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Killed Vibes

he privates so hard he was sent to the hospital. They never did have any more siblings after that.

Anyhow, she was hauled away from skating and thrown into a karate class. It didn take long before she began taking out her frustrations on other kids her age. Even pummeling Vin and other older boys.

Needless to say, Vin wasn going anywhere. He was snared until she needed to relocate to the oven, then he was released to deal with his necks fresh, massive jam.

Macy continued her work, proceeding just a bit faster than before. ”I won be long; now, shoo. At least let me treat you once more before you go off to college. ”

”Sure, ” groaned Vin, who was rotating their head to work out the knots. ”You got it. ”

Part of his desire to help came from the fact that hed lost the earlier race. He was pleased to be recruited, but it felt like an empty victory. On the other hand, he just wanted to share a moment with his sister, but that vibe was taken round back and shot too.

Conflicted, he took a premature seat at the dinner table and laminated on the race. Miyo joined him and passed the time until the food was finished.

Ten or so minutes later, Gavin and Macy joined Vin at the table. They loaded their plates, then prayed together before partaking in the meal. Their father was always the first to dig in, fixated on maintaining his condition.

Since Gavin never really savored the dish, his feedback was nonessential. Instead, Vin usually felt the watchful gaze of his younger sister the instant he picked up the utensil.

Hot layered lasagne with meatballs, diced onion, celery, and a side glass of milk. It was always Vins favorite dish as a child. The other two family members tolerated it but were never fans of red sauce.

Vin cut a large piece, then took an oversized bite before initiating the longest chew time in the history of munches.

Macy eyed him, seeking validation from his reaction. ”How is it? ” She asked, unknowingly unequipping her scowling expression and portraying her nervousness.

As Vins packed jaws munched with the force of a jackhammer, he blinked and muffled unidentifiable words of elation. Macy seemed to understand and sat back with a quiet smile.

She passively sought it, so Vin had often praised her for making attractive foods. Though unfortunately, hed lost his sense of taste years ago.

It was the memories of their childhood that were tasty. All the times when Macy and their mother worked together to prepare that dish just for him. It never lost flavor. That alone made him want to encourage her to continue doing it; after all, it made her smile.

Soft piano tunes played in the background as they conversed and spoke about the novel university Vin would soon attend. Their meal was actually cut short because all of their curiosities were piqued.

Everyone huddled around Vin, and he made the call to accept the invitation. To their surprise, the opening ceremony was due to start only two days from then.


Night arose, and Vin retreated to his bed. Plain and uncomfortable, it sat high and always bore white sheets and pillows. Before sleep, he spoke to Miyo about their future.

Conversing with the summon before bed became common because Vin had stopped having nightmares and dreams after they met. He considered the precious creature a good luck charm and also family.

Because of his affection for the critter, he remained irked after the recruiter had insulted its usefulness.

Half submerged in a cold, encroaching slumber, Vins breathing slowed, and his eyes sealed. ”Hey… ” he breathed, resting his left hand on Miyo, who slept on his right wrist.

”Forget what others say, ” he yawned.

e perfect how you are, Miyo…. ”

Since Vin acquired them, theyd faced many different abilities. Many racers sought it necessary to express the superiority of their summons and insult Miyo for their size and lack of power. He expected it to only worsen in a university loaded with qualified individuals.

The dark Ai sprite couldn speak. But it slowly evolved in the years he raised it. Turning from an empty shell to a living thing. It always seemed to understand Vin. Not just commands while racing, but on a more fundamental level.

Miyo listened, then rubbed their flaming rubbery face into his wrist. Winks later, they both powered down and recharged for the upcoming day.

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