Chapter 17 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing did not go home directly after getting off the donkey cart at the end of the village, instead he came to Aunty Xie’s house. 

“This is Yang Ji sweet scented osmanthus cake I bought at the market.
Give some for you and uncle Xie to try.”

Xu Qing put the bag of cake in his hand onto the table in the hall, walked to Aunty Xie, and sat down.

“I say, you ah it’s about time for your wedding, don’t just spend money like this.
If you do this again, aunty will not be happy.” Aunty Xie tried to toughen his heart; he was happy for being treated well by Xu Qing though.
It’s just that the other was about to marry and would be needing money in the future.

Xu Qing pulled the corner of the red dress Aunty Xie was making and said with a smile, “I know, if I buy it again later, I’ll make sure not to buy too much.”

Aunty Xie glanced at Xu Qing with a smile and didn’t refuse anymore.
This kid was such a pure person – he remembered the kindness of others in his heart.

“Ah, did you go to the clinic? How was it? What did the doctor say?” Aunty Xie saw the pill bag Xu Qing placed on the side table and asked eagerly.

“Oh! The doctor said my body was irritated so it caused these red bumps, but I have been living well these days.
I only spent 200 coppers of medicine.
I was told I’ll be fine after finishing the dose.
I think I will be completely healed before I get married.”

Xu Qing’s words made Aunty Xie so excited that he didn’t even know how to express it. 

“Yes, this is great!” Aunty Xie knew that Xu Qing was tortured by chronic acne on his face. Say what ugly ger? In order to stop the villagers from laughing at Xu Qing and irritating the family, Father Xu had to move out of the village to the back of the mountain.
Xu Qing didn’t even have a marriage arrangement until now.

“This is great! If your father and mother know it, they will be very relieved.” Aunty Xie couldn’t help but cry.
He looked at Xu Qing in front of him, and he felt very satisfied.  He put down the stone in his heart.
He had always been afraid that Li Changfeng would be disgruntled with Xu Qing’s appearance after getting married for a while.

Xu Qing hurriedly put down the red dress from his hand and wiped the tears of Aunty Xie.
He originally wanted to let Aunty Xie no longer worry, but now, seeing Aunty Xie’s sad face, his heart trembled greatly.

“I … isn’t my face about to heal? Don’t cry! Don’t cry!”

Xu Qing‘s voice also began to choke up unconsciously.
He is an orphan.
Besides being treated well in the orphanage, Aunty Xie and uncle Xie treated him sincerely since he arrived here.

At the beginning, he only felt a little closer to them because of the kindness Aunty Xie showed to the original body.
After being here for so long, the two old people treated him sincerely, to a person they had no blood relationship and for no reason.
One could tell how precious it is. 

“What’s going on? What’s going on? Why are you two crying here?”

As soon as uncle Xie entered the door, he heard the sound in the hall.
Usually, when brother Qing come, his wife would laugh happily, but now, why did she suddenly cry? 

“Does the Li family regret the marriage? I’m gonna go look for Li Changfeng.”

Aunty Xie hurriedly yelled “BAH! BAH! Can’t you say something nice?”

Xu Qing was embarrassed and lowered his head to adjust his appearance; he was actually affected by Aunty Xie‘s crying.

Uncle Xie was a little confused, “then why are you crying?” Xu Qing hurriedly repeated what he just said to Aunty Xie.
Uncle Xie was also very happy when he heard it.
“This is indeed a good thing.
Although it wouldn’t matter if you blush a little, like you have something on your face.
This is good news.
Ha ha ha!”

“Go out and cook!” Aunty Xie‘s little emotional heart has now been destroyed by uncle Xie until there was nothing left, “brother Qing, you’re eating here today.
Don’t refuse me.
Otherwise, I won’t be happy.”

Xu Qing had no choice but to agree.
He looked at Uncle Xie’s back and envied Aunty Xie who continued to sew the dress, “you guys really get along well.”

“At the beginning, I didn’t know much so, I chose your uncle because he was a straight tempered person, and also, he was very honest.” Aunty Xie bit the thread to cut it off and asked Xu Qing to stand up and try on the dress.
He circled Xu Qing and examined his work, “well, it does seem a little long when you wear it.
But then you will be carried so, it is just right.
This one is ready.”

Xu Qing nodded happily.
Unfortunately, there was no mirror so, he couldn’t see how he looked with the dress on.
“Have you already finished Li Changfeng’s wedding gown?” He didn’t see Aunty Xie making an oversized dress for Li Changfeng.

“That one was not easy.
I had to ask butcher Liu’s family to get me Li Changfeng’s measurements so, it’d fit properly and won’t be looking embarrassing.” Aunty Xie took out the unfinished groom’s wedding dress.
It is much simpler and easier to make that the bride’s.
He could make it much faster than he made Xu Qing’s; it would be ready in a while.

Xu Qing grabbed the dress and placed his against his body, “Ah, it’s so long.” If it wasn’t for Aunty Xie’s good eyesight and quick reaction, the dress could have fallen on the ground.

Aunty Xie folded the two wedding gowns, “That’s not it, Li Changfeng is tall, and he’s a man, unlike you, who is a ger.
By the way, take your wedding gown back with you.
I’ll let your uncle Xie to give it to butcher Liu so, he could send it to Li Changfeng.”

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