Finally, Liao Tingyu looked around the mill they bought back.

“Er-di, what are you doing spinning around?” big brother Liao was washing the mill with water and watched his er-di circled around curiously.

“I was just trying to see whether it was too big.
Da-ge, do you want me to help you?” Liao Tingyu replied.

“Is it too big? I don’t think so, the one at third uncle house are similar to ours.
No need to help, I got this.” Big brother Liao made some pointed gestures around the mill, he felt there was no difference.

“That’s it.” Liao Tingyu nodded, “Okay, da-ge, go and get the corn.
I’ll teach you to make something delicious.”

“What will you teach me?” Big brother Liao asked weirdly.

Suddenly, Liao Tingyu came to his sense; he should have call sister-in-law, she was the one with the best cooking skill.
“Well, you can watch, I’ll call sister-in-law.
She is the master about cooking things.”

Three people sat on small tools, rubbing the corn into kernel.
When it was done, Liao Tingyu acted as commander and big brother Liao moved the mill.
Wen Xiuer sat on the side-line and watched.

They were moved the finished product to the kitchen while mother Deng came back; she saw her er-ye commanding the husband and wife like a master.
The family atmosphere was very good, but….

“Sister-in-law, don’t we have sugar? Add another spoonful.
Da-ge, where are the egg? Quickly put them in.” 

She saw the three people didn’t notice her present, mother Deng leaned over to take a look.
Her heart instantly ached, look what was in the bowl? Her precious rice flour; this is her refined flour! These precious things, she planned to make noodle with the flour on a good day!

What can mother Deng do? Came quietly and left quietly.
The youngest son was born by her, there was nothing she could do.


When it was time to eat, Liao Tingyu proudly presented their finished products in the table.

“Father, mother, come taste it.
This is what we made this afternoon.”

Liao Ming looked at the yellow cakes with green corn leaves underneath them.
They looked very good, when he ate them the taste also good.
But how much sugar used to make this thing? Liao Ming felt what he swallowed was regret, his youngest son should study hard at home and not trying this or that with his big brother!

He turned his head and looked at mother Deng, she had the same thought him.

“How is it? does it taste good? I tried it, it was much better than the one sold in the town.
Tomorrow, I’ll go to uncle Chen and ask him to make some tables; my sister-in-law and da-ge can sell this in the town.” Liao Tingyu said calmly without looking at his parents, picked another piece and ate it.

Mother Deng felt better now, she comforted herself this afternoon that they wouldn’t play in the kitchen anymore and those ingredients were meant to be used.
These cakes tasted good, should be able to sell; the family was busy planning for tomorrow.

“You don’t need to look for uncle Chen.
When you were young, didn’t your father build you a table? But it was too big and couldn’t be used, it was just right to use now.” Mother Deng recalled where she put the table.

In the past, they didn’t know how high the desk should be.
They asked the craftsman but the man babbled nonsense.
So, they made them on their own, it was in the woodshed and made from good wood.

Big brother Liao also remembered; this was good.
The family got up before dawn to prepare, mother Deng didn’t wake up Liao Tingyu to make him rest more.
But he was woken up anyway.
There was nothing he could help, Wen Xiuer already learned it; mother Deng helped her.
Liao Ming was feeding the ox while big brother Liao pushed the mill.
What about him? he could only watch the fire.

Big brother Liao was worried whether they could make money or not.
Liao Ming just threw the ox at him and let the couple went alone.
After all, there was still things to do at home. 

Liao Tingyu gave him written sentences for advertisements, “Da-ge, you have to use this thing.
When you see someone, you should shout this to them.
Sister-in-law, I leave da-ge to you.” Wen Xiuer was very happy, she nodded solemnly at Liao Tingyu.

He waved at them and went back to his business.


“How can you shout this thing?” On the ox cart, big brother Liao looked at thing Liao Tingyu stuffed for him, tried to read and said it but he was a little embarrassed.




Here’s another chapter, I was rushing for this one lol.
Sometimes I would work with the other novel cause I was bored (It really wasn’t nice to focus in one novel), then forget about this.
Anyway, thanks for reading and the comments, love y’all.
I’m glad someone like this.


This the corn cakes, I'm not sure about the sweet one coz my mom usually make it savory.

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