Because Old Master Lu was beaten half- dead and his cultivation was ruined, he lost the support of the only super master in the Divine place Realm. The Lu Family was immediately suppressed by the other three families and occupied 70% of the property. If it weren for the super Family behind him, the Lu Family in Hidden Dragon City would have been exterminated long ago.

After the decline of the Lu family,

their financial resources were limited. The could only buy seven soul protecting talismans, which meant that among the younger generations, only seven people could enter the Secret region and become real cultivators.

As for the other three families, there was at least 20 tokens. The number of cultivators in the younger generation was several times more than that of the Lu Family. They would only be more and more prosperous, and the Lu Family would be suppressed by them forever.

Therefore, it was important for the Lu Family to send an outstanding disciples into the Secret region. Of course, they did not want to waste a token on Lu Xuan. Even if the token was his fathers relic, it was the same!

” This is my fathers relic. Why should I give it to you ? ” Lu Xuan looked at these people who gad surrounded him. He was so angry that his hands and feet were trembling and his fave was black.

He stared coldly at these peoples ugly faces.

Were these really his family members? For the sake of a token, he did not consider family affection at all. He bullied the young and bullied the children of the same clan who had just become orphans.

He threatened and lured the children of the same clan who gad just become orphans!

Originally, he also felt that it was because of him that he had dragged down the Lu Family. He felt guilty for his clansmen and remained silent when he ridiculed them.

At this time, he finally saw the so called clansmens faces.

It seemed that without strength, even his family members could not wait to step on him a few times. Only when he was trampled on the ground and would never be able to turn over would they be satisfied!

”Lu Xuan, if it weren for you and your father, how could the Lu Family end up like this? Hand over the token and let the other disciples of the Lu Family enter the Secret region, get a powerful fate soul, and thrive the Lu Family. Only then can you and your father redeem a little sin! ” Another thin man in his twenties pointed at Lu Xuan and scolded him.

He was Lu Xuans fifth uncle, born of the same mother as his third uncle and aunt. He had always been at odds with Lu Yuanfeng. He thought that the decline of the Lu Family was caused by Lu Xuan and his son, so he had resentment in his heart.

” To atone for his sins? It turns out that father and son are guilty of the Lu Family! Did you sentence them to this crime? ” Lu Xuan looked at the other side with a lookof disdain. Even if he did not get along well with his father, but now that his father was gone, he still wanted to force his dead brothers only son to convict Lu Xuan and his son?

It didn matter how they stepped on him, but he didn even let go of his dead father. He was simply a heartless scum!

” You all think so. Do you think I should hand over the token? ” Lu Xuan did not look at them. Instead, he turned his eyes to the elders of the Lu Family, hoping to ask them to uphold justice.

Unfortunately, when these elders saw his pleading gaze, some of them were indifferent. others were ashamed and turned their heads away, not willing to stand up for him.

In fact, they knew that it was disgraceful to force their young disciples to hand over their fathers relic. But if they had an additional token and sent another talent of the Lu Family into the Secret region, they could cultivate another strong person. It was more likely to revive the Lu Family!

However, Lu Xuans Aptitude was too low. Even if he entered the secret region, he would definitely not be able to change the fact that he could not cultivate. He would only waste the extremely precious Soul protecting talisman.

Therefore, they chose to remain silent .

” Good, good, good! I cam finally see you faces clearly today. Since you have never really treated me as a member of the Lu Family and forced me like this, I, Lu Xuan, don want to be with you! But I won hand over the token to you! ”

Lu Xuan pointed at the crowd and scolded them angrily. The corners of his eyes turned red. Suddenly, he roared, turned around, and ran toward the passage of the secret region, which was still unstable.

” No, Brother Xuan! ” Seeing this, Xiao Bingyu was so scared that her face turned pale. She cried and rushed over to stop Lu Xuan.

Unfortunately, she was too late.

The passage that was still opened was extremely unstable and very dangerous. Even if he had the Soul-protecting Talisman, he would still have a slim chance of survival, Lu Xuan doing this was tantamount to suicide.

” Lu Xuan, don do stupid things.

Come back! ” Seeing Lu Xuans crazy behaviour, some people of the Lu Family were also frightened and rushed forward to stop him Although they wanted to force Lu Xuan to hand over the token, they didn really want to force him to death.

Moreover, if the old master knew that Lu Xuan was forced to die, he would be furious.

However, Lu Xuan was too close to the passage, so no one could stop him. The crowd watched the young man jump into the extremely dangerous passage, and his thin figure was swallowed up.

After jumping into the passage, Lu Xuan was immediately twisted by a huge turbulent force. These forces were extremely horrible. Even the real cultivators could not bear it, let alone his mortal body.

With a scream, his flesh was torn apart in an instant, and blood flew like rain. Just as his flesh was about yo be torn apart, suddenly!

A mysterious suction force came from the front and instantly sucked him down into a boundless dark world!

” Hehe, the more the Lu Family lives, the more they go back to life. They actually forced Lu Yuanzhis only son to death for a token. This show is really wonderful! ”

”Im very curious. Lu Yuanba, Lu Yuanjiao, and the others forced their nephew to die. What will old master Lu think if he finds out? Im really curious, Hahahahaha! ”

The fact that Lu Family forced Lu Xuan to jump into the Unstable passage in public was extremely disgraceful. It was regarded as a joke by the other three families in Hidden Dragon City and other big Cities, without mercy or sarcasm.

Now that the Lu Family was declining, they were not afraid at all

Lu Yuanba, Lu Yuanjiao, and the other elders faces turned pale and ugly.

” The passage way has been opened! ”

Someone shouted, and everyones attention began to shift to the passage. One by one, the families began to send their disciples in.

The Lu Family was pushed to the end of the team because of its decline.

Xiao Bingyu, the pearl of the Xiao Family, thought that Lu Xuan was dead and had tears on his face. She was heartbroken and looked at the seven disciples of the Lu Family with hatred in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, ” Its you who forced my Brother Xuan to die. I swear that I will avenge him when I enter the Secret realm! ”

” Humph, It hurts! ” Lu Xuan struggled to open his heavy eyelids. He felt numb and painful all over his body, as if he had been torn apart.

” What us the place? ” When he saw the environment he was in, he was shocked.

He was in primal chaos. Large amounts of terrifying lighting radiance interweaved above his head. It was as if heaven and earth first opened, archaic energy surging. Those streaks of lightning exploded, the power terrifying, as if they were going to destroy this world.

” Not good! ”

As soon as he appeared, the thunder and lightning in the whole space immediately became violent, and the overwhelming heat poured down on him. He subconsciously ran forward, only to find that his body was suspended in the air, bound tightly by the mysterious power and unable to move.

” Damn it! ” He was shocked and furious. He roared with unwillingness, and in that instant, more than ten thick purple streaks of lightning appeared on his body, miserably screaming as he fainted.

A blue light streaked across the sky and instantly entered the space between his eyes brows!

In an instant, Lu Xuans body burst into blue light, and even his skin turned blue. The light stone like countless peerless divine swords, cutting through the darkness, causing all the chaotic energy to surge.

The mysterious world was swaying like water, and it was about to be shattered by a sudden burst if power.

This mysterious force actually over flowed from Lu Xuans body.

Each of them was like a dragon or a snake, twisting and flying, with the momentum of ten thousand dragons returning to the sea.

His body seemed to be protected by something, or he would have been blown into ashes. However, he could not bear the violent power.

The surface of his skin quickly cracked, and drops of turbid blood came out.

A blurry and beautiful figure appeared. Her style was peerless, and her water –blue dress fluttered in the wind. Her long blue hair, which was dozens of feet long, danced in the wind. Her figure was Ah Na. She was slender and slender, and her waist was like a bee. Her chest was like a melon, forming a golden ratio.

Her face was covered with a veil flowing with stars, and it could be vaguely seen that she was a beautiful woman.

She let out a deep sigh, and there was a glimmer of expectation in her crystal– like eyes. Looking at the unconscious Lu Xuan, she said softly, ”I hope that you are the person I am looking for. Don let me down. The God of Five Elements is in heaven and earth, and I am the only sovereign. The servant of the God of water, respect my orders, and assist the new Lord wholeheartedly! ” She pointed with her slender finger, and a light bead with rolling black gas entered the space between Lu Xuans eyebrows again, making his body shake.

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