en started to act cute.

In the end, Fan Yuan still bought Gu Yang an ice cream, but he only allowed him to take three bites.

The two of them stood on the side of the road, watching the people come and go in the amusement park, and slowly walked down a less crowded path.

The pink strawberry flavored ice cream was held in Fan Yuan’s hand, and Gu Yang had to hold Fan Yuan’s hand closer to take a bite.

There were very few people on the path, after all, they were all here to play, and not many people came here for a stroll.

Gu Yang walked slowly next to Fan Yuan, satisfying his long-standing desire for a leisurely walk.

A child without parents following behind was happily running with a balloon in hand, passing by the two of them, and even turned back to make faces at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

“Holding hands in broad daylight! So embarrassing!”

After speaking, the child immediately turned around, slapped their buttocks and ran away, disappearing around the corner.

Gu Yang blushed from embarrassment and instinctively lowered his head to bite into the ice cream that Fan Yuan was holding to relieve his awkwardness.

However, Fan Yuan refused to let him eat it and dodged Gu Yang’s attempt.

“You’ve already had three bites, you can’t have anymore.”

Fan Yuan still had more than half of the ice cream left in his hand, and the best part, the cone, was at the bottom.
Gu Yang leaned his chin on Fan Yuan’s arm and waved a finger in front of him.

“Just one bite, one more bite!”

If Gu Yang wasn’t wearing a hat at this time, he would definitely see two soft bunny ears on top of his head wagging happily.

Fan Yuan should have been impartial, but somehow he became more and more softhearted when facing Gu Yang.

He relaxed his arm slightly, allowing Gu Yang to pull him over and take a bite of the cone.

Gu Yang’s “one more bite” wasn’t a small one, he opened his mouth wide and took half of the cone in one bite, leaving only the tip of the cone in Fan Yuan’s hand.

This bite was too big, Gu Yang had ice cream in his mouth and it was too cold to bite or swallow.
He just closed his mouth tightly and innocently looked at Fan Yuan.
Because his mouth was too cold, he couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

Fan Yuan threw the tail of the sweet cone in his hand into his mouth and pulled Gu Yang’s wrist, leading him towards a small grove nearby.

The snow in the grove was thick and crunchy underfoot.

Gu Yang followed Fan Yuan, with half-melted ice cream in his mouth, looking back at the path behind them.

Two sets of criss-crossing footprints were left on the untouched snow, and there was silence all around.
It felt like they were the only two people left in the world.

When they arrived at a thick and sturdy tree, Fan Yuan immediately pressed Gu Yang against it.

With his view blocked, all Gu Yang could see was Fan Yuan’s black outfit against the endless white background.

“You’re becoming more and more mischievous,” Fan Yuan said, looking down at Gu Yang and touching his cold cheek because of the ice cream.

Gu Yang gulped and swallowed the remaining ice cream in his mouth.
He couldn’t bear the cold any longer, so he opened his mouth to relieve the excessive chill.

But it was winter, and everything was freezing cold.
How could he relieve the cold in his mouth and outside?

“Feeling cold now?” Fan Yuan asked instinctively, thinking of scolding him.

Before Fan Yuan could do anything, Gu Yang tiptoed and kissed his warm lips with his cold ones.

Their lips touched, but Fan Yuan didn’t move.

After a while, Gu Yang retreated and leaned back against the rough tree trunk.
His knitted hat was loose and slid down, covering his eyes.

As he reached up to push his hat up, Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist and held it up to his head.

Fan Yuan pulled down the knitted hat that had fallen halfway, covering Gu Yang’s face.
Gu Yang’s vision was completely darkened.

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang called out Fan Yuan’s name, but there was no response.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s wrist with one hand and pulled down the zipper of his coat with the other, revealing the turtleneck sweater underneath.
When he flipped up the collar, he saw the necklace he was wearing.

He took off the necklace and unbuttoned Gu Yang’s collar, then put the necklace back on Gu Yang’s neck.
The necklace, warmed by Fan Yuan’s body temperature, returned to Gu Yang’s neck.
The collar was open, and the cold air rushed in.

Gu Yang shrank a little, then immediately raised his neck.
The small blue orchid pendant on the black necklace swayed with his movement.

“Fan Yuan?” he called again, his voice softening as if facing Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan reached out and grabbed Gu Yang’s neck.
His five fingers opened, and his fingertips lightly touched the slender neck that could be easily controlled by one hand.

“Gu Yang, the one I gave you looks best on you.”

Gu Yang’s eyes were blocked, and he could only see a little light coming in through the gap in his knitted hat.
He couldn’t see anything clearly.

But he could feel Fan Yuan’s breath blowing in his ear and his undeniable presence.

“I really want to keep you locked up to see if you can handle it.”

Fan Yuan’s words came from Gu Yang’s shoulder.
As he buttoned Gu Yang’s collar, the other side was still slightly open.

The sweater Gu Yang was wearing belonged to Fan Yuan.
It was very loose, and the neckline was easily pulled open.

There was a slight pain on Gu Yang’s shoulder, and he breathed lightly.
The cold air from the ice cream in his mouth was gradually replaced by the heat rising from his body.

“What number is this?”

Fan Yuan bit Gu Yang’s shoulder and asked.

Gu Yang’s confused brain slowly turned, and he actually remembered.

“The, the 183rd…”

Fan Yuan said Gu Yang owed him one thousand, and this was the 183rd.

Fan Yuan listened and chuckled softly, his low and hoarse laughter spraying hot air onto Gu Yang’s shoulder.
Gu Yang couldn’t help but tremble all over.

“When I kissed you, you weren’t counting?”

Gu Yang’s cheeks slowly turned red.
His hat only covered half of his face, and the blush on his cheeks couldn’t be hidden.

Fan Yuan tucked in the other side of Gu Yang’s clothes and slowly helped him zip up his jacket.
He lowered his head and pressed his lips against Gu Yang’s.

“Remember this, it’s the 184th time.”

The winter sky was always gray, and the snow didn’t melt for a long time.
The previously blurry noise had completely faded away.

Gu Yang couldn’t see anything, he could only rely on instinct to hold onto Fan Yuan tightly, snuggling close to him.

Every kiss made time blurry.

Until the two of them separated, the heat lingering in the air, Gu Yang shook the hand holding onto Fan Yuan’s sleeve and his lips curved into a bright smile.

“Fan Yuan, I’ve caught you.”

Fan Yuan helped Gu Yang adjust his hat, and Gu Yang’s clear red eyes slowly appeared, overflowing with love, trust, and a slowly emerging possessiveness.

“You two are so shy! Kissing for so long! Move over a bit!”

Suddenly, a childish voice came from behind them.
Gu Yang was startled and immediately turned to see a child standing not far away, holding a balloon and staring at them with round eyes that blinked incessantly.

Gu Yang hastily pulled his hat back down and turned around to snuggle into Fan Yuan’s embrace, looking like he had no face to see the person.

Fan Yuan looked back at the child but didn’t pay any attention, holding Gu Yang’s hand and walking out of the snow.

Gu Yang was still wearing his hat, unable to see the road beneath his feet, stumbling over the rocks hidden in the snow and almost falling forward.

Fan Yuan reached out and held onto Gu Yang’s waist to steady him.
When he let go, he pinched Gu Yang’s belly through his clothes.
Gu Yang’s belly was still bulging, and no one knew how much he could eat, as his stomach had not flattened yet.

“Your belly has rounded quite a bit.”

Gu Yang lowered his head and muttered in response.
Since no one could see him blush now, his courage had grown.

The little boy ran off, and this time Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang’s hat off in one go, with a little too much force.
Half of his rabbit ears poked out from the hat, and the rabbit fur was messy and disheveled, with one of the ears even flipping over.

Gu Yang simply took off his hat.
His entire head was steaming, and he scratched his itchy rabbit ears with a heavy hand, reddening them in a few strokes.

Fan Yuan pushed away Gu Yang’s hand, lifted up his rabbit ears, blew on them gently, and helped him tidy his hair before putting his hat back on.

The little boy, who had not run far, saw Gu Yang’s rabbit ears from behind a tree and was amazed.
He covered his mouth in surprise and then ran off on his short legs to find his parents.

“I saw a rabbit alien with rabbit ears!” he exclaimed, gesturing wildly.

His mother patted his head and praised him, “My little treasure is so clever!”

It was clear she didn’t believe him, and the little boy hung his head in disappointment.
An accidental truth was taken as childish babble.

Gu Yang was now well-groomed again, with his rabbit ears safely tucked away in his hat, and his short tail wagging happily behind him where no one could see it.

Watching Fan Yuan lower his head to adjust his cuff, Gu Yang’s heart stirred, and he suddenly asked:

“Fan Yuan, will you like me more and more?”

Fan Yuan looked up at Gu Yang strangely, as if he thought the question was unnecessary.

But Gu Yang just wanted to hear the exact answer from Fan Yuan’s mouth.
Last time, Fan Yuan only wrote it on Gu Yang’s heart, but didn’t say it out loud.

Fan Yuan helped Gu Yang tidy up his sleeves and put Gu Yang’s hand directly into his pocket.

He looked up at the tall Ferris wheel in the distance and suddenly turned back to ask Gu Yang, “Do you want to ride the Ferris wheel?”

Gu Yang actually wanted to say that it was something that only girls liked, but when he met Fan Yuan’s black eyes, he instinctively nodded.

Pan Fei, Meng Zhan, and the others had gathered together and were taking turns calling Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, but neither of them answered.

The Ferris wheel not far away began a new round of rotation, and one of the windows slowly opened.
There were only Fan Yuan and Gu Yang inside the small cabin.

Gu Yang leaned on the window, his fingertips pressed against the cold glass leaving behind heat marks.
His hat was a bit crooked on his head, and his vision was blurred as he watched the shrinking crowd below.
He bit his lip and remained silent.

The zipper of his coat was opened, and the collar was draped over his arm, revealing the loose sweater underneath.

The two characters that Fan Yuan had written on Gu Yang’s heart that day appeared again, written on Gu Yang’s back using the same method.

Again and again, they covered his entire back.

It took twenty minutes for one rotation of the Ferris wheel, but it only took a moment to write the two characters with eighteen strokes.

For 20 minutes, you can write repeatedly.

As the Ferris wheel slowly descended, the cabin door opened, and a young man with black hair carried another young man out, slowly leaving the crowd with a surprised gaze.

Pan Fei and the others who had been waiting for a long time saw Fan Yuan slowly approaching with Gu Yang on his back.

Pan Fei asked anxiously, “What happened to Gu Yang?”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and affectionately rubbed Gu Yang’s head against his cheek.

“He’s tired from playing and wants to sleep for a while.”

Pan Fei nodded knowingly and said, “Let’s go to the KTV opened by Meng Zhan’s brother.
It’s definitely safe this time, and nothing messy will happen again.”

Gu Yang, who was said to be asleep, secretly bit Fan Yuan’s shoulder and whispered, “It’s all your fault.
My sweater on my back is wet.”

Fan Yuan looked straight ahead and walked steadily and slowly.

“Do you still want to ask next time?”

“I do,” Gu Yang buried his head back in Fan Yuan’s neck and whispered after a long while.

“You foolish rabbit.”

Gu Yang turned his left hand, which was in front of Fan Yuan, and his palm faced himself.

Looking at the good impression on it, Gu Yang thought to himself that he was not foolish at all.

Fan Yuan’s Favorability Rating:

41 points.

“I want you to like me more every day, more than the day before.”

Author’s message:

Fan Yuan: I want you to be more inseparable from me every day.

Gu Yang: I want you to like me more every day.

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