He smiled and said: “Gu Yang, stay away from me from now on, I don’t care if you are a human or a fish, I don’t want to take care of your affairs anymore.”

He said the most alienating words in the most polite tone.

This tone was even colder than usual when Fan Yuan was aggressive against him.

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, bit by bit of astringency pervaded his heart, which together became a vague pain.

“I don’t want to.”

Fan Yuan ignored him, gave him a cold look, turned and left, and closed the door very politely before leaving.

Gu Yang took a deep breath.
He bit his lip and spread out the palm of his left hand to check Fan Yuan’s favorability.

He thought that Fan Yuan’s favorability must have dropped a lot, but he didn’t expect Fan Yuan’s favorability to increase instead of decrease.

Favorability: 0.

Fan Yuan’s favorability towards Gu Yang suddenly increased by 21 points, and finally pulled back from negative points to the initial value.

In other words, Fan Yuan no longer hated Gu Yang.

Those favorability points that were lowered by the original Gu Yang have all been restored.

Gu Yang clenched his left hand in disbelief, spread it out again, checking the favorability repeatedly, the bright 0 was not an illusion.

He suddenly thought of the setting of Fan Yuan in the book.
“Fan Yuan” was a person who was kidnapped and abused for half a month in middle school, and who sees through the emotions between people, someone cautious and careful.

Fan Yuan was afraid that he would be immersed in any emotion, so after he discovered the change towards Gu Yang, his first reaction was to push Gu Yang away and return to the original point.

“Fanyuan” means the dust in the abyss.

For the protagonist Fan Yuan, this world was an abyss.

Gu Yang clenched his fists and opened the door of the infirmary with a bang, striding towards the classroom.

The physical education class was over.
At this time, there was a break between classes, and the classroom was bustling.
When the students saw Gu Yang coming in, it became even more lively, and they were all whispering.

As soon as Gu Yang came in, he saw his and Fan Yuan’s tables separated again.

Who said that Fan Yuan’s emotions were restrained, he obviously couldn’t let it out, and his unhappy performance was obvious and childish.

Fan Yuan was talking to the classmates at the front desk, and turned a blind eye to Gu Yang’s arrival.

Gu Yang pushed his desk over again, intentionally making a big noise, but Fan Yuan still didn’t look at Gu Yang.

To ignore too much was to care.

Gu Yang pulled the chair over and sat down next to Fan Yuan.

He spread out a pack of small pearls wrapped in a towel in his pocket on Fan Yuan’s table.

“For you.”

Fan Yuan didn’t even look at it, and pushed it away with his arm.

“Thank you, I don’t need it.”

The male student who was sitting at the front table talking to Fan Yuan couldn’t help but look at Gu Yang, and was immediately dragged by Fan Yuan to speak.

The front desk felt a little strange, why did he think he was being a light bulb*?
* third-wheel

But weren’t Gu Yang and Fan Yuan deadly enemies?

Ai, the male classmate rubbed his arm, feeling numb with the thoughts in his heart.

Gu Yang was also a little angry.
He grabbed the little pearl, raised his hand and stuffed it into Fan Yuan’s collar, the cold little pearl immediately rolled down Fan Yuan’s back.

Fan Yuan finally stopped talking, his eyes moved away from the student at the front table, and slowly fell on Gu Yang.

Gu Yang raised his chin, seeing if he could do anything to me.

The students on the other side of the classroom who peeked for a long time looked nervous and excited.

It’s coming!

Fight! Fight!

Fan Yuan stood up from his seat, the little pearls in his clothes fell to the ground, but neither of them looked at the ground.

The little pearls rolled everywhere, Gu Yang’s eyes turned red when he heard the sound.

The smile on Fan Yuan’s face remained unchanged, he just stood up, pushed Gu Yang away, and walked out.

As soon as Fan Yuan left, the class bell rang and he didn’t come back.
Gu Yang sat on his seat with red eyes, ignoring everyone.

The next class was Zhuo Wan’s Chinese class.
As soon as Zhuo Wan came in, she noticed the subtle atmosphere in the classroom, especially when her most proud student, Fan Yuan, skipped class.

Gu Yang, who gave her the most headache, sat on the seat with red eyes, and looked like he was trying not to cry.
In the end, Zhuo Wan didn’t want to say anything, and went straight to class.

Once Fan Yuan left, he didn’t come back until evening for self-study.

Gu Yang was very sensitive and smelled a faint smell of smoke from Fan Yuan’s body.
He took out a mint candy from the table, played it in the palm of his hand for a long time, and then threw it back.

All night, Gu Yang didn’t take the initiative to talk to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan didn’t even look at Gu Yang.

As soon as the school bell rang, Gu Yang ran out immediately.

Fan Yuan sat in his seat without moving, until there was no one in the classroom and the whole school fell silent, then Fan Yuan slowly stood up from his seat.

He bent down, knelt on the ground with one knee, and picked up the little pearls scattered all over the classroom one by one.

He picked them carefully and didn’t miss a single one.

The next day, Gu Yang came to class angrily.
As soon as he sat down in his seat, he saw a transparent glass bottle on Fan Yuan’s desk, which was filled with small pearls.

Gu Yang stared at the little pearl for a long time, and then took out a small wild flower that he had been keeping in his pocket, and put it on Fan Yuan’s table.

When Fan Yuan arrived in the classroom, he saw a small wild flower that had lost its leaves beside the bottle of pearls.

He didn’t throw away the little wild flower, but put the little wild flower into the glass bottle.

Seeing this, Gu Yang propped his cheeks and turned his back to Fan Yuan, and couldn’t help smiling.

On the right side of Gu Yang, across from a classmate, was Xu Tian.

She had secretly observed Gu Yang all morning, and happened to see him smiling at this moment.

The sunlight came from behind Gu Yang, casting a halo on Gu Yang’s whole body.

The boy lowered his brows and eyes, his slender little finger hooked his lips, and he smiled so beautifully.

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