hats not even including his previous life…

”Huh? Wait whats this? ”

As I scrolled up and down the pages, rereading like a maniac, I finally realized what I had just read. With what little strength I had left, I drove my sword through my chest, I no longer want to live in this cruel world, nor do I need to. He killed himself? Are you for real? Seriously?

”Damn… ”

I was far too shocked to even utter a full sentence. I continued scrolling through the pages, not that there were many left. They simply described the emotions he felt as he was dying as well as the events that led to his decision. No need to live? What the hell was this guy saying, you still have three girls that love wholeheartedly, they survived death together with you. Are you seriously ending it there? As I stopped at the final page, I read the contents out loud for a reason I could not explain.

”A shame truly. If only his life had turned out differently. Perhaps you, my dearest reader, would like to change his life?

Two boxes were under words that were written, one of the boxes said yes, and the other said no. I immediately pressed the button that said yes.

”Im not letting this dumbass die before he gets his happy ending! ”

The moment I clicked the button, my vision became blurry and I began to feel tired for some reason. I read the words that popped up on the screen afterward.

”Then lets hope that you can change the story well, enjoy your last night on Earth, sweet dreams. ”


What the hell is this? Before I could finish talking, I dropped my phone on my nose and began to fall deep asleep. Who wouldve known that my pressing yes wouldve led to living life in a completely different world? Anyone. The answer is anyone. I knew what I was getting into the moment I pressed the button. Im rather excited, what kind of life am I about to experience?

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