When Liao Tingyu came back, he went to his room and lie down for a while.
He fell asleep in daze and woke up when someone called him.


At this time, the sun already up and bright, “Er-ye, you will go to the town today, remember to study hard and listen to your teacher.
They are knowledgeable, you should learn carefully from them.” Liao Ming was nagging his youngest son carefully at the dining room, the eldest son next to him nodded his head in agreement.

Mother Deng was busy in kitchen, the father and son had to go early so they rushed eating breakfast.

After big brother Liao finished eating, he went to the village chief to borrow the cart, he already explained it yesterday so he just took it today.
The experience of riding an ox cart was hard to describe.
Liao Tingyu got out of the ox cart dizzily, he couldn’t tell the different between the south and north.

Liao Ming looked at Liao Tingyu fragile appearance and said, “You need to exercise your body more.
We will work late so you don’t have to wait for us, just go home after school.”

Liao Tingyu knew from the memory, his father and big brother did odd jobs in the town.
They always choose the long and tiring jobs to get more money.

He walked to the school using the direction from his memory.
When he got there, some students already sat down.
He wasn’t the first here but not the last, so he sat down, pulled out the books and waited for the teacher.
He looked around the classroom, it was similar with modern class.
The most oblivious one was the teacher’s table and chair; it was big with a rattan stick on the table.
You could see how much the teacher loves holding the rattan by the pale spots on its handle. 

People who knew Liao Tingyu said hello to him, although the students were a bit nerdy but they had refined and elegant aura.
Liao Tingyu asked a close friend to borrow novels to read during the break.

His friend family owned a library so students from poor families always came to him and copied the books from his library.
This way everyone could read more books without spending money.
The original body also borrowed books several times.
This man was generous and never looked down on other students.
His good reputation among other students was very high.


A day passed just like that.
It was peaceful, nothing special happened.
The only weird experience was; when a bird suddenly flew in while the teacher testing the students, the bird flew around in circle never leave the classroom.

After returning home, he put away his things and went to the mountain.
Mother Deng looked strangely at her son who went home and went out in hurry,

“What’s is er-ye doing?”

Wen Xiuer shook her head, she also didn’t know.
Mother Deng didn’t expect any answer, she just asked casually.

When he arrived at the mountain, Liao Tingyu carefully checked his trap.
He was very lucky, there were no footprints around the trap but there were three pheasants pecking brown rice balls inside the trap.
It wasn’t in vain when he secretly took out the brown rice from the kitchen, last night he didn’t finish his rice and mother Deng planned to save it to cook porridge for breakfast.

Liao Tingyu reached out and caught the pheasants, his hands were pecked several times, it was so painful but he held on.
After suffering the teeth and claws, these pheasants were all caught.
He looked at his poor hands then found vines to tie these pheasant, he made sure to make it super tight as revenge.
Probably thinking there was no escape, the pheasant’s heads hanged down limpid.
When he wasn’t paying attention, these pheasant suddenly scratched his hands using their claws, one move and a long line was drawn.

The pheasant wasn’t big like normal chicken, it was difficult to catch.
They were flexible and easily ran away with their small form.
They like to run around bushes, people who weren’t powerful couldn’t catch them.

Liao Tingyu shook the pheasants in his hands, he felt powerful.
Fortunately, he still knew to keep low profile.
The prey was a good thing but he came out in hurry and didn’t bring anything else.
So, he had to take out his outer clothes and wrapped the pheasants inside, he went home while avoiding the crowds.


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