uncomfortable, and rubbed his tail back and forth on the bed.

“So Dry.”

Fan Yuan threw a clean shirt on Gu Yang’s face: “Bear with it.”

Gu Yang curled his lips, then saw that Fan Yuan was doing exercises with his back facing him, so he took off his soaked shirt and put on the one that Fan Yuan threw over.

It looked like Fan Yuan’s clothes, it was worn loosely on Gu Yang’s body, the sleeves were rolled up twice, and the hem was slightly long, slightly covering his tail.

Gu Yang spread out on the big bed, looked at the lamp above his head, and as the moisture on his tail dried up, his brain became dizzy; he closed his eyes and fell asleep at some point.

Fan Yuan sat at the table with his back to Gu Yang, brushing over the questions quickly, which could calm him down.

After all, everything he saw today had already exceeded his predictions.

When he finally put down his pen and turned his head, he saw that Gu Yang’s tail turned back into his legs at some point, and his slender, white legs were lying defenselessly on his bed, without any clothes on.

Fan Yuan threw the quilt abruptly, covering Gu Yang completely.

Early the next morning, the students in Class 1, Grade 3 saw that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, who had always been hostile, enter the classroom together.

These two people had been acting strangely since a few days ago, and today there was an even stranger atmosphere between them.

Li Ziyan saw Fan Yuan coming in, and immediately dragged Meng Zhan over.

“Male God Fan! Hurry up! Show me your math homework! There is a problem in the back that I didn’t solve.”

Fan Yuan handed the homework to Li Ziyan, and when Li Ziyan took the homework, he turned around and saw Gu Yang sitting beside him.

Gu Yang’s face was flushed early in the morning, and he was wearing a school uniform that was too baggy, he rolled it up twice for trouser legs and sleeves.

The school uniform of Shangshu High School had everyone’s name embroidered on the edge of the pocket, so when Li Ziyan saw Gu Yang’s school uniform, he subconsciously looked down at the name next to his pocket.

“Gu Yang, why is your face so red this early in the morning? And your clothes… Fan…”

Before the second word Yuan was uttered, Meng Zhan pulled Li Ziyan hard, smiled at Fan Yuan in embarrassment, and ran away with the bewildered Li Ziyan.

Li Ziyan didn’t understand yet: “Hey! Why are you pulling me? Gu Yang was wearing… woo woo woo…”

Meng Zhan covered the rest of the words with his hands.

The temperature in Fan Yuan’s eyes were a little cold, and he looked at Gu Yang who was facing him with red ears.

There was an oversized water bottle on Gu Yang’s table, which he took from Fan Yuan’s house.

It was a bit annoying.

He hated the feeling that things were out of his control.

Gu Yang felt that Fan Yuan was looking at him the entire time.
When he opened his eyes in the morning and found that he had occupied Fan Yuan’s bed and slept all night, the blush on his face could not go away.

At this time Fan Yuan looked at him, he endured it for a long time, then sneaked a glance over and found that Fan Yuan was already reading a book.

Gu Yang spread out the palm of his left hand happily, wanting to see how much Fan Yuan’s favorability had increased.

Favorability: -21

Gu Yang:? ? ?

Why did he lose another point?

What happened to Fan Yuan?

The blush that had been on Gu Yang’s face all morning finally faded away.
He turned his head and gave Fan Yuan a hard look.
When he turned his head, he saw a female classmate walking towards Fan Yuan with a cup of milk tea.

Gu Yang frowned, looked at the blush on the girl’s face, then looked at the cup of milk tea, thinking badly.

There was such a passage in the original book, a girl who liked Fan Yuan gave Fan Yuan a cup of the latest milk tea.
Fan Yuan takes it and drinks it due to his good upbringing, and was hospitalized due to severe allergies.

Because there was peanut powder in that cup of the latest milk tea.
The portion was not too much, there was no smell, and the name was called good things will happen, so people can’t guess what ingredients it contained.

And Fan Yuan is severely allergic to peanuts.

Gu Yang saw that girl shyly handing the milk tea to Fan Yuan.
This girl was the one who sent a love letter to Fan Yuan in class.

When the girl passed by Gu Yang, she blushed and said thank you to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang stared at the cup of milk tea in her hand with a bad expression.

The girl had heard a lot of rumors between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang these days, she really thought that Gu Yang also liked her, and her face turned redder, but she obviously preferred the almighty male god Fan Yuan.

The girl’s name was Xu Tian, ​​and she handed the milk tea to Fan Yuan: “Fan Yuan…I went to line up to buy it in the morning, you, do you want to drink it?”

Fan Yuan smiled politely, and was about to refuse, when Gu Yang suddenly said loudly: “Don’t drink!”

Xu Tian was startled, looked at Gu Yang, then at Fan Yuan, the milk tea in her hand was still being passed forward.

Fan Yuan wanted to refuse at first, but when he saw Gu Yang like this, his heart suddenly felt itchy.

He reached out to take the milk tea and smiled at Xu Tian: “Thank you.”

Gu Yang patted the table, stood up anxiously and shouted: “Don’t drink!”

His shout attracted the attention of the other people in the class.
The students all looked over secretly, pointing at the three and whispering.

Fan Yuan ignored Gu Yang, smiled and sucked the milk tea straw.

In a panic, Gu Yang pushed away the table and chairs, stepped forward and grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, pulled away the straw that Fan Yuan had just swallowed, lowered his head and bit down on the straw viciously, and drank the not-so-big cup of milk tea in a few gulps. 

Everyone was shocked, including Xu Tian who delivered the milk tea.

She took a step back, her face flushed: Does Gu Yang like her that much?

Fan Yuan’s wrist was grabbed by Gu Yang, his hand holding an empty milk tea cup.
Then he saw Gu Yang spitting out the straw that he bitten flat in a hurry, with milk tea stains hanging on his mouth.

Fan Yuan took out a tissue and smiled gently at Gu Yang.

He raised his hand and carefully wiped the milk tea from Gu Yang’s mouth: “Why were you in such a hurry to drink?”

The next moment he leaned close to Gu Yang’s ear, and said softly in a voice that only two people could hear: “Gu Yang, you really insist on fighting against me?”

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, Fan Yuan was angry.

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