“Let’s have dinner together, you can bring your cousin with you.
That way they could take a good look at each other.”

Huang Hao felt this idea was good, “Well, a boring stuffy person should be matched with people as enthusiastic like our Huang family.”

“It’s so embarrassing.
Just you who make our Huang descendants looks like a jumping bird.
Your mother said you were quiet as rabbit when you were born, but look at you now.” Uncle Huang got up and prepared to went backyard to have heart-to-heart talk with his only child,

“Okay, pack your things and go to your old yard.
I have nothing to welcome you.”

“I don’t need it either.”


In a quiet courtyard, the young master was looking at the flowers in front of him with blushing face.
Everyone could tell what he was thinking just by a glance.

“Stinky child, what are you thinking about with flushed cheeks?” Uncle Huang, Huang Yujin, saw his child’s face and knew the good cabbage he had been raised would be given away, “Is it the young man just now?”

“What young man? What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Oh… you didn’t pay attention.
At first, I wanted to introduce you with him.”

“Why did you want us to know each other? Are you trying to kick me out again?” Huang Zilan thought to himself and finally realized his father’s purpose.
Immediately, bristled like a little lion, “You hate me so much.
Why did you let her gave birth to me? You just want to get rid of me so I don’t cut off your heirs.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“I have raised you for many years, this I my duty as a father.
Now, you are already 16 years old.
It’s time for you to get married, you can’t stay in your father’s house forever.” Huang Yujin was a little angry.

He felt he had done a good job, since Huang Zilan was born; he considered to stay abstained.
He ignored the rumours and raised him well till 16 years old.
Now, it was time to pick husband for him.
He asked which one he likes? Could it be it was wrong? The more he thought about, he was a little angry.
He couldn’t figure out why this child thought he didn’t like him and wanted to drive him out.

He thought about it, this stupid child didn’t know his bitterness.
Since his mother died, he raised him as father and mother.

“You keep finding someone for me everywhere.
Last time, it was young master Li from Li family shop.
You didn’t even know his looks, he’s so ugly and he likes to go to those brothels.
How could you don’t know his virtue? You want to push me into a fire pit, am I still your child?” Huang Zilan became angry when he thought of that stupid pig young master.

That old man Li praised his son as talented and good-looking.
You saw him when you were little kid.
He was a very good boy; you like to play with him.
Who knows, after gone for a while; his virtue changed like that.” Huang Yujin also very angry with that old man Li, how dare he introduced a pig son.
He was careless while making friends.

“Then, what about today? Your cousin’s vision is good.
That young man is the most favoured in the family.
Although, he wasn’t very rich, they also owned some lands.
Anyway, your father is still here and you will take your mother’s dowry with you.
This young man is a scholar at young age, he is handsome and has friendship with your cousin.
Well, his teacher told him to stay in the Qingshan Academy and teach there.
No matter how I look at it, I think his condition very good.” Uncle Huang liked Liao Tingyu very much, he thought he was a good choice for son-in-law.

Huang Zilan thought about the scholar he saw for a glance and said, “I didn’t look carefully.
How do I know if he was so good? Who knows if you exaggerating.
Just look at your backyard situation, it’s a mess.”

“What do you want in a man? Tell me, I will look for it according your request.” Huang Yujin thought about it, well his vision indeed wasn’t good.
Just look at his smoky backyard.

Huang Zilan was stunned by the question.
He had no contact with anyone, so how could he know what he wants in a man? Well, he actually thought that scholar just now.

Why is this old man so unreasonable? What kind of man did he want? Well, he wanted someone gentle and caring, a man with good looks and knowledgeable.
Didn’t this old man clearly saw he was interested with that young man? Why is he still asking question?

Huang Zilan was so pissed off, he finally found someone he liked but his father really annoyed him.

“I think that young man wasn’t bad.
Your cousin thought the same.
We are merchant family; although your cousin is a scholar, we are separated family.
It’s still a good match for us.” Huang Yujin didn’t wait for his child to reply, he just talked to himself.

“We haven’t matched the birth dates; how do you know we are a good match? You think too much.” Huang Zilan was secretly relieved but pouted his mouth.

“Is this a joke for you? I was going to let your cousin and that young man have dinner together with us.
Then you could take a good look at him; if you like it, I will talk to his parents.” Huang Yujin already planned his next move.

“Father, what are you talking about.
You go out and call me when it’s time to eat.
Xiao Liu, go take father back.” Huang Zilan felt that his father was rushing too much.
So, he interrupted it quickly or else let him continued then we wouldn’t know what might happen.

How could he have such unreliable father?





I think the father have good meaning but he was a bit too much lol, planning marriage still need both pair’s approvals.
I see our shou was a bit tsundere.
The marriage will come fasssttt.

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