Chapter 15: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Li Xiao’er didn’t have a choice so, he had to stop.
What can he do even if he goes out? Father beats the third brother, he goes out to speak for the second brother, and if this spreads out, his reputation will be ruined.
No one likes a ger who intervenes in his elders’ affairs in the natal family.

“Sit down.”

Mother Li looked at the hesitant Li Xiao’er who sat back down obediently, and his complexion improved.

Father Li shook off the eldest son‘s hand; he gritted his teeth at the aggrieved third son, “you make it clear for me today.
Why does your second brother have to be the sorry one? You make it clear.
Say it out.
Otherwise, I will kill you, you beast!”

Panting for breath, Li Laosan looked at Li Changfeng who was standing at the gate of the courtyard.
He was just about to open his mouth when he caught a glimpse of his wife’s pleading eyes.
He could no longer say what was in his mind.

“Second brother, second brother… I know you didn’t blame me.”

Li Laosan squatted down in a daze.  How could he say that he felt his second brother has thoughts about his wife? On the other hand, the second brother did not do anything to his wife, for example, when the family eat together, the second brother would sit in the furthest seat as if to avoid suspicion, or maybe implying that his wife might have thoughts about him.
But Wang Li has already married himself and given birth to a child.

Second brother doesn’t owe him anything.
Since he was a child, second brother brought him up.
But it was him who used his literacy to change the name reported for military service without authorization.
It was him who used the reputation of being a scholar to ask for the marriage from the Wang family.
It was all him.
It was all him who wronged his second brother.

Li Laosan was speechless.
He wanted to admit his mistakes, but he was unwilling to do so.
He knew who was right and who was wrong, but he just couldn’t admit that he was at fault.

Eldest Li looked at the appearance of his younger brother, and he couldn’t bear it.
Before the birth of Li Xiao’er, Li Laosan was the youngest.
When he was about a year and a half old, the family became busy so, he was basically raised by Li Changfeng with his own hands.

“Father, the third brother knows that he was wrong so, please don’t be angry.”

Hearing his eldest brother said that he was wrong, Li Laosan reflexively wanted to defend himself but when he opened his mouth, his throat seemed to be blocked, and he couldn’t speak.

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Father Li sighed heavily, sat down on the stool placed by the eldest, and looked at Wang Li who hasn’t said a word from the beginning to end.
He sure did commit sin.
At the beginning, he was reluctant to break the marriage between the third and Wang Li, now his family is paying for his indecisiveness.

“Second son, you should also talk about it.
Why are you thinking about separating the family?”

When Li Laoyi said that Li Laosan knew he was wrong, Li Changfeng had already discarded the grievances between the three of them – himself, third Li, and Wang Li – even though it was those two who betrayed him and sowed discord between the flesh and blood of brothers.

“I want to split the family; there are two reasons.” Whether it is mother Li and Li Xiao’er Inside the hall or Father Li outside in the yard, they all raised their ears to hear why Li Changfeng world propose to separate from the family.

“One, I’m going to be the recruited son in law so, I must enter the door cleanly as to avoid unnecessary disputes with the wife in the future.
The other reason is,” Li Changfeng looked around, “you have also heard the rumors in the village.
As long as I don’t leave this family for a day, they will always exist.”

Li Laoyi wanted to argue, “the body is not afraid of the crooked shadow.”

Li Changfeng shook his head, “we are not afraid, but Xiao’er has not yet married, eldest brother and third brother also have children, and they are sensitive.
They know what others are saying, and they know they didn’t feel comfortable.
That’s why I want to separate from the family, but I will still bear the responsibility of supporting our parents.
I dare not forget this.”

“That’s right; that big bully of the Yang family always laughs at our family and says that we’re not good.” Li Laoyi’s second son grumbled and complained to his grandmother and Li Xaio’er.

“Don’t listen to those ridiculous nonsense,” Li Laoyao scolded the child, and was heard clearly by everyone in the courtyard.

Wang Li’s head drooped, and his tears fell down silently.
What could he do? At the beginning, Li Changfeng was suddenly sent to the military service.
He left before he even had time to say goodbye.
He was not so young anymore, and it was time to marry.

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In the second year, Li Laosan was selected to be the talented scholar, and he came to propose the marriage privately.
The Wang family was overjoyed from the north to the south, east to the west, from having the wife of a scholar in their family.

After they got married, Li Laosan was really good to him.
Although he wasn’t very hard-working, he was a talented scholar so, Wang Li was very satisfied.
Until Li Changfeng returned to the village, things became awkward at home.
When he went to the river to wash clothes, the wives he used to have a friendship in the past would be talking to him about this situation, and he felt it was unbearable. 

Li Laosan noticed Wang Li’s abnormality.
He stood up and walked to his wife’s side, held the other’s shoulders, and wiped the tears strained face.

Mother Li took Li Xiao’er and the grandchildren out of the hall.
The old man Li and mother Li looked at each other a few times; after a moment of silence, the old man spoke.

“Eldest, go and invite Li Zheng and a few clan uncles.”

Li Laoyi opened his mouth, saw Li Xiao’er and the children behind his mother.
He sighed and left the courtyard.

“The elders and the three brothers are having a meeting, Xiao’er, you take the children to go pick vegetables.
Second and third go inside the hall.” Following Li Laoyao’s order, everyone went on to do their own things.
Although it was still early, the family usually eat at this time.
He didn’t know if the children were hungry.

Afterwards, Li Laoyao entered the hall, sat down on the main seat, and smoked his ciger quietly.
Li Changfeng and Li Laosan did not speak either.

Mother Li came inside shortly after holding a worn black purse in his hand, and he shoved it into Li Changfeng’s arms, “there are a total of 45 taels of silver in the family, including the 12 taels you gave when you came back.
I saved it together with what the family earned outside; you take it.”

Li Changfeng stopped pushing the purse back into his mother’s hand when he heard the other’s words, and decided to keep it.

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Seeing Li Changfengs acceptance, mother Li looked on calmly and continued, “from these 45 taels, all four of you children should have received about 12 taels each, but your eldest and third brother have children, I gave them each 12 taels, left 8 taels for Xiao’er’s dowry and wedding expenses, and 9 taels for miscellaneous expenses for the family.
Second son, you get seven taels.”

“Do you have anything to say, third?” After speaking, mother Li caught Li Laosan who was silent and asked.
Li Laosan shook his head, “only the second brother is separating.
Eldest brother and I do not need the money.”

“Of course not.
I gave you the money you deserve.
Take it so, you will have an explanation to the person next to the pillow.

“Father, Li Zheng and the clan uncles are here.” The eldest’s voice came from the yard; father and mother Li quickly took the lead to greet the guests.

Li Zheng was a man in his 40s, thin, and with some sparsely populated beard.
The three clan uncles were all in their 70s, and they were considered to be the most respected elders in the Li family.

After the greeting, the family lit that oil lamp, and served tea from the leaves they dried at home.

“It is really bad to have trouble Li Zheng and the clan uncles at such a late hour.
But if this matter is not resolved today, there will be more discussions in the village, which will be harmful to our Li family.”

Li Laoyao handed the cigars to Li Zheng and the elders.

Li Zheng remembered the rumors in the village.
He looked at Li Changfeng and Li Laosan who were standing behind, thoughtfully he said, “then how do you want to handle this matter?”

“Separate.” Old man Li said firmly.

The clan uncles winked at each other and nodded silently.
This is the best way to deal with it.
Not to mention what the old man Li said: if rumors spread, it will not just be their family that will have the reputation damaged.
Back in their own families, several members had plenty of children and grandchildren.
There are also many unmarried grandchildren.

Li Zheng stroked his beard and nodded.
He had wanted to talk to the old man Li alone.
After all, it was so excitedly spoken by the concerning people.
In the long term, it will not be a good thing for the entire village.

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A clan uncle sitting on the right side of the table took the lead in throwing a question, “then how do you plan to divide it? What is your plan?”

“It’s like this,” Li Changfeng walked up to Li Zheng and the others, respectfully performed the bow of a junior. 

“It is this Junior who is leaving the house.” Before they began to ask, Li Changfeng explained why he wanted to separate from the family and leave.

“… So, the younger generation involuntarily separated and leaving the family.
May Li Zheng understand and agree with all the clan uncles.”

After Li Zheng and several clan uncles spoke a few words each, and after a few more discussions with the old man Li and Li Changfeng, they finally decided to be the witness of the separation.

Li Laosan wrote the separation document in duplicates, which was then signed by Li Zheng and the clan uncles.
Li Changfeng asked Li Laosan to add, “as long as our parents are alive, I, Li Changfeng will bear the responsibility of supporting them, and I will not refuse later.”

This move made Li Zheng and the clan uncles very satisfied.
Even the old man Li, who was very against the separation at first, and the mother Li were pleased.
They all thought that the second Li was a benevolent and righteous one.

Li Zheng and the clan uncles declined the old man Li’s intention to have a meal together, and they went back to their homes.
As soon as they left, the atmosphere of our family changed a bit.

“Is the meal ready? Bring it out.
The children should be hungry.”

 Hearing the words, the Li daughters-in-law put the food on the table, and brought their own children.
Li Laoyao sat at the head of the table and said, “go and get my wine.”

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