Chapter 17 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Today is not the market day so, there are not too many people on the street.
Regardless, the vendors were still at their stalls with goods to sell, restaurants were still opened, and it was lively in all corners of the market.

“Hey, Yang family wife, you came to the market today.”

A rather skinny ger greeted Tsing Yi from behind.

“I was wondering who has such a loud voice, it turned out to be the one from the Zhang family.
I came here to sell the embroidered handkerchief I made.
I remember you bought some materials the same time as I did.
Was it also to embroider?”

Zhang family wife started talking to Yang family wife after he left the clinic Xu Qing was in.

“No, I’m also here to sell handkerchiefs.
Since this is the case, let’s go together … and by the way …” Zhang family wife looked around to make sure no one was nearby.
He then asked in a low voice, “Do you know what happened last night? Li family’s second son separated from the family.”

As soon as Yang family wife heard the word ‘separation’, he knew there was some gossip.
“Hey, hey, I really didn’t know.
What happened? Like how did they divide? You tell me.” The third son of Li family was a scholar who refused to teach the children in the village for a reduced price, and it made many people in the village to have an opinion about the Li family.

Zhang family wife was satisfied with the Yang family wife’s curiosity and started to talk with gesticulation.
“I heard that second Li was going to become a recruited son-in-law, and Li Laosan pushed him to separate from the family.
It’s better to leave the house.
TSK! TSK! How ruthless Li Laosan is.
What you say.”

“Really? The old man Li really is something, wasn’t he afraid of damaging the family’s reputation? How can Li Laosan continue to take exams in the future.” His mouth said some regretful words, but his expression was of the opposite.
Xu Qing, who wasn’t very far from the two, gave the other 9 points for their fakeness; they should be proud.

“Bah! It’s a big deal, just like himself.” Yang family wife covered his mouth and smiled, “Haha, listening to what you’re saying, did the old couple of Li family agreed to the separation?”

“I think they did.
Just last night, someone saw Li Zheng and the Li clan elders going into the Li family yard.” Zhang family wife straightened his thin body and said affirmatively.

“I believe in you.
Every time you pass the news, they are all accurate.” Zhang family wife, who was praised by his companion, walked with wind.

Seeing them walk away to a different direction, Xu Qing also learned something.

On the back mountain of Jixiang village, Li Changfeng was climbing the mountain with a knife.
Next to him was a yellow-faced man in a black top, and he seemed to be about the same age as Li Changfeng.

Chen Qi thought of what he had heard in the village, and the information he just received from Li Changfeng.
“I don’t understand why you wanna separate.
If I were you …” 

Li Changfeng continued walking without looking back, “So what if you were me?”

Chen Qi tied his trousers and picked the dagger by his feet, “if it was me, I wouldn’t separate just so I can disgust your brother every day.” He knew how Li Changfeng was back in the Army barracks and how he has been living at home since he got back.

Seeing Li Changfeng ignored and continued to walk, Chen Qi became anxious, and he sounded a little uneasy, “Do you know how the villagers have been passing your family’s news?”


As soon as Chen Qi saw Li Changfeng’s reply, he patted his own chest as if to verify the authenticity of the words, and said what he heard in the village, “I heard from my little brother today that because of the matter with Wang family’s ger, your third bother misunderstood you and wanted you to separate.
Also when I left the house, tsk tsk, you don’t know, I heard everyone from the east to the west talking about your family’s business.”

He wanted to ask Li Changfeng the truth of the matter, so he brought his friend to go up the mountain and collect firewood.
He wanted to know why Li Laosan was so ruthless.

“I can’t believe when you confirmed what the villagers were saying was true, and it is still you who initiated the separation.
I really don’t understand.”

Li Changfeng turned his head and looked at Chen Qi steadily, making the other a little tense, “The hell, why are you looking at me? What did I say wrong?”

“There’s no discussion in the village about me and Wang Li, right?”

Chen Qi thought for a while, “only about Li Laosan tossing around for his wife.
I also didn’t say anything specific about you and Wang Li.”

Li Changfeng’s eyes gradually darkened.

Chen Qi shook his head affirmatively, “Of course, I wouldn’t tell others about what you just said.
I wasn’t even really taking it seriously.
Who would know this apart from me?”

(T/N: What Chen Qi just said was a little confusing in the raws.
I tried my best translating this part.)

“But what does this have to do with you separating from your family? Come on, don’t change the subject and leave me hanging; it’s terrible.”

“Hey, don’t leave.
You haven’t answered me yet.
Second Li! Li Changfeng!”

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