Scaling The Realms

Dungeon change...

ing their severed heads fall to the ground.

[You have unlocked the Passive Skill {Spearmanship.lvl:MAX}]

”Oh sweet, I don really think its going to do anything for me, as Im already pretty damn good with the spear but skills are always welcome. ” He said aloud.

This was the first skill Nico had gotten in this world as long as you don count the {Divine Concealment} skill, which he didn .

Looking at the corpses of the goblins he had just slain, Nico remembered something he read in one of the books. It said that monsters have a chance of dropping a core and that they could be sold for money, it also said that the corpse could be sold as well but it wasn worth going through all that trouble for a goblin corpse which isn really worth anything.

So, Nico went ahead and tried to find one of these core things. After going through the bodies of four of the goblins and finding nothing, Nico finally found a small sphere about the size of a fist lodged in the chest of the fifth one.

[Mana Core: Low Grade]

Well, I guess it is just a goblin after all

After thinking that, Nico turned his attention to the camp the goblins had set up and started to flip it upside down, looking for anything that could be of some value.

To his surprise he actually found something he recognized.

[Flaming Brimstone

Details: Grants the user the skill {Fire Origin}.]

{Fire Origin} was the beginning of many good fire related skills, so this was a lucky find for Nico.

Putting a little amount of mana into the [Flaming Brimstone] it begun to shine a bright orange and soon formed a pure ball of orange light and flew into Nicos body.

[You have learned the Active Skill {Fire Origin}]

Receiving that notification Nico opened up his skills and took a look at it.

[Active Skill: Fire Origin

Details: Gives the user a small amount of control over Fire.]

The skill sounded pretty lame but Nico knew that it could grow into something magnificent. Something that ranked in the top 5 for clearing skills.

Satisfied with his earnings Nico headed back to the guild to inform them of the accomplished mission.

Arriving at the guild Nico noticed that it was extremely hectic. Staff members were running all around, there were even some city officials present as well. Even though a lot was going on the receptionists were still doing their jobs at the counter so Nico just hopped I line.

The line progressed quickly and soo it was Nicos turn. The line he so happened to hop in was Claras line and when she saw him she put on a relieved expression.

”Im glad you are ok. ”

She had been present when all of the men who had gone missing previously, arrived all at the same time. There was one person missing though, the man who she had sent just this morning. It wasn that she was worried about him, it just bothered her that she wasn able to convince him to not take on the commission. Luckily all of her feelings were cleared up as she saw him in her line.

”Yeah, Im fine. Anyway, I completed the commission and whats going on here? ” He asked.

”Great! As for the mission here is your reward, ” she spoke as she sat 7 copper coins down onto the desk.

”As for what is going on here…well… we suspect the world has gone through a dungeon change… ” she spoke her last words quietly, seemingly trying to not start a commotion.

”A dungeon change? ”

Hearing that term Nico zoomed through all of the books he had previously read in his head but it still didn sound familiar.

”Yes, a dungeon change is where the dungeons in the world change rather their location or change the dungeon itself. You can use the forest you were just in as an example, it used to just be a woodland with a lot of monsters but now it has changed into a dungeon or a ruin. The men who came back said it was called The Illusionary Forest. ” Her last words were spoken in a way that made it seem like she was telling a scary story.

”Wow, sounds dangerous. ” Nico said.

He could tell that this dungeon change phenomenon was a big deal just by looking at his surroundings with all of the people running everywhere.

”It is, so please be careful during future commissions. ” She replied, returning to her professional tone.

Saying goodbye to Clara, Nico grabbed his reward and headed back to the inn, in his own thoughts.

The dungeon change is probably because of me, unless it is some kind of freak coincidence which I doubt… Well, at least on the good side, it basically confirms that there are more dungeons from the Obelisk here, meaning more skills. But that adds another question, how many floors are combined in one realm, I would assume ten given that there are 5 realms but I don know for sure.

Breaking out of his thoughts Nico already found himself back at the ”Dreamy Sheep ”.

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