the three jars in his arms and walked in steadily.

“Old Liu, you are so strong!” A jar is more than twenty jins heavy.

“Haha, we all have to drink well for brother Qing today!”

“What are you so happy with?” Liu Ama carried two large baskets of melon seeds with some candies mixed in.
This was for people who come to the wedding reception to eat.

Xie ama replied instead of butcher Liu, “it’s a happy event eh! Old Xie just left.
Butcher Liu, don’t you also have to move the table?” Butcher Liu winked at Xie ama, “Yes, yes, I’m leaving.” Xie ama nodded immediately and pulled butcher Liu out the door.

“Hmph, he thinks I don’t know what he was planning.” Liu Ama muttered and glared at Liu Butcher’s back.
Wei Ama was washing the vegetables, and he laughed loudly when he heard the other complain.

“The man in our family too, loves to drink! If he hasn’t drank yet, he would say he’s not feeling well.” Wei Ama’s husband is also an honest farmer, but contrary to the plump Wei Ama, his husband is thin.
They’re both the opposite of each other.
He went to help at another house today so, he didn’t come.

“I don’t know what’s so good about that wine.” Xie Ama felt the most annoying thing is the smell of wine, but he has to thank his husband for hiding it so well.

In addition to moving their tables, Uncle Xie and Butcher Liu also borrowed some extra unused tables from the village.
As soon as they placed the tables in the yard, they heard noises coming from outside the courtyard!

“The groom is here!”

“The groom is here!”

“The groom is here!”

With this shout approaching them from far to near, Uncle Xie also fired a cannon at the gate of Xu Qing’s courtyard! It resembled the joy of the groom’s arrival and warmly welcoming him.

Xu Qing was sitting in the room, full of red decorations, that was cleaned up by Liu Ama and Xie Ama.
Hearing the sound of cannons coming from the yard, his heart jumped.
Li Changfeng is here!

Seeing Li Changfeng’s future wife’s house from afar, Li Laoyi took the lead and yelled out the arrival of the groom.
Then Chen Qi and Li Laosan also followed.
Li Changfeng looked at the unique dwelling at the foot of the mountain; his eyes became more and more hot.
This is where Xu Qing lives, and he is waiting for his arrival there.

This loud voice also reached the village, not just Xu Qing’s courtyard.

“This sound came from the back mountain?!”

“Isn’t it where the ugly ger of the Xu family lives?”

“He’s not ugly anymore! It’s the opposite now.
Haven’t you heard the others saying that his face is now all healed, and he looks so white and tender?”

“I say, I was wondering he didn’t agree to the marriage proposals.
It turns out that he recruited a husband.”

Li Changfeng took the lead to get out of the ox cart, and personally hung another colorful cannon on the side where Uncle Xie lighted the cannon.

Li Laoyi and Li Laosan looked at the Xu family yard carefully.
Their mother asked them to assess the situation thoroughly and report everything once they got back home.

Uncle Xie stood at the gate of the courtyard and shouted loudly, “Li Changfeng, the second child of the Li family, came here today to wed the ger of the Xu family, Xu Qing! Congratulations!

It’s a tradition.
Whether it is marrying a wife in or becoming a recruited husband, an elder must call out the names of the couple at the gate of the courtyard to tell the guests who the husband and wife are.

The expressions of eldest Li and others are a bit subtle.
This Xu family brother is not that “ugly ger,” right?

Chen Qi glared at Li Laosan secretly.
Because of him that Li Changfeng ends up marrying the “ugly ger.”

“Thank you, elder!” Li Changfeng respectfully bent over to thank Uncle Xie who was shouting, and Uncle Xie laughed, “My surname is Xie, and my wife is from your village!”

Xie Ama came out of the kitchen after the cannons at the courtyard’s gate had sounded.
As soon as he came out, he heard the loud voice of his own man.

“Congratulations to the newly wedded man.
As soon as the auspicious hour arrives, you can enter the hall.”

Butcher Liu and Uncle Xie entertained the Li brothers and Chen Qi.
The children from the village also ran to the Xu family courtyard gate to join in the fun.
ho lo lo novels.
The adults also came to watch.
Xie Ama was entertaining, and Wei Ama distributed the prepared snacks to the children who were speaking auspicious words.

Slowly, more and more guests filled the yard.
Although most of the people came to watch the excitement, it does not affect Xie Ama’s happy mood at all.
The more the guests there are, the more the couple will be blessed.

Seeing that auspicious time was arriving soon, Xie Ama and Liu Ama entered the room where Xu Qing, who was covered with a red veil, was waiting and brought him to the ceremonial hall.

“The auspicious time is here! Newlyweds are invited to enter!” As Uncle Xie shouted, Xu Qing appeared in front of everyone in a red wedding dress, making the awaiting groom’s eyes glimmered.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing faced Xu parents’ tablets side by side, began to bow down, and performed the wedding ceremony steps.

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