Over the past few months, I trained day and night to upgrade my mana and magic skills. Now, I have the same mana capacity as an elite soldier of the royal army! Still, thats nowhere near the inhuman mana capacity the protagonist has.

To say he has a mana capacity is a lie in and of itself. There is no limit to the amount of mana he can use. Goddammit, Mr. Author, why would you make such a broken ability anyways? That aside, I should be able to fulfill my goal.

It has been eight months since Stella made her debut as my fathers concubine. As stated in the novel, the kingdom became relatively peaceful after that. However, this peace would not last long because, in four months, Stella will die. Not if I have anything to say about it. Speaking of saying things, I had learned to speak and walk. However, it was still too difficult to sprint around.

Currently, I am in the process of escaping the view of the maids. Stella had been busy today and had the castle staff watch over the rest of the kids. As I was finally about to leave the room, the head maid spotted me and immediately picked me up.

”Where do you think you
e going, Young Master? Certainly not to the library again? ”

Damn. Over the past few months, I was sneaking to the library to deepen my knowledge of magic, swordsmanship, and my understanding of space-time magic. Due to this, my actions have become somewhat predictable in the eyes of the castle staff, and for someone like the head maid, they could easily catch a toddler like me.

”It seems the prince is trying to escape again. ”

”Not this time since Head Maid Sophie is here. ”

”Indeed. ”

Head Maid Sophie was a former commander of the elite forces of the royal army. She made contributions together with my father during the battle against the Demon King. As per her wish, after the war, she became the head maid of the royal family. Her skills in swordsmanship were unmatched by any other woman in the kingdom.

The two other maids nodded as Sophie placed me at a desk next to a little girl with light brown hair writing on a notepad. Wow, it seems Sophie doesn want me to leave. So much to the point where she put me next to Cassandra, the 2nd princess.

Cassandra was born as twins with the 4th prince, Casey. Cassandra is around two years older than me and, unlike her other half, is a real stickler for the rules.

As I thought that, she turned to me with the pen and notebook in hand and said, ”If you leave without permission, Ill be forced to report you to Ms. Sophie. ”

Just my luck. It was with this attitude, that Cassandra eventually became student council president of Knightford Academy and commander of the elite troops of the country. She was often rude to the protagonist, often giving him a hard time by calling him to her office to scold and discipline him.

The constant bullying got on his nerves, and he eventually grew to hate the princess. Unbenounced to him, the princess was actually in love with him and took every opportunity to speak with him. Unfortunately, he never saw through her act and grew to hate her without understanding her real meaning.

She eventually died in the war against the Azure kingdom to Aaron himself. There, she finally confessed her love for him. Unfortunately, Aaron was too far gone to accept her feelings, and she died without love.

Reading through this arc made me want to die several times. Many of Aarons choices were awful ones and led to bad outcomes. However, this was what made the novel so unique to me. Too bad Im about to go and ** that up.

My plans in this world are quite simple. Step one, prevent or stop events unnecessary to my desired ending. Step two, grow up and become strong enough to rival or even beat the protagonist. Step three, make the dumbass protagonist realize the feelings these girls have for him, and maybe snatch a few for myself of course. And my final step, live peacefully in the happy ending I created.

Truly perfection. If I could hear the readers of this story, they would surely praise me. But to do that, I need to be strong enough to prevent the first unnecessary event, Stellas death. But the question, how do I get out of this situation keeps occurring. Well actually, I had been preparing for this day.

My mana capacity should be high enough to try this. I looked at my wrist to see a faint glowing symbol, like a wristwatch. I began to spin the hands on the watch around five minutes ago. Just then, Casandra looked over from her writing.

”Hey, what are you- ”

Before she could finish her sentence, I hit the watch. Time began to flow backward. Oh boy, I knew this would feel awful, but I did not expect it to this extent.

About a week ago, I set up a time barrier in this room to test out my time abilities. Sadly, I never got the chance to utilize it until now. Time continued to flow backward until it finally stopped. I was back near the door. The Head Maid hadn noticed me yet and I still had a bit of mana to spare.

”This time, Ill take it easy. ”

There wasn much I could say due to being exhausted after the teleport, but I still managed to say what was on my mind. I looked towards the door and saw the hallway outside. I immediately teleported there without anyone noticing.

I couldn immediately teleport to the library due to using a large amount of mana reversing time, but this is enough. I then started sneaking my way towards the library.

I managed to make my way to the library unseen. I entered the library and quickly made my way toward the magic section. I stared at the large shelves full of books about various subjects. They mustve been taller than at least 20 feet.

I stood at the area I left off last time and began picking out books to take over to the table. Because of my weak body, I could only move one or two books at a time, so it took longer than expected.

I finally finished transporting the books to the table and climbed up to a chair. I picked out a book that had the title, Advanced Spatial Magic, and began reading through it. I have always loved reading. I spent most of my previous life reading on my own. I didn have any parents or loved ones to take care of me, so I relied on books to find love.

My days were usually spent studying or reading novels. Even though I was an orphan, I received top marks at school. I even earned a scholarship to a university. But I was always empty inside. I usually immersed myself in fantasy and fiction to fill this emptiness, but that was only ever temporary. So I continued to be alone, desperately trying to fill my empty heart with books, hoping someone would reach out to me.

As I became immersed in the book, time quickly flew by. Before I knew it, it had become dark outside. Just then, I heard the sound of the door opening. I had been at the back of the library and could not see who it was, but I was certain that I knew who it was.

”Young prince, it is time for bed. ”

”Coming! ”

I ignored the rules of the library and began walking toward the voice. I didn need to put the books up since they would most likely be put away by someone else. Plus, I had already finished reading through all of them.

As I got closer to where the voice was coming from, I began to see the figure of a woman in a white nightgown with beautifully flowing purple hair. She looked at me with a smile and began to speak,

”You come here every day. Are you reading, or are you just hiding from the maids because they can come in here? ”

”Thats a secret ”

I replied playfully with my hands behind my back. I needed to get close to Stella. To do that, I played the role of a boy with a playful and kind attitude. Not to say that I haven been enjoying myself. This was the first time I have never experienced having an actual parental figure. It was a brand new experience, and I wasn about to lose it to some racist assassins.

”Come, young prince. I must take you to your quarters. ”

”Kay ”

She reached her hand out towards me. I grabbed it and we began walking out of the library. In the novel, Stella was Raines caretaker and mother figure. He had grown very attached to her and was heartbroken when she died. As time went on, he learned to move past her death by drowning himself in pleasures until he came across Aaron at the academy.

Aaron was the only son of Lurian Leonheart, the man who planned the death of Stella, and thus Raine began tormenting Aaron. He used any method he could think of to make his life a living hell at the academy. While his anger was somewhat understandable, his constant abuse of the protagonist became rather annoying.

Speaking of the protagonist, he should have discovered his system ability. It wouldve been nice if I had an ability like that, but oh well. I was lucky enough to gain the speed reading ability and the quick learner ability during the time I spent studying. My past life might have influenced the acquisition of skills as well.

We finally made it to the room I was living in. Stella opened the door and began to walk me to my bed. She helped me climb into the bed and tucked me under the covers. I had still not gotten used to being tucked in like this. She gave me a warm smile and patted me on the head.

”Good night little prince. ”

”Night Auntie Stella. ”

In the face of my utter adorableness, Stella couldn help but blush slightly. The faint redness on her gray skin was becoming more and more noticeable, so she got up quickly and started to rush out of the room.

”See you tomorrow Auntie Stella ”

”Eeeek. ”

I heard a small squeak from her as she rushed out and closed the door. Do you see what I did there? That was a lethal attack using the immensely adorable face I got from two of the most beautiful people in the kingdom. Sometimes, my amazingness is just too overwhelming.

I rolled over in the large bed and flipped the soft pillow over to the cooler side. I placed one arm underneath and one on top. Once I got into a comfortable position, I began to doze off. As I thought, my body must be exhausted after using so much mana today. Oh well, I better get used to this, because Ill be doing this every day now.

I shut my eyes and fell fast asleep. I have to get up early tomorrow if I want to be able to get the amount of studying I want.

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