SFX League

Arbitrary Approach

Vin thought the man made a fair point but also felt he was out of pocket for saying what he did. ”My dad gave me the money to buy my first roll; Id never replace it. ”

Even if Vin had pulled an empty pot, he would have kept it because he loved racing for what it was. All the advances only changed the shape of his affection.

”Yeah, cute, ” the man blandly articulated. He withdrew, then handed a black and red business card to Vin. ”Im a bit late on my quota, so Ill need a response within 24 hours. ”

”Wish I could give you more time to think, but you
e only my 5th out of the 10 I was supposed to scout by…. One month ago. ”

It was short notice, but Vin accepted the card and eyed the contents. He uncovered the mans personal number and his name, ”Hughie Dover. ”

Vin was still taken aback by the approach; nonetheless, he agreed to the mans proposal and departed to share the news with his family.

On the way out, an announcer informed all the racers that nanospheres would be deactivated.

Though designed to be non-lethal, nanobots were still too risky to be allowed into society. However, in some exceptions, citizens could use summons as support campaigns. The blind was led by Ai, and the disabled had bots to perform everyday tasks for them.

Vin vaguely recalled being on crutches. And at some point, his overbearing father pulled strings to allow Miyos status to be changed from event summon to support.

Gavin, his father, was a pro skater and had connections from his career. Even after Vin was healed, Miyo was never changed back and could be active outside of races. Meaning it could chill with Vin on the uneventful bus ride home.

Along the way, Vin looked more into Seasons university, the name of the school he was successfully invited to. First, he found it supported courses for 6 competitive SFX careers:

Skate: Skateboarding, Inline skating, Speed skating.

Motor Racing: Cars, Trucks, Karts, Motorbikes, F1.

Winter Sports: Snowboarding, Ice skating.

Aerial: Wing Gliding.

Mixed Martial Arts: Weaponry, Hand to hand.

Foot Racing: Street circuit, Parkour.

The school was built on a private island out of the country, so hed live away from home. Aside from this, there was very little detail about what to expect.

Part of his silent excitement came from the mystery. After following a repetitious lifestyle for years, he was ready to break the cycle.


Vin wasn a loud person, but when he walked through the door of his house, he raised his voice to alert his family that he was home.

Upon notification, his burly father quickly cut around the counter of a hall in exceptionally short shorts and a tight shirt. He was tall, a lighter brown, rocked a buzz cut and held a stern expression while he angrily muttered. ”You
e home? ”

”Yea? ” Vin replied in a questionable tone, dropping his board along the wall.

Vins younger sister by two years, Macy, joined the fathers side with a TV remote. She had the same resting scowl thatd discourage strangers from approaching. Still, an attractive lady blessed with a tall, athletic figure, long, secured black hair, and lengthy lashes.

Macy pointed the remote over her shoulder and tapped a button. From one room over, the TV began to get louder until Vin heard a woman on the news reporting on the event.

>> ”A local skater, Gavin Dance, has been selected to attend the newly established Seasons University. We couldn interview this racer, but we send our support as they represent our small town at the international college. ”

The volume lowered again, and Vin gathered Miyo into his hands, ” I was excited to tell you myself, ” he said.

”Excited? Where? You look like you normally do, ” Macy retorted. ”You
e way too relaxed considering what just happened. ”

A heavy thump emitted when the father stomped forward. ”Vin… ” he growled before storming to his sons front.

Both of the mans wide arms spread, and with one swift scoop, he lifted Vin off the ground and squeezed him so tight, youd think juice would expel from his body. ”Just like your old man! ” he shouted with glee.

Following a distressing grunt, Vin rasped and groaned words from his mouth. ”T-then you don mind if I attend? ” His father lowered him and chuckled, ”Id disown you if you didn . ”

”Good work, you two, ” the robust man congratulated, roughly patting both his son and Miyo on the head.

As the person who introduced him to skating, Vin was glad to have his fathers approval. Thus, he firmed his resolve to not only attend but excel in college.

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